New Alpha Build and Mistweaver Talents

Another wave of changes has hit the BFA Alpha. This time around, Mistweavers’ talent tree has been scrambled around, while two old talents are gone and replaced with two sparkling new ones.  Take a look below!

Mistweaver Changes


  • Zen Pulse Removed
  • Rising Thunder Removed
  • Essence Well NEW
    • For every 6 sec Essence Font spends off cooldown, your next Essence Font may be channeled for 1 additional second.
      The duration of Essence Font’s heal over time is increased by 4 sec.
    • Note: Baseline channel is 3 sec, this talent pushes that to a maximum of 6 seconds (before haste). Once it’s off cooldown, you can see the tooltip changes the channel time. It takes 18 sec to hit the max duration, but it ticks up by the decimals (channel time 3.0 sec, 3.1 sec, 3.2 sec, etc until it hits 6 sec).
  • Rising Mist NEW
    • Rising Sun Kick heals all allies with your Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, or Essence Font for (20% of Spell power), and extends those effects by 2 sec.
  • Mist Wrap no longer allows Soothing Mist to be channeled while moving.
  • Many talents have switched places and the talent tree looks like this now:

Mistweaver Talent Tree – Alpha Build 26476


  • Essence Font  now has a range of 30 yds, up from 25 yds.
  • Life Cocoon
    • Now heals for [(((Spell power * 9) + 0)) * (1 + Versatility)] up from [(((Spell power * 7) + 0)) * (1 + Versatility)].
    • Cooldown changed to 2 min, down from 3 min.

These are all very exciting mistweaver changes, especially for for the raiding scene. The new talents look very interesting while the removed ones won’t be missed (Zen Pulse was redundant, and Rising Mist looks way cooler than Rising Thunder).

I also note that defensives and movement increases are not in the same row anymore, meaning it’s possible to double down on either defensives (Diffuse Magic+Dampen Harm, anyone?) or on movement (Chi Torpedo AND Tiger’s Lust). Mana Tea has a new place at the mana-themed row, now exclusive with Lifecycles and Spirit of the Crane.

Mist Wrap received an unfortunate nerf, and no longer allows you to channel Soothing Mist while moving. It’s placed in the first row with Chi Wave and Chi Burst. Maybe they thought that the new Soothing Mist would be a little too overpowered if one could spam-heal relentlessly while moving? I might concede on that point.

Anyway, four new dungeons are available for testing, so I know what I’ll be doing now! Mistweaver bonanza, here we go!

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