Misty Teahouse took a trip to Limbo

If you have tried to access my blog the past three days, you might have noticed that my blog was nowhere to be found. Through a series of unfortunate events, the Misty Teahouse took a trip to the dark side of the internet. Thankfully, I got it back in one piece through my vast powers of technology… I’m kidding, I called tech-support.

Long story short, a less than a year ago I switched my blog through self-hosted instead of WordPress premium. The subscription for the premium ran out three days ago, which would have been all fine and dandy unless my domain had been part of that otherwise useless package deal. So yes, the domain was deleted, I called support and instead of paying for the whole premium package, I payed only for the domain and they fished it back from techno-limbo. Happy ending!

In more mistweaver-related news, patch 7.1.5 is coming ever closer to release. Here’s a summary of the Mistweaver changes:

Patch 7.1.5 – Mistweaver Notes

The good stuff:

  • Rising Sun Kick costs 2% of base mana, down from 2.3%.
  • Crackling Jade Lightning now deals 140% of attack power damage, up from 70%.
  • Mistwalk (Talent) now heals for 420% of spell power, up from 350%.
  • Song of Chi-Ji (Talent) now has a 15 sec cooldown, down from 30 sec.
  • Zen Pulse (Talent) now heals and deals damage for 220% of spell power, up from 200%.
  • Dampen Harm (Talent) now reduces the damage of incoming attacks by 20-50% (depending on how hard attack) for 10 sec. Previously reduced the next three incoming attacks by 30% if they damage 15% of your health or more.
  • Diffuse Magic (Talent) now has a 1.5 min cooldown, down from 2 min cooldown.
  • Ring of Peace (Talent) now forms at target location and ejects all enemies out of the ring. Previously formed around a friendly target and knocked back enemies who used harmful spells or abilities.
  • Healing Sphere (PvP) now has a 15 sec recharge time, down from 45 sec.
  • Way of the Crane (PvP) now also make you immune to stun effects.

The not-so-good-but-tuning-I-guess stuff:

  • Soothing Mist now heals for 64% of spell power, down from 70%.
  • Refreshing Breeze (PvP) now increases the healing of Vivify by 20%, down from 25%.
  • Counteract Magic (PvP) now make Renewing Mist heal for 135% of spell power, down from 150%, on targets affected by magical DoTs.
  • Surge of Mist (PvP) now make Enveloping Mist instant with a 7 sec cooldown, up from 6 sec.

All-in-all, it looks quite decent. There’s still some balancing left, I assume. One could hope that Druid’s Tranquillity should be brought more in line of the other raid cooldowns, but oh well. If I could make wishes, I would wish that raid cooldowns played a much lesser role since I’m not a big fan of reset buttons. Just let me heals and struggle! I live for the challenge!

Now I’m gonna celebrate the revival of my blog with a nice cup of tea. Aahh.

8 thoughts on “Misty Teahouse took a trip to Limbo”

  1. Im struggling trying to raid as a mw in one RT and the raid as a WW in another as my gear is poor due to mixing and matching 2nd ary states and enchants etc. Have they made cross specing any better because I feel we could do with legiondarries changing to match the spec we play ? Glad your blogs back enjoy ur tea.🐼

    1. Trinkets, shoulder/back enchants and legendaries are the ones that are still spec-specific, and as far as I know that will continue to be so. I know how you feel though, I don’t have any good iron relics for my off-specs, or trinkets. I don’t dare to go off-loot spec since I still want Mistweaver legendaries. The conundrum >.<

  2. I was wondering what your idea is of secondary statts we should focus on etc. I read comments of so many people everywhere all saying different things and I would like to know what your idea is. Migh be somewhere here on your blog tho but I’m new And have no clue where or how to find it haha. Happy that you can blog again now tho :)

    1. Raiding: Vers & Crit
      Dungeons: Mastery & Haste
      Fistweaving: Vers & Haste=Crit

      Basically, haste have less priority when you have mana problems which is often the case in raiding. It’s less of a problem in dungeons since you have the opportunity to take mana breaks in-between packs. Vers and crit increases your healing flat out which is great. Mastery increases healing when using your direct healing, which you don’t do as much in raids as you do in dungeons.

      Hope this helps :)

      1. Hi. My name is Rudy from Brazil (West Central)

        Helps a lot ^^
        I´d like to know if had some logs (from warcraft logs) to check..

        I wanna be a better healer…

        Ty So much.

        Rudy – Azralon – US

  3. I’m interested in your thoughts on the legendary belt. I just got it last night and been messing around with it some. I haven’t noticed a huge boost to my healing and I’m wondering if I should use it over my sephuz’s which is the legendary I replaced it for. I use the leggings and belt for raiding now and the leggings and ring for dungeon content.

    1. i have the belt which i wear everywhere i go. (i only have 2 legendaries)

      My finding (for what its worth) is that this is a very good belt for dungeons (small groups in general) where you keep an EM on a single person with 100% uptime. The trick is to find someone who is at full health so it overheals – the tank tends to take damage and not sit at 100% all the time.
      The buf from this belt will spread out to the whole group and RM on cooldown will keep the group topped off giving you a lot of time to do other things like fistweave (which is a great help for clearing a dungeon faster).

      For a raid environment this belt is really lackluster. If you want to use its full potential you are forced to go against your instincts and not use EM on a tank since they are rarely overhealing on bossfights.
      You pick a person which you know is good at avoiding damage and cross your fingers and hope he keeps being full health (or have a disc priest shield him) so the entire EM overheals and the buf gets spread to other players.
      But, as with most MW abilities, control over where bufs spread out to is severly limited making this an unreliable way to heal.

      For me EM ticks 7x which makes it so this buf can spread to 14 people if the entire EM goes to overheal.
      On average though it will be less as there’s usually moments where people take damage (so no overheals) or people are further away than 20 yards from your target (depends on fight)

      Long wall of text, i hope this helps

      1. I have sephuz’s though and that’s amazing now in dungeons. Plus I have leggings so I’m not sure if belt is worth using over either of these two

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