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There has been said way to little about the new and revolutionary transmog system in Legion. As a transmog enthusiast, I simply cannot do nothing but to show you and expound on the subject. A whole new world has opened up for us, guys. Legion will be fabulous.

Before I start with the nitty-gritty details of this lovely addition to our Collection tab, I’d like to summarize the new changes for those who haven’t caught up yet. Transmogging will be a new experience, take a look at the following.

Summary of New Features


  • A whole UI dedicated for the Transmog Wardrobe, where you can browse transmoggable items you have collected and which you have yet to collect.
  • Transmog will now be account-wide (normal gear restrictions still apply).
  • Blizzard will retroactively unlock all outfits you ever have been rewarded through quests for you, even if you do not have the items anymore.
  • New transmoggable slots: tabard, shirts and weapon enchants!
  • You can now hide shoulders!
  • By hovering over an outfit, you can see from where you can collect the item.
  • A progress bar at the top of the window tells you how many transmog items you have collected.
  • Transmogs sets is a new feature that allows you to save outfits.
  • Outfits can be spec-specific, allowing you to transmog the same gear pieces to different looks depending on which spec is active.
  • Currently, the Wardrobe can be viewed in your Collection tab, but you need to visit a Ethereal Transmogrifier to actually transmog.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

Let’s start with what will show up in the Wardrobe UI when you log in. Firstly, the Wardrobe will be launched with the pre-patch that goes active a month or so before Legion launches. All your items in bags and Void Storage will be added to the Wardrobe, and you can feel free to vendor trash them if you like. Just don’t vendor trash them now – wait until the Wardrobe is launched!!

Blizzard has promised that all the quest items you have been rewarded with will be retroactively unlocked to your Wardrobe. I believe this is only affected by quest rewards, since we will not be able to redo quests for transmog. Normal gear rules still apply, cloth-wearers can only unlock cloth, mail-wearers unlock mail etc. Items that are class-specific can still only be unlocked and worn by that class.

Here’s a summary of blue posts and tweets regarding the new system:

Originally posted by Aerythlea & WarcraftDevs, Blizzard.

If you have Tier 3 pieces (either from Classic WoW or the Black Market Auction House) then these appearances will be unlocked account-wide within the current transmogrification restrictions.

As an example, let’s say that you’re playing a Warlock:

  • If you have a piece of the Frostfire Regalia (Mage) set, then this appearance will be unlocked account-wide for all classes that use Cloth as their primary armor type.
  • If you have a piece of the Dreadnaught (Warrior) set, it won’t be unlocked account-wide as a Warlock can’t equip Plate items.

Just to clarify that this does indeed only apply to Tier 3 pieces, because these pieces do not have class-restrictions on them. Other Tier sets will be subject to their normal class restrictions.

The general rule of thumb for unlocking appearances is:

  • You must be able to equip the armor
  • It must be of your primary armor type
  • It must be able to be obtained and equipped by your class

@WarcraftDevs: Intended. Plate wearers unlock plate, mail wearers unlock mail, etc. Weapons must be equippable by that character.

@WarcraftDevs: In #Legion you will be able to purchase a token that will unlock all Challenge Mode weapon appearances account-wide!

I hope that clarifies some of the details for you.

The Wardrobe UI – Transmog Vendor

Wardrobe UI
Click to embiggen

Here is how the Wardrobe UI looks when you visit a Transmog vendor. As you can see, the new UI gives you a lot of options on how to create and customize new outfits, save them for specific specs etc. The thumbnails of the items give a good preview of its look, and as you can see, the thumbnails with soft grey boarders shows which items are not collected yet.

The Wardrobe UI – Collection Tab

Wardrobe UI - Collection
Click to embiggen

This is a mock-up printscreen from the collection tab (shift-p) where we can view our transmog collection anywhere and anytime we like. It does not allow to change current transmog, but it’s possible to view collected vs non-collected items and where you can find them. In addition, shift-right clicking on the items makes the Dressing Room window pop up.

Hold on – will the Artifact be transmoggable in the Transmog UI?
Eeh, no actually. I believe that to be a bug. Transmogging your Artifact will have its own UI, which can be accessed in your Class Hall. Let’s take a look at our Artifact UI.

Artifact Transmog UI

Artifact Transmog

Here’s an early look of how our Artifact transmog UI will look. By right-clicking on the head of the Shen-Zin Su statue (middle of the Temple of the Five Dawns), the Artifact window pops up. There you can upgrade your weapon and transmog it if you like. As you can see, its a very unfinished and early version of how the UI look, but you get the gist. There are currently 4 different Artifact models to view (another model incoming), and 4 different colors for each.

The preview of the Artifact look appears on the head of Shen-Zin Su (look at image above), which can be sort of difficult to see. Hopefully, we’ll get a normal dressing room window as well.

There’s also a few tooltips implemented of how to unlock the different colors. Nothing yet on how to unlock the models, but as for the colors, the following criteria needs to be unlocked:

Sheilun, Staff of the Mists

  • Color 1: Default
  • Color 2: Recover 4 Pillars of Creation.
  • Color 3: Unlock all of your Artifact Traits.
  • Color 4: Unlock the entire history of your artifact in the tome within your class hall.

Toll of the Deep Mist

  • Color 1: Complete the quest, “Ancient Power”.
  • Color 2: Reach exalted with one of the Broken Isle factions.

The rest of the colors for Toll of the Deep Mist, including Chi-Ji’s Spirit and Sha’s Torment have not had their requirements implemented yet. But it seems like the more content you do, the more options you unlock, and it doesn’t have to be hard-core mode on every achievement. Reputations and quests are quite easy to grind, and you get to experience the awesome story of Legion while you do it!

Well, that’s all for today, folks. If you have any questions regarding transmogging in Legion, drop me a comment below!

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