Streaming Alpha and More!

My unusual bad luck is withholding – I missed my guild’s first Archimonde Mythic kill because I had to do an exam, and while everyone in my guild was rewarded with an Alpha invite, I was not. But I am not bitter – I am crafty. My dear boyfriend got the Alpha, and guess whose account I have temporarily displaced on my computer? That’s right, I stole his alpha (sort of), so I can stream some Legion Alpha with you guys!

8pm CET tonight – Legion Alpha stream! Would love for you guys to join me at Twitch MistyTea. I haven’t touched any Alpha yet, so it’ll be my first impression!

On a slightly different note – while I will be streaming a lot of World of Warcraft in the future, there might be some off days I’d like to play other games as well. Problem is, I have trouble deciding which games. I need your help!

Below is a list of games I own and have not played (except the Zelda games – I could replay them over and over).


Pick 3 games you would love to see me play on Twitch in the future!

  • Legend of Zelda (have played – always want to replay)

You can suggest other games as well, but these are the ones I have at my disposal at the moment. Please drop a comment on which games you’re most interested in seeing on the stream! Thank you♥

7 thoughts on “Streaming Alpha and More!”

  1. I would pick Diablo cause monks wtf :), Korra cause I love anime and guild wars since I´m interested in it´s late game pve potencial.

    Btw great job with graphic overhaul of the blog. Keep it up :)

  2. I’ve always loved your content and tend to check the site every other day just to see what opinions you have to say! I’m totally on the same page with all the cool monk effects and all about that monk life! Checked this post, saw Korra video game, freaked out a little inside that you may also too be within the fandom… That’s all I wanted to say. Hope you have a great day and keep monky-ing! :D

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