Patch 7.3


Deadly Boss Mods
One of the most useful addons to have – ever. It is a raiding cooldown that keep tracks of ability timers and warns you when important mechanics are about to happen in an encounter. You could of course use BigWigs instead, but I’ve always preferred DBM. It is a must have! Remember that you can also download DBM for older raids and Proving Grounds.

An addon that show the overall damage and healing done in the raid. Recount works the same way but Skada is better in my opinion.

Exorsus Raid Tools
Exorsus is a raid tool that always provide useful benefits for each current content encounters. Best used in a whole raid with a raid leader that can customize it.

BLT Raid Cooldowns
Allows you to track raid cooldowns and currently active raid cooldowns. Can be modified to only show the cooldown on big healer cooldowns like Revival, Tranq, Hymn and such (Just disable elvui addonskin on this addon, it seems to be bugged. You can do it in the BLT menu).

A simple addon that shouts in your face when standing in shit. Useful when there are a lot of animation clutter on the screen and difficult to see crap on the grounds.

Does a small announcement in chat when a party or raid member has died, and lists the cause of death.


It takes a bit of experimenting until you learn this addon, but once you do you can create a very beautiful and practical UI. Warmly recommended. I have a few profiles you can import here.

Elvui – VisualAuraTimers
Display buff/debuff timers as a bar instead of numbers.

Elvui – Absorb Tags
Display how much per cent absorb a player has, compared to their health. Download with the Tukui client!

WeakAuras2 is a versatile and powerful addon. You can use to show cooldowns and different indicators, which you can customize any way you like. Here’s an example of how you can compose the weakauras. Head over to my WeakAura Library to find weakaura strings you can easily import into your own UI.

SharedMedia & LibSharedMedia
LibsharedMedia allows addons to share textures, fonts, borders, sounds etc. between each other. SharedMedia allow you to implement your own.

Masque is an addon that can skin buttons and icon auras. Best used with different extensions to give more choice. Head over to my WeakAura Skins section to preview how the skins would look! Remember not to use Elvui Addonskin on WA while you have Masque active! You will get a weird backdrop on your icons.

A simple addon that lets you use mouseover spells without targeting on your UI. Really useful for those who want to be as fast as possible. The Clique configuration menu is located in a tab in your spellbook (weirdly enough). Works with any kinds of frames!

Gives you greater control of what errors should show or not (I know I can’t cast that spell yet!).


Any transmogger’s best friend. Allows you to browse the whole Blizzard arsenal of transmoggable gear. Also has a nice wishlist/wardrobe function.

If you are like me and have 18 alts, this is a good addon to track what you have in the bags & banks of your alts. Also tracks currencies, achievements etc. It has a good search function as well.

Handy Notes
Tracks treasures and rares. It comes with several extensions, so make sure to check them out!

NPC Scan 
Alerts you when there is a rare nearby.

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