The Story of Warlords of Draenor

We all know at the end of Mythic SoO, Garrosh Hellscream lies ultimately defeated. He is contaminated by the blood of an old god, but hey, it’s still him! We know that he didn’t die, even though Go’el wanted to inverse his face with a hammer. Varian stopped him the last second and demanded a trial. Fair enough.

He is baaack!
He is baaack!

But now we know from the story of Warlords of Draenor that Hellscream is out and about again. Not just in another world, but also several years in the past. In a different timeline.

Confused? You’re not the only one. The story from the end of the Siege to where the new expansion unfold is told in a couple of novels. For you who lack patience to dig yourself through the hefty lore, I’ll do a short recap of what happened after the end of Siege of Orgrimmar!

Okay, so after we defeated Garrosh and the leaders of Azeroth wanted the bastard on trial. They dragged him to the temple of the White Tiger where the August Celestials would do jury duty while Taran Zhu swings the club. So to speak.

But for a fair trial, it requires and Accuser and a Defender. The Alliance would provide and Accuser, which after some ruckus became Tyrande Whisperwind. The Horde had to provide a Defender, which was kind of hard to dig up considering they all wanted to bash his head in. But Baine Bloodhoof was selected since he was wanted it to be a fair trial. And something about honour. It was definitely something about honour.

Jaina Proudmoore is still pissed off about Garrosh blowing Theramore to pieces, Alexstraza is still shaken up after been used as a breeding machine to the Dragonmaw and several other voices were heard.

Tyrande drives a show-no-mercy kind of case which is nicely illustrated by Chromie and Karioz’s Vision of Time (yes, the same we empowered with Epoch stones on Timeless Isle). Garrosh’s crimes become very graphic to the audience.

Baine Bloodhoof counters this with a speech about second chances, and that each person (read: leaders of the faction here) has their own version of Garrosh Hellscream they could have been. But they lived, they learnt, and moved on. Without becoming a crazed maniac thirsting for blood, obviously. But apparently it could have happened to each of the faction leaders at some point in their life. Lucky us they didn’t.

But the point was that Garrosh Hellscream should be allowed to live, albeit imprisoned for life. If he continued lived, he must change at some point, right?

Meanwhile as the trial continues, there’s a small subplot where Sylvannas want to off Garrosh with poison before the trial ends. She convinces her sister Vereesa Windrunner that it is a great plan. Lo and behold, Vereesa gets second thoughts and tell Prince Anduin about the poison. Anduin, friend of all creatures, saves Garrosh. His thank-you by Garrosh is a nice hard stare. Very friendly.

Warlord Zaela is also up and about. She has her Dragonmaw army, but also manage to recruit some scurvy pirates from Northrend along with some imprisoned Goblin. She has a plan to bust out Garrosh.

At the last day of the trial, all the arguments are nicely summed up. Garrosh, who by the way thought the trial was all comic relief, made it quite clear that he regretted nothing. People are also kind of confused why Chromie is gone while Kairoz is standing there tinkering with the Vision of Time.

Turns out, Wrathion knocked out Chromie (while claiming something about for the good of Azeroth, which Anduin thinks is kind of bullshit) and Kairoz is a bloody turncoat who tampers with the Vision of Time to create a rift in time. Somewhere around here Warlord Zaela attacks and chaos ensues.

Garrosh and Kairoz escapes through the rift while all the leaders have to deal with really pissed off doppelgangers of themselves. After some more chaos, they’re all well and fine but Hellscream is nowhere to be seen. Yeah…

Okay so, Garrosh is transported back in time to Nagrand. 35 years back, I think the exact number was. So, game wise we’re in the zone of Warcraft I, Warcraft II. The orcs originate from Draenor, so Garrosh meets up with his daddy and convinces them (after some blood and gore) that following him is a great idea.

Blood of Mannoroth - so appetizing!
Blood of Mannoroth – so appetizing!

The orcs of Draenor are under the management of the Burning Legion, but they’re not slaves since they haven’t drunk the blood of Mannoroth. As we see in the cinematic, Grom (Garrosh’s daddy), refuses to drink the green ooze. If he had, the currently brown orcs would turn green. They did in our timeline (and later they think a second drink is the way to go and turn red that time, named fel orcs. But that’s another story).

Garrosh has brought with him the Blackfuse CO and all the lovely Iron Stars which he whacks in Mannoroth’s face. And since his orcies don’t turn green and Grom doesn’t die by a big flash of light, this is a completely different timeline than our own.

Garrosh plan to make a new horde, his “Iron Horde” which he will use to uhm… well, essentially off everyone, except them. And take over the world. So he begins building a Dark Portal to Azeroth in order to conqueror that world as well.

*SPOILER ALERT* after this section. If you want to have the beginnings of the WoD story to be a complete surprise, stop reading!

We start the Warlords of Draenor expansion by going through the Dark Portal and essentially holding of the Iron Horde invasion. The setting is Tanaan Jungle, which would have been Hellfire Peninsula had Gul’dan been allowed to range free. In our timeline he tinkered too much with fel energies and turned Draenor into Outland. But not in this timeline.

So we have a whole company of legendary WoW heroes with us and we manage to stave off the invasion by deactivating the Dark Portal. After some ruckus, the Alliance and Horde are separated. The Horde goes off to beautifully snowy Frostfire Ridge (hey, I’m a northerner myself, snow is beautiful), while the Alliance takes a boat to dark Shadowmoon Valley. There each faction start building their Garrison in order to ultimately stop the Iron Horde’s plans.

*END OF SPOILERS* Okay, you can read again.

So now you know the rough strokes of the story. If you want to know every bit of detail, I suggest reading the novels; War Crimes and Hellscream.

Otherwise, we’ll see how the story unfolds in Draenor. Good luck have fun!

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