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Long time, no see! I have been a little absent from, well, pretty much any social media for a few weeks now. So, I thought it was time to write a little update on what I’m up to.

First, I’m alive and well! I’m still playing ferociously, going between World of Warcraft and Zelda, thinking seriously about giving the new Mass Effect a chance too. In WoW I’m still progress raiding as Mistweaver. I’ve poked and prodded a little at my alts (I have one of each class), but the more I play other the classes the more I realize how much I prefer Monks. In all specs. That’s not going to change any time soon.

I’ve kept an eye out for Mistweavers news for 7.2.5, though I might have probably missed a few tidbits. I have been playing more than researching on Mistweavers lately. But what I’ve picked up on, mostly the Essence Font and Refreshing Jade Wind changes, looks interesting (but we won’t see how it works out until it’s live). Here’s one of the latest blue posts on the subject:

Mistweavers in Patch 7.2.5
We’re looking into a some of the various things mentioned on this thread and others, for an upcoming PTR build:

–We understand the complaint about losing your Essence Font channel due to movement, now that it has a cooldown. Going straight to “Essence Font can always be cast while moving” is still the sort of thing we want to be careful about. Cast-while-moving isn’t something that should proliferate too much outside of special buffs or spells that have that as a main purpose, but it’s an option that we may try out on PTR.

–We’ll buff Life Cocoon to better account for the large HP inflation in Legion.

–We’re going to try a version of Refreshing Jade Wind that no longer has the Essence Font hook, and is much more efficient simply based on its own healing. That likely means making it cheaper rather than stronger, and probably means a longer cooldown or duration than what it has now. Both so that it’s less disruptive by using fewer GCDs, and so that it’s not a limitless way of pouring mana into smart healing. It should be a basic rotational option for a constant healing boost, with a positional factor.

–We’re going to buff Rising Thunder, initially simply using the same knob as in beta of changing Rising Sun Kick‘s cost. That version of fistweaving was generally popular (among the crowd that wants something with that much complexity), and possibly only fell away because it was never tuned back up enough to account for the loss of the beta version of Black Flame.

Our overall approach to Mistweaver in 7.2.5 is more focused on looking at specific issues like these, rather than any kind of deep overhaul. We also expect that the overall package of changes so far effects an increase to the total healing power of the spec (which was intended), and of course can do further tuning as we get a more solid idea of how much that is.

Original Post, by Sigma.

Many minor, but significant changes seems to be incoming for 7.2.5., which gives me a convenient excuse to delay the blog updates until that time (hah!). No point in doing 7.2 updates if I have to redo them again a few weeks later. My inner procrastinator is smiling gleefully.

I’m currently painting Death Knight UI also, if you’re interested in some new interface art (should be done for my Patreon this month). I should also put up the Warrior UI on my gumroad shop soon, so keep an eye out.

Until next time~

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  1. Some thoughts to share, since I don’t have a blog of my own. Sometimes as a healer I need to ask myself, ‘do I live for others, or for myself?’ That means that sometimes I will sacrifice my life to save another raid member, and sometimes I’m more valuable keeping the rest of the raid alive except that one person. That’s true in my real too. I have chronic migraines, sometimes to the extent that I can’t walk/talk/read. Sometimes I live for myself, because I’m awesome. Sometimes the only reason I’m still alive is because I live for the important people in my life. I make their lives better somehow, and that helps to resist the desire for eternal sleep. But I’m so tired.

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