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I know it took forever for me to update the Advanced Mistweaving Strategy guide, but in my defense I had no idea what to write until now and didn’t have the time to sit down and figure it out. This is why vacations are awesome!

This time I expound more on the different styles of healing in Mythic+ vs raiding and how you can improve on both accounts. I also give a more detailed account of mana management, since that is usually a big topic in raid settings. The section of ‘What is a good healer’ from the old guide still has valid principles that can be applied to any healer class, and is therefore still in the guide.

Advanced Mistweaving Strategy

As for my own adventures in a Mistweaving world, my guild is currently progressing Nighthold Mythic. I must say, I infinitely prefer the encounters in Nighthold to those in Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor and this may or may not have to do with more opportunity for stack healing. And that I got the Legendary trinket. But just maybe!

I’m also in the process in gearing my alt Resto Shaman. I’ve always liked the aesthetics of Resto Shamans (such pretty blue), but found the healing mechanics rather uninteresting. 2 expansions, this still hold true for me. But it’s great for some nonsense alt-raiding!

Further, I also plan to level and gear my Resto Druid, just to see what all the hubbub is about. They seem to be the clear winner of Mythic+ healing, and I’d like to explore the nitty-gritty of why that is. Let’s call it a comparative study.

Also, hum dum dum daaaa, my Patreon will be up soon again too! I just need to get the details sorted, then I’m off to paint some Class UIs. Much excitement!

8 thoughts on “Advanced Mistweaving Page Updated”

      1. Just wait until Revival’s cd is reduced by ~50 sec in patch 7.2 :D

        But yeah, druids are weird. And so are Shamans. They’re basically Chain Heal + whatever totem they can find! And maybe some water splashing in the face, too. Can’t believe people actually want to be soaked when fighting.

  1. Thank you so much Ashleah, I’ve been waiting to hear your thoughts on MW in 7.1.5 and it came at last :D I was particularly looking for some details that I may have overlooked whilst playing my MW and I was right about the place to seek wisdom. I do enjoyed the graphs on HPM (tons of useful info). Keep up doing great job!
    Good luck on trying RDruid, I couldn’t stand this boring spec so I dropped it :P Shammy looks much more fun tbh, I slowly level one in the meantime.

  2. I have begun Heroic Nighthold on my mistweaver, I am 882 and can only perform about 280k hps unless another healer is dead. I imagine I am doing many things wrong and could use some guidance. My toon name is incourageabl on hyjal.

    1. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what you could be doing wrong. It’s also entirely possible your other healers are sniping your heals before you. HPS is not a great measure of your ability to heal. Frankly, unless you were doing mythic progression where the numbers matter most I’d take people who don’t die over those who do every day of the week.

  3. I went druid on legion after being a monk since launch. Finally got back to my roots this patch and I wish I’d never wavered. Yes druid is easy to pull sick numbers and rarely do I have to watch mana….but monk …she just feels like she could heal the world. Yes I am always burning thru my blue bar and I wish revival was just a little more potent like tranq…but monk wins for me hands down in playstyle.

  4. Hello,

    i read through the guide (it’s a nice read!)

    Might i suggest you make special mention of positioning for the few forward facing abilities we have – they can really make a big difference in a fight.

    The most obvious is Chi-Burst but lets not forget Celestial Breath and Chi-Torpedo too.

    On fights where it is possible i kindly ask the RL to get ppl to stack up as tight as is allowed (sometimes get ranged closer to melee) so that i can position myself behind everyone else and get those spells off.

    Also, on some fights where there’s running involved i ask that ppl run in a straight line and our Transcendence+Roll makes it possible to get ahead of the group and shoot a Chi-Burst through them as they’re running towards me.

    When i go through logs of other MWs i see that on certain fights a lot of their healing comes from Chi-Burst which is only possible if you pay attention to where you stand and when you should use it.
    Just my 2c :)

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