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Tea TalkHello everyone! I am sorry for my slight disappearance; I have been swamped in IRL stuff, while longing to go back to alpha news and other secret projects that I’m working on. Now that I have some breathing room, it is time for some misty tea talk. What has been happening on the alpha since we last talked and what the heck have I been doing?

To kick off, alpha is progressing nicely, and while there haven’t been any new builds so far (though, one is right around the corner), we’ve had the opportunity to see some lucky people play and stream the alpha. In the last post, I linked some very interesting videos regarding the Mistweaver gameplay, the Class Hall and Artifact acquisition quests, etc. My second hand impression of looking at these videos is that Mistweavers seem to be really versatile, and hopefully, “niched” healers will be a thing of the past; all healers have the tools to do all kinds of encounters. In other words, some healer classes will not be benched because they cannot handle a specific situation. This is great, because then you can really focus on one class to master and it will really simplify raid setups.

The interesting part yet to come is an explanation of how the new healing philosophy will be in Legion. We haven’t heard anything official, but one can get a very vague impression just by looking at spells and talents. My prediction is that they want us to use more of our toolkits – a.k.a. not spam our only AoE heal. If we look at the gear – so far no spirit in sight. Spirit is on our character panel, but it seems like we will not be able to increase it with gear. Mana will be an important issue through all the expansion then, since mana regen won’t scale, only the strength of our spells. And our AoE heal, Essence Font, is not exactly spammable; it has no cooldown, but 1) it costs a lot of mana and 2) it gives up to a potential of 18 people a HoT you do not want to override by spamming. So, I am guessing we will have to work into a rotation with Vivify and hopefully some efficient single-target gameplay. This sounds great to my ears, because the more viable spells we have in a raid setting, the more strategic choices we have to make. BUT (!) this is just my predictions and it is early alpha – we will see how it pans out!

On a completely different note – my guild and I are currently progressing Archimonde Mythic, and oh holy celestials, it is so much more fun than Mannoroth. Despite the fact that with the valor buffs, we skip so many mechanics. Still a lot more fun to progress. First night we got him down to 50%, but we still have some kinks to sort out in our strategy before we can reliably enter the Nether phase in a consistent manner. I am at least enjoying myself immensely.

Golden statue

I do also have a range of secret projects I am working at on the side, as well. I cannot tell you everything, mostly because it’s more ideas than anything concrete at the moment, but I want to share some of it to you. Firstly, I have been practising my photshop skills because I want to be better at creating UI elements. I have been very good at this at one point, but after several years of not really practicing, it’s a bit like starting over again. Not completely from square one, but it feels very close to it. Anyway, in the future, I’d like to be able to share more complete sets of UI elements to you – I know many have been screaming for my current UI. If you have asked for it, and I haven’t answered; I am sorry, but I get so many requests for it per day, I am a bit overwhelmed. I’m not currently sharing my UI as it is right now, though I want to make a more complete update of my WeakAura Library where it might be included.

My current problem right now is – how am I going to fund it? Because, while I do love creating UIs, it takes a lot of time and right now, most of that time goes to my studies so I can have a small income to live by. I have a few ideas – like Twitch streaming would be really fun, and it’s an easy way for people to donate some money on a monthly basis. Or if I could sell some UI sets for a micro payment, something small like $3-5, maybe it could amount to something I can make a living of (or at least give enough incentive to spend time to develop more of it). I’m mostly leaning towards Twitch streaming right now, and I will try to see if I can set it up in the near future. Would people be interested in watching me play World of Warcraft, and maybe some other games on the side (I can stream from my consoles as well, have all current gen ones) – I do not know! I would hope so, because it would be a lot of fun! But as you can see, I’m still trying to figure things out.

I have a lot of projects in the works anyway, and hopefully I’ll be able to expand my Misty Teahouse initiative a little bit further. There is nothing I love more than to write on my blog, create UIs and talk to you, my lovely readers. Thank you for helping me create this little corner of the Mistweaver community – I hope to be able to continue to do this for many years to come!

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  1. To answer your question around making some money – I enjoy the site. I pay 3 bucks a month through patreon for BlizzardWatch.com. I wouldn’t mind subscribing to Misty Tea Talk. I don’t spend much time on my UI (just use elvui) – but having access to some of your weak auras, etc would be cool. I really enjoy playing my monk and always look to see how you are thinking about healing. I also enjoy windwalker and brewmaster – will me neat to have all 3 specs available to us in Legion…

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