Recap on Future Mistweaver Changes

We’re fast approaching patch 7.2.5 where we will finally be able to launch the assault on Tomb of Sargeras, adventure into Black Temple Timewalking, get new legendaries and most important of all experience the new class changes. Here is a small recap on new things and changes for Mistweavers!

Mistweaver Notes (So Far)

  • Essence Font
    • Now has a 12 second cooldown.
    • Cost reduced to 7.2% of base mana (was 8%).
    • Direct healing increased to 135% of spell power (was 110%).
    • HoT healing increased by 48% of spell power (was 36%).
    • HoT duration increased to 8 sec (was 6 sec).
    • Essence Font is now castable while moving.
  • Vivify
    • Healing increased to 300% of spell power (was 275%).
    • Cost reduced to 4% of base mana (was 4.5%).
  • Life Cocoon
    • Absorb amount increased to 4200% of spell power (was 3116%).
  • Refreshing Jade Wind
    • Cost reduced to 3.5% of base mana (was 5%).
    • Duration increased to 9 sec (was 6 sec).
    • No longer gives a healing bonus to Essence Font.
  • Rising Sun Kick
    • Cost reduced to 1.5% of base mana (was 2%).
  • Thunder Focus Tea
    • Changed empowerment of Essence Font: now channels 100% faster (was ‘castable while moving’).

Tier 20 – Xuen’s Battlegear

NEW 2-set bonus: Essence Font has a 30% chance to grant Surge of Mists, reducing the cost of your next Enveloping Mist by 75%.

NEW 4-set bonus: When you consume Surge of Mists, your healing done is increased by 12% for 10 sec (Dance of Mists).

OLD 2-set bonus: Your healing spell cast have a chance to grant Surge of Mists, reducing the cost of your next Enveloping Mist by 75%.

OLD 4-set bonus: Consuming Surge of Mists resets the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea.

New Mistweaver Legendaries

Soul of the Grandmaster (Monk)
Equip: Gain one of the following talents based on your specialization:
Brewmaster: Mystic Vitality
Mistweaver: Mist Wrap
Windwalker: Chi Orbit

Doorway to Nowhere (Mistweaver) – Essence Font has a chance to summon Chi-Ji for until cancelled.

As you can clearly see in the Mistweaver notes for patch 7.2.5, our throughput will be significantly buffed and our rotation will change quite dramatically. Essence Font will be rarer but more powerful, Refreshing Jade Wind has a chance to become useful, the overall wrinkles in rotation and mobility issues seem to be addressed without turning the spec completely upside down.

The new T20 set bonus have been improved greatly, too. A 12% increase to healing for 10 sec is a lot more interesting than another use of Thunder Focus Tea (with Rising Thunder or Blackflames it would have been redundant anyway).

I’m not overly impressed with the new legendaries, though they seem to be fine enough. Maybe just not competitive with the current BiS list (though that is partly determined by the proc chance on the back). All the other changes still make the Mistweaver make-over (the mist-over, hah!) pretty neat anyway.

All in all, exciting changes and it’s possible we will see more coming in before the new patch is launched. Who knows?

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  1. I hope these change will make for a more fun experience,.. And I wont be asking my balance druid for innervates all the time…hopefully! :)

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