New Alpha Build – Immunity Status

A new Alpha build has arrived this night (it’s always 4am my local time, dammit) and we’ve actually got some answers on the subject of our melee immunity status, which I just discussed as late as yesterday! A few minor changes to Mistweavers were also introduced, but nothing world-breaking.

In this build there were tons of new models, Brewmasters finally got their artifact traits (looking rather fancy, if I do say so myself), and a myriad of tweaks and minor changes across the board. Mistweavers are relatively unchanged, but the feedback from the developer sure is an interesting read! Here we go!

Mistweaver Changes

  • Renewing Mist heals for 500% of spell power, down from 750%.
  • Rising Sun Kick now costs 2% of base mana, up from 1%.
  • Spirit Tether (artifact trait) now reduces enemy’s movement speed with 20%, down from 30%.

Developer Feedback

Originally posted by Sigma, Blizzard

The goal of Spirit of the Crane and Rising Thunder is to enable a playstyle that incorporates melee attacks while healing, for those who desire it (note that Holy Paladins have some similar ablilities and talents, and much of this discussion applies to them as well). We intend for you to be able to use these abilities naturally in dungeon and raid content, without being unfairly punished for being in melee range. However, the Mistweaver situation in Warlords, where the spec is never targeted by a wide range of abilities (even though, the vast majority of the time, it has no need for such treatment) is not one we’re happy with. Our goal is to be more judicious about exactly which encounter abilities, if targeted at Mistweavers or Holy Paladins, would preclude playing the spec as intended.

For example, a Chain Lightning or Void Zone targeted at a random player with no warning will wipe or seriously disrupt the group if ever targeted at a person in a melee clump. If you can get targeted by it, there is no option but to avoid being in melee at any time during the encounter. Mistweavers and Holy Paladins should not be targeted by these sorts of abilities.

On the other hand, imagine a debuff that requires you to move away from other players for a short time or move to a certain location. In many cases, we exempt melee DPS from such abilities not because it would wipe the raid, but merely because reducing their effectiveness to near-zero for many seconds would be overly frustrating. We are much less concerned about asking Mistweavers or Holy Paladins to respond to these kinds of mechanics, because they can still use most of their abilities and be reasonably effective while briefly out of melee. In these cases they’d simply be handling the same mechanics that other healers were required to handle.

In summary, choose these talents on alpha like any others and use them as you’d expect, and feel free to report any situations where doing so causes problems that you have no way to avoid.


A few other things:
–We are planning to revise Sheilun’s Gift, as we agree it is rather bland.
Essence Font should be reasonably effective on as few as 6 targets. Tuning is still in progress as always, but the current version should slightly exceed unbuffed Vivify in terms of throughput and efficiency at around that amount (and if not, we’ll take a look at that). It will only get relatively stronger from there as the number of targets increases.

Original Post

Well, well. I’d say this is a rather fortunate turn-out. Mistweavers will always be able to stand in melee, because we will have time to scuttle away when we get hit by ranged mechanics. Previously, Mistweavers have been kings of avoiding all sorts of mechanics. It was fun at the beginning, and I still know many people who like it that way, but I don’t mind losing immunity to so many mechanics. I found some fights turned out unnecessarily boring because Mistweavers didn’t need to deal with anything, other than stand in one spot and heal.

Now, we will be able to freely move between ranged and melee, even though we have to leave melee when we get targeted by ranged mechanics. But with proper forewarning, I don’t see that to become a problem. In fact, I think this could probably be the best solution to the problem. We get to be everywhere, and still have to deal with the boss mechanics, but we pose no danger to wiping the raid. Well done, Blizzard. Let’s just hope we get to see this is practice as well!

Furthermore, Sheilun’s Gift will get a revise, thank Yu’lon. It was a rather bland ability, and it pales in comparison to other Artifact abilities (*cough* brewmasters *cough*). Hopefully, they’ll think of something fun and exciting to replace it!

On an entirely different note, Blizzard wrote two others posts about Legendary items (here and here). Apparently, we will only be able to equip one legendary item at the start of the expansion but that number will be increased later on. Furthermore, the legendary special effects will be suppressed in the initial world-first mythic race, to make it a fair competition. I think many have drawn a sigh of relief for hearing this. At the same time, Blizzard will try to balance Legendaries to make a fun addition to your spec, without being overpowered. I recommend reading the posts!

New Models

Wowhead has also highlighted some of the new models that have been implemented. Here’s a sample;


501159-infernal-lava501093-falcosauros-mount 499969-infernal-mount 498558-spidermount



That’s it for today! Until next time!

11 thoughts on “New Alpha Build – Immunity Status”

  1. This makes me unbelievably happy. I didn’t realize I was immune to things until I read about it somewhere. I had just assumed I was not getting hit by it ever but when it never hit me for a full month of raiding (BRF Forgemaster fight with the metoer effect comes to mind) I was like huh I wonder why that happens. It’s a small price to pay, especially given how mobile we will continue being with Windwalk as an option (hopefully on release too).

    It makes my soul haply to read this blue post.

    1. Mistweavers have always had melee immunity, but I’ve noticed that it has not always been general knowledge (had a lot of discussions with RLs, just saying xD). Glad Blizzard makes an official statement, just so that it’s clear what we can and cannot do.

  2. Indeed a very good news. I totaly agree that haveing total imunity sometimes scraped away a lot of fan (aka you will never get to fly on archimonde). To be honest I’m starting to fear that monks will no longer be the least popular healers out there :-D

    In future I only hope that we will get detailed clarification on which ability does and which doesn’t apply to us.

    1. Yes, we will get more engaged in fights which will be a lot of fun, and hopefully it will be clear in the dungeon journal or some other statement from which abilities we are exempt. Either way, I will stand in melee and wing it ;)

    2. lol. i hope we will still be unpopular to play but awesome to heal with. i was the first mw monk to raid in my guild of 6-7 raid teams, now there are 2 others raiding mythic hfc and several more in normal and heroic groups :P Some of the teams though, the melee immunity is the difference between a kill and a wipe (i like to help the other teams) and i fistweave when i’m completely bored just to have something to do on farm bosses.

  3. Hey….FinalbossTV is looking for healing streamers to do a 2 hour show on healing in Legion, next week. You should get in touch with him!!

    1. Oh, I don’t know. I think Fatboss only deals with high-end raiders, and though I got 13/13 mythic, it was a while after the valor buff, so don’t think I count xD

      1. This is FinalbossTV , not Fatboss. And because you are blogger/streamer/good at your class, you would be great for it :D

        1. Rather you speak for us Ashleah than anyone else, cutting edge 1% is fine but doesn’t always help the rest of us =D

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