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I haven’t been idle while the blog went down! When Misty Teahouse was in limbo, I decided to write a little about Mistweaver legendaries. Mostly about how they work, since it isn’t always obvious by just reading the description.

New Page: Mistweaver Legendaries

The page is sub-item to “Mistweaver Guide”, so you’ll find it listed there too. I’ve added more detailed descriptions of what the legendaries do, but since I haven’t been able to test all, I had to do some research on the legendaries that I do not own. Hopefully everything’s accurate, otherwise I’ll update it as needed.

There are weakauras for the three of the legendaries as well! Coincidentally on the ones I own myself (ahem). If I happen to be so lucky to get more than three legendaries, I’ll add weakauras to those as well. I’m hoping for the wrist-legendary next time!

4 thoughts on “New Legendary Page”

  1. Just so you know, I have had problems with the legs not letting me cast essence font while moving, even when I have the appropriate buff. This is a good thing to be aware of because you still lose the full mana cost even when essence font is interrupted by movement.

    1. Yeah, I’m aware. Usually only when you go with Rising Thunder, for some reason. I usualy counter it by only try to activate EF while moving (and if buff is not working, EF won’t activate).

      1. I would have never guessed that it might be tied to Rising Thunder, but that is the talent I use. And I also try to only use it while moving.

  2. Thanks for that! I have looking for information about the monk’s legendaries and here’s what you put them on your beautiful site! <3

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