Tuning in the Works

After some quiet time, a new alpha build is up and running! This time, developers have officially announced that they’ve begun tuning (on everything except Artifacts, which will be later). Mistweavers’ artifact have had some touch-ups already though!

Mistweaver Changes

Our base toolkit has been buffed, while the artifact has seen both buffs and nerfs. Renewing Mist had Vivify have certainly been on a rollercoaster ride of buffs and nerfs, and it probably still won’t settle for a while.

Class Hall Monk Set (Icons)

The class hall sets are the old CM Pandaria sets, recolored and with some variation of the shoulders. The old set looked like this:

Pandaria CM

While we don’t have a screenshot of the new version of the set, we do have the icons, which reveal the color scheme of the set:

inv_leather_monkclass_d_01shoulder inv_leather_monkclass_d_01boots inv_leather_monkclass_d_01bracer inv_leather_monkclass_d_01buckle inv_leather_monkclass_d_01chest inv_leather_monkclass_d_01gloves inv_leather_monkclass_d_01helm inv_leather_monkclass_d_01pants

Jade green, anyone? Yes, please!

Raid Testing – Krosus and Elerethre Renferal

FatbossTV has posted a few more videos from raid testing:

Have a look!

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