Patch 7.3.5

Monk Crest

Role; Healer
Type; Throughput healer
Placement; Ranged healer with partial melee immunity
Resources; Mana
Mastery; Gust of Mists
Iconic Abilities; Effuse, Vivify, Essence Font, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, Thunder Focus Tea
Raid CooldownRevival

Mistweavers are unique among those who heal. The energies they channel are mysterious, oftentimes misunderstood by commoners—who rarely travel beyond the borders of their homelands—as some form of folk medicine. But those who weave the mists wield the power of life’s essence, using a mixture of preventative and restorative spells to mend their allies’ wounds. The inner tranquility that guides mistweavers allows them to sustain their healing for long periods of time, and gives them the strength to care for multiple injured allies.

Mistweavers is the Monk healing class that has seen many changes through the years. It has now solidified to a mobile, ranged healer than can jump into melee for some martial arts display whenever damage is called for. Mistweavers rely on a blend of HoTs and direct healing to aid their allies. They have great potential for powerful bursts of healing, but must be mindful to not deplete their mana completely while they do it.

Their artifact is Sheilun, Staff of the Mists that was once in the possession of Shaohao the last emperor. After using it to seperate Pandaria from the mainland and cloak it in mists, Shaohao left Sheilun in safekeeping in Terrace of Endless Spring. Mistweavers must journey there to claim the artifact in order to fight back against the Legion.

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