6.1 Mana Tea – Survival Guide

Mana Tea Survival GuideThe new patch is here with all the goodiness that comes with. I’m already writing updates for my talent guide and everything that is affected in the Basic and Advanced Mistweaving Guide. While we have gotten a lot buffs in our talent tree, Mana Tea had a nerf-ish because of a change in mechanics. It could cause a slight mana-problem until you get those spirit trinkets.

Pre-6.1, Mana Tea stacks always gave 4% of base mana up to 20 stacks, which gave 80% of our mana pool back. Now in 6.1 it has changed to 3 times our unbuffed (passive) spirit. Here’s the table to the right.

mana tea stacks

You need about 2133 spirit to be back at the same Mana refund we had before. It is possible to exceed that with full mythic gear and mythic trinkets, like Elementalist’s Shielding Talisman and Auto-Repairing Autoclave which would soar your spirit up to about 2280 spirit. If you have the legendary ring upgraded to 710ilvl, you could even add a little more.

But it really is the spirit trinkets that does the whole difference. Even with gear only from normal BRF, you could have 1940 spirit with the right trinkets. Here are some you can choose from:

Blackrock Foundry

Elementalist's Shielding Talisman

Elementalist’s Shielding Talisman (N; 359 spirit / H: 414 spirit / M; 476 spirit)
Drop; Blast Furnace

Auto-Repairing Autoclave

Auto-Repairing Autoclave (N; 427 spirit / H; 491 spirit / M; 565 spirit )
Drop; Blackhand


Emblem of Caustic Healing

Emblem of Caustic Healing (N; 301 spirit / H; 346 spirit / M; 398 spirit)
Drop; Ko’ragh

Mark of Rapid Replication

Mark of Rapid Replication (N; 301 spirit / H; 346 spirit / M; 398 spirit)
Drop; Imperator Mar’gok

Raid Finder

Immaculate Living Mushroom

Drop; Brackenspore

Captured Flicketspark

Drop; Flamebender Ka’graz


Grandiose Prescience

Other Trinkets with Mana Regen

Everburning Candle

Ironspike Chew Toy

Winged Hourglass


Previously, when I talked about the 6.1 Mana Tea last time, I speculated that Ascension might be a good talent to have if you lack mana. But I did the math, and even though Ascension double-dips (more base mana regen + more mana from Mana tea), Chi Brew still has better regen since it contributes to so many stacks of Mana Tea. This is good news because Ascension is a boring talent anyway, and we all can keep our Chi Brew (which I think the majority already has). Power Strikes still has the worst mana regen but the best throughput since it contributes twice as much chi as Chi Brew. Power Strikes can be a good choice once you’ve got those spirit trinkets.

Rushing Jade Wind is a talent you should be a little more careful with until you have your mana regen in check again. But if you already have good spirit trinkets, you could probably use it to your heart’s content!

I’ll update the talent section in my Mistweaver guide soon, and I’ll continue the discussion about talents now that many have been buffed.


11 thoughts on “6.1 Mana Tea – Survival Guide”

  1. So I mentioned before that I didn’t have any Spir trinkets and I was worried. Well… The same day the patch dropped my guild had a scheduled raid. We plugged out 7/10 Heroic and to my amazement I got back to my garrison to find a follower mission for a Heroic BRF cache. I waited until I had enough followers up to counter the dangers which only got me up to 81%. I was figuring on logging in the next morning. Upon walking down from my keep and past my mage tower I noticed that there was some work orders complete. I opened those up and found a nifty new “Complete your selected mission now!” item. Holy cow! I immediately ran up to my keep and finished the 8hr mission for that heroic BRF cache. Guess what dropped? Elementalist Shielding Talisman(H). My jaw is still on the floor today.

    1. Ive been playing monk for a little while now. and doing a lot research. and my findings are not to have 2 spirit trinkets, Ive gone for Blast furnace and Blackhand trinkets both with multistrike procs.

      im chilling at around 1500 spirit atm and the only mana issues im having is on progress becuase i was a little undergeared for Blast Furnace HC, this i just counteracted with Fistweaving the elementalists and spammed a full stack of mana tea before phase 3 started and i had enough to last me the rest of the fight. Im finding that my multistrike procs are carrying better then mana regen as with int on the micro crucible along with its multistrike proc and my 2 set im just multistriking almost everything with all trinkets up im sitting at around 60% for 10esh seconds so im needing to use less mana. just keeping up mists on targets in prep for Uplift spams.

      Im using Ascension until i get more spirit from gear. but crit procs on my tea is also something im finding more useful then spirit. along with my wep procs ive got plenty of spirit.

      Im reading that 1600 base is what the aim is atm.

  2. Switched from Tiger’s Lust and Xuen to Celerity and Chi Torpedo which I think is more fun too and I always had problems using Rushing Jade Wind. Still using Pool of Mists though because im not sure how to feel about Chi Explosion, I think it might me good in certain fights like Gruul but for now im going to stick with Pool.

    1. Yeah I tried both Chi Torpedo, Chi Explosion and Zen Sphere to see how they were. I’m not overly fond of Chi Torpedo (though it was good), so I switched to Rushing Jade Wind and went mad with Crane stance to cope with the mana. Zen Sphere was also surprisingly good and did more healing than Chi Burst (I will go through the math of this once I’ve updated the talent section), but it’s a lot of micromanagement. And Chi Explosion… well, in stacked fights I think it can be really good, but everywhere else I’ll also go with Pool. I just like its flexibility ^^

  3. Before this post, I was convinced that I needed aoround 1600 spirit to be back at the same mana regen I had before. So, I simply switched my Everburning Candle with a Mark of Rapid Replication (Mythic, Warforged) I was lucky to find in a HM mission lockbox.

    However, you have shown me the sad truth now… Over 2k spirit???? How, how how….? True, I still miss spirit on my cloak, but I don’t want to give up also my Quiescient Runestone (Mythic)!!! T^T This is a sad day….. I’ll have to get back to the Everburning Candle e loose almoust 2% of Multistrike…. not to mention the 300 Intellect!

    Anyway, got a question for you: all the bonus passive mana regen that we are going to obtain now that we stack up spirit doesn’t compensate a little? I mean, do we badly need over 2k spirit considering that our MP5 is going to skyrocket now?

    1. Nope, I do not think we will need to be at the exact value of Mana Tea as we had before to perform well. I mostly had more mana than I needed before patch 6.1 and now I have raided one night with much less spirit than that and had an acceptable mana regen.

      Rushing Jade Wind might still need some higher spirit, but you could just switch to a spirit trinket from your bags when you need to use that talent.

      So I think all in all, your talent choices and healing style determines how much spirit you actually need. Some could probably go pretty low on spirit without having any problems. For example, if you are keen on using Crane stance you might not need so much spirit. Some might need much more spirit because they like to use Rushing Jade Wind a lot.

      I think it’s best to have a few trinkets in your bags to choose from and switch around depending on setup and which talents you are currently using. :)

  4. You forgot the trinket called Winged Hourglass.Its a good option especially for someone who was desperate for mana because it can be purchased at A.H.

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