Patch 8.0

Cheat Sheet for Mistweavers in a Hurry

If you only want a quick recommendation for talents, choose from the following templates. Otherwise, I recommend that you read about them more in-depth. Mistweavers regularly change talents depending on the situation.

Raiding (Mistweaving) 


Solo/World Content

Tier One (Level 15)

ability_monk_pathofmistsMist Wrap  – Single-target Healing
Increases the duration and healing bonus of Enveloping Mist. Great for tank and single target healing.

spell_arcane_arcanetorrentChi Burst – Stack Healing Healing Fistweaving
Chi Burst is a projectile attack that also heals. The Chi orb that bursts forward travel about 40 yds and damage any enemies and heal any allies in its path. The healing is very high and serves as a great boost to both AoE healing and damage output.

Chi Wave  – Single-target Healing Fistweaving
Chi Wave is a talent that you can send out to either enemy targets or allies. It bounces 7 times between allies and enemies alternatively.

Chi Burst is the default talent for most content, since both its healing and damage is quite substantial. It works for both raiding and Mythic+, though Mist Wrap is great for boosting your single-target healing in Mythic+!

Tier Two (Level 30)

ability_monk_quipunchCelerity  – Movement
A passive talent that decreases the cooldown of your Roll and adds a third charge.

ability_monk_quitornadoChi Torpedo  – Movement
Replaces Roll. Allows you to quickly travel a short distance. It has 2 charges like Roll, but you travel farther and you get a stacking speed bonus too.

ability_monk_tigerslustTiger’s Lust  – Movement
A good speed burst ability with a 30 second cooldown that also breaks roots and snares. Can be used on allies as well.

Chi Torpedo allows you to travel farther, but can be dangerous if you need to control your movement carefully (such as, avoiding mechanics in raids or avoiding pulling mobs in dungeons). Torpedo is great, but I usually go for Tiger’s Lust for better control and to break free from roots and snares. Sometimes my tanks need Tiger’s Lust as well, which you can make an easy macro for. Either way, the choice is rather personal.

Tier Three (Level 45)

ability_monk_souldanceLifecycles  – Mana Conserving
A passive talent that allows you to save 25% of the mana cost of the next Vivify or Enveloping Mist if they are cast after each other. The buffs Lifecycles (Enveloping Mist) and Lifecycles (Vivify) each has a duration of 15 seconds, and don’t drop if you cast other spells in between. Good for saving mana!

monk_stance_redcraneSpirit of the Crane  – Mana Increasing Fistweaving
Allows you to refund some mana from all of your additional Blackout Kicks. See: Teachings of the Monastery.

monk_ability_cherrymanateaMana Tea  – Mana Conserving
Cuts all your mana costs by 50% for 12 seconds. Paves the way for quite a bit of burst healing, or alternatively, saves you a lot of mana in the long run.

All three talents are viable here. If you use Enveloping Mist a lot, go for Lifecycles. Fistweavers should use Spirit of the Crane and Mana Tea should be used for raid encounters with high burst windows. You have to watch the damage pattern to best decide which talent serves you best, but feel free to experiment with them!

Tier Four (Level 60)

ability_monk_legsweepTiger Tail Sweep – Crowd Control
Reduced the cooldown of Leg Sweep and increases its radius by 2 yds.

spell_monk_ringofpeaceRing of Peace  – Crowd Control
Places a Ring of Peace on the ground that knock backs all enemies that try to move into it.

inv_chaos_orbSong of Chi-Ji  – Crowd Control
A cloud of red smoke travels forward in the direction you face and puts any enemies it touches to sleep. Counts as an incapacitate and breaks on damage.

Mistweavers have Leg Sweep as a baseline CC. You can either improve the stun with Tiger Tail Sweep talent, or you can add Ring of Peace to your arsenal. Song of Chi-Ji has very limited usability.

Tier Five (Level 75)

ability_monk_jasmineforceteaHealing Elixir  – Self-healing
This ability is basically an extra health pot that you can use at any time. It has 2 charges and 30 seconds recharge time.

spell_monk_diffusemagicDiffuse Magic  – Defensive
A powerful damage reduction ability against magic damage. It can also reflect back the damage on the original caster if possible.

ability_monk_dampenharmDampen Harm  – Defensive
A good damage reduction that works on all types of damage.

Diffuse Magic is a good default choice, but as soon as the big-hitting damage isn’t purely magic, you can go for Dampen Harm instead.

Tier Six (Level 90)

ability_monk_rushingjadewindRefreshing Jade Wind  – Stack Healing
A whirling tornado of mist surrounds you, healing all allies close to you for a high amount. It’s very roughly like having another half Essence Font that you can use when you don’t need as much healing (and therefore save mana) or use it together with Essence Font for a powerful AoE healing burst.

inv_pet_cranegodInvoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane  – Spread Healing
Chi-Ji joins your side and heals allies every 1 sec for 25 seconds. Each heal is quite small, but the amount of heals it dishes out during its time period stacks up to be quite substantial.

ability_monk_summonserpentstatueSummon Jade Serpent Statue  – Single-target Healing
You gain the ability to summon a Jade Serpent Statue, which mimics your Soothing Mist heal on the same target. 

For raids, you can choose either of these talents depending on what type of healing you need to boost. Chi-Ji is good for AoE healing, especially when you don’t have time to stand still and cast. Refreshing Jade Wind is good for stack healing and the Jade Serpent Statue is good for focus healing. Right now, the statue is a little bit ahead of the other talents in terms of healing and mana efficiency. 

Tier Seven (Level 100)


spell_monk_nimblebrewFocused Thunder  – Thunder Focus Tea+
Allows your Thunder Focus Tea to empower your next 2 spells. This can either be used for increased HPS (longer Renewing Mists), mana-efficiency (free Vivify), emergency (instant Enveloping Mist), or increased DPS (reduced CD on Rising Sun Kick).

Upwelling – AoE Healing
Every second Essence Font spends off cooldown, the duration of next cast charges up to a maximum of 6 sec (effectively making the next Essence Font twice as large). It takes 18 sec for a full charge. In addition, the HoT of Essence Font has 4 sec longer duration.

Rising Mist – AoE Healing
Every time you cast Rising Sun Kick, you extend the all your HoTs with 2 sec, and heals all allies affected by your HoTs for a small amount. The heal itself is not very large; the real power of Rising Mists is its ability to extend our HoTs. Line up Rising Sun Kick after casting Essence Font or several Enveloping Mists.

All three talents are viable and the choice depends on what healing style you choose. Upwelling is the standard mistweaving talent for raids, while Focused Thunder remains the best talent for Mythic+. Rising Thunder is the standard fistweaving talent, which is a harder playstyle but with higher skill cap.

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