Mistweaver Guide updated for Patch 7.0

The pre-patch is here! Okay, it’s here for America. Europe has to wait until tomorrow until its launch, but that only means I have an extra day to update my blog. The blog will be renovated for patch 7.0 and Legion the upcoming days, and I’ve already finished the Basic Mistweaving Guide and Talents. Still so many things to do and so little time!

Are you in need of some Mistweaving assistance? Look no further, help is here! I have updated my Basic Mistweaving Guide and Talents section just in time for the pre-patch.

Basic Mistweaving Guide – Explains stat priority, healing toolkit, damage toolkit and rotations to go with them.

Talents – A rundown of all the talents and which to pick in which situation.

I have in mind to edit these continuously as I gain new knowledge myself. Also, they need to be spiced up with some nice illustrations, but all in good time. I still have the following pages to update:

  • Introduction
  • Spellbook
  • Addons
  • Advanced Mistweaving Strategy (might be a while until this)
  • WeakAura Library
  • Proving Grounds guide
  • Transmog guide
  • Add Artifact pages.

I’m gonna work on some of these during the day, so might see some changes already.

You might already have noticed that I’ve removed the Encounter Guides. They will not return to Legion. The reason for this is that it takes extraordinary long time to write those guides and there are already so many good ones out there. Therefore, I’ve decided to focus my time on other things that I enjoy more. I might do a video someday in future, but I can’t make any promises.

Anyway, keep a lookout for more changes on the blog and have fun on the pre-patch! Remember that Warlords of Draenor is effectively legacy content now, and you know how well-tuned and balanced everything is in legacy content (not). Go have fun in wonky-land!

31 thoughts on “Mistweaver Guide updated for Patch 7.0”

  1. Awesome Guide. You convinced me to level with Fist Weaving as MW instead of just WW. I rotate each level between MW and WW so I’m comfortable with both for PvP and PvE.

  2. Can you link when you come across good mw encounter guides? I trust you a lot more than google searches. I have autism so I’m a little slower at learning new things, but at the end of WoD, thanks to your site, I’m one of the best healers in both of my main guilds. And the best mw in both guilds with average of 5 mw in each guild. You’re awesome.

  3. Thanks so much :D Have you seen any comparisons about with the other healing classes? Or is it too early to compare them?

    1. There are a few comparisons out. But then I always remember that Disc was predicted to be the worst healer in WoD Beta, so I go do the dishes instead. But they seem quite equal (for now), so basically anything goes!

      1. Now that I’ve had a full run through heroic HFC I’m pretty happy with the new setup even though I had zero clue what I was actually doing hehe. ;)

        One problem I did notice is that my elvui raid frames aren’t showing any of my HoTs except for Renewing Mist. Did you experience this issue and did you make any changes to the raid setup?

        I decided to go with the Invoke Chi-Ji talent – not sure if it’s a bug or not but the animation (or perhaps lackthereof) is pretty hilarious as it zips around ever raid member :P Though sometimes I noticed it just stood still doing nothing so it’s a little buggy atm.

    1. Legendary cloaks are ilvl 600 and the start gear for Legion in beta is around 680 and then you rapidly get much better gear. Soooo…. you’ll cry for a few minutes at the start, but then it’ll get better :D

  4. Thank you so much for making such great guides! I was really unsure of what talents to pick so far and this has definitely helped. You’re awesome!!! :)

  5. Monkioh is still suggesting levelling as a WW and getting your MW weapon at lvl 102 as I’m in mythic WW gear should I stick to that or just level as a mw ?

    1. You cannot level your artifact trait past Trait #13 in a secondary spec if you hope to not be completely behind on leveling your primary artifact in an efficient manner. If you store up all the artifact power that drops for you and can be used on whatever artifact you have equipped, than you could level as a different spec and then simply switch to your primary spec when you hit 110.

      All this is moot, of course, if you are leveling with a friend or a group, as things will just die very quickly. Leveling to 110 should take about 12 hours of gameplay, so don’t fret too much about it.

      1. Thank you mate think I will take ur advice and just level as MW however I’ve just found out you can not buy a 2nd LR anymore what a bummer as I have the dps ring 😐

  6. Hey Ashleah! So glad I found this blog as I’m coming back to play my MW in Legion – the content is great! I just had a couple of questions about the stat priority you outlined in the Basic Guide. Why not go for mastery as top stat over versatility? And you mentioned haste having a higher priority when mana doesn’t become as much of an issue – would you still place it lower than vers/crit?

  7. This site is the main reason I’m going Mistweaver this expansion. Your enthusiasm for the class is infectious and the web design is so soothing. Looking forward to weaving mists under your guidance.

  8. Hi fellow mistweavers. Wanna ask you for your opinion / feedback on my legion UI and key bind. Obviousely it´s heavily inspired by Ashleah´s work so you can skip that part :)
    The progresive textures in the middle are uplifting trance (small), thunder focus tea active (middle) and lifecycles (V => E right, E => V left).
    Number/letter or left is key bind, number on right is stack amount.
    Here is picture. Thanks everyone :)

  9. Hey Ashleigh, sorry to bombard you with more questions but in the Basic Mistweaving Strategy you mention that in 5-man content if you’re mana capped then haste is preferred over mastery. Uh what is the mana cap exactly? Is there a rough figure I should be aiming for? Does this mean we’ll need to carry around two different healing sets in our bags, one for raiding and another for 5-mans? ;__;

    Since pre-patch launched I’m very confused about what stats to even prioritise anymore – I’m using a similar talent setup to you except I’m using Invoke Chi-Ji and using the stat priority on Icyveins (which seems to emphasise crit > versatility etc). But your stat priority list puts versatility in front…is that determined by any gear/trinkets? By that I mean my little monk is just 719 ilevel with tier 2 piece and Intuition’s Gift and Flickering Felspark so would it still be ok to enchant/gem versatility or would I be better off to go with crit until I get a hold of something better? o.O

    1. Let´s say your RSK hits for 100. You have a 20% crit chance (and nothing else). That mean ON AVARAGE if you use RSK 5 times you will get one crit. That means you will deal 4×100 regular damage and 1×200 crit. Total 600 dmg.
      Now you have 20% versitality (and nothing else). That means your RSK will do 120 dmg every single hit. So after 5 hits it will be 5×120 = 600 dmg.
      Now while crit ends there as there are no more crit procs for us versitality ofers a defencive value. So it´s clearly ver > crit. Now question is, by how much? And this depends purely on how good player you are, where being better player mean you need defencive part of versitality less.
      Last important part to consider.
      110 crit rating at lvl 110 = 1% crit
      130 ver rating at lvl 130 = 1% ver
      so if you give
      1 crit rating a value = 1 (in askmrrobot of pawn addon) you can give
      1 ver rating a value = 0.85 and you will still achieve that 1% ver will have a better value then 1% crit.

      Hopefuly this clarify a bit relationship between crit and versitality for you :)

        1. Ok ok ok I screwed up a bit. It´s 350 crit rating = 1% crit and 400 ver rating = 1% ver.
          So if 1 crit rating have value = 1 and
          1 ver rating have value = 0.88 then 1% versitality have more value then 1% crit.
          On lvl 110 ofc.

          Also question for Ashleah:
          Correct me if I´m wrong but ever since begining of WoD the only thing Intellect does is increasing our SP in a way where 1 int = 1 SP. If you play with your character screen be equiping and unequiping items you will notice that your INT = SP ALWAYS. On top of that int simply have no other use. Soooo shouldn´t it be INT = SP instead of INT > SP ?

          1. Intellect has always been preferred to Spell power due to buffs affecting Int (a.k.a. +5% Intellect), which means that Int scales better than pure spell power :) But yes, 1 Int = 1 SP.

      1. Thanks Linaril, that certainly clears up some things. :) So why is Icyveins recommending Crit>Vers I wonder? Are they basing that on certain gear?

        1. AskMrRobot (and I gues that mean Icevains too?) suggest for prepatch
          1 crit RATING = 0.98 => this give 1% crit = 107.8
          1 ver RATING = 0.92 => this give 1% ver = 119,6
          So they do say ver is better, but items in general have more ver rating then crit rating.
          For example BIS cloak atm (720 from M Kromok) gives 114 crit rating and 176 crit ver.
          BIS second ring (720 from M Iskar) gives 95 crit rating and 194 ver rating. etc.
          So they are not wrong, they just interpret the same data in different way. It´s indeed quite confusing… would be helpful if items simply gave specific amount of % crit instead if crit rating… Next prune maybe? :D

    2. Hello Tsaira!
      As Linaril mentioned, Versatility affects all healing spells, damage AND gives better survivability, so it’s a good stat overall. In WoD, Multistrike was better than Vers due to the Jade Mists passive, so the scaling was off the charts. Crit was better due to Mana Tea, etc etc. So unless you have abilities that scale better with certain stats, Vers is always going to be a good stat. In Legion, as it looks right now, Vers and Crit will be our best stats, unless you are mana capped, then Haste pulls ahead. Mana capped is a little misleading word, it just means that you can heal precisely as much as you need without going OoM. The result is that you might not want to have too much haste in more difficult content because you will spend your mana like crazy with so many fast heals (and no better HPM). Unless you go for the SpiritoftheCrane/RisingThunder fistweaving combo that greatly benefits from the lower GCD cap.

      Mastery is better in 5-man than in raids (it’s the best stat in dungeons, in fact) because you activate the mastery heal much more often in dungeons. In raids, you probably going to spend more time on Refreshing Jade Wind and Essence Font, and those spells prefer other stats. As for needing two different gear sets; you could if you like, but since all the stats are good for Mistweavers no matter content, you probably won’t have to unless you go for Mythic++. I wouldn’t worry too much about it :)

      Note on the pre-patch though, our mana regen is very good, so for now you can enchant haste and then go for vers/crit.

      1. Thanks so much for getting back to me :) Cool, so I’ll stick with versatility until told otherwise. :)

      2. Hey Ashleah I didn´t get the chance to play on beta. I noticed spirit does not exist in the game any more. The only mana regen increas will come purely from trinkets and/or from abilities.
        So the question is, how good are those trinkets?
        Will we actually get any noticeable mana regen upgrade as we progress through raids?
        Will we be able to hit this “mana caped” state with gear curently available in 7.0 dungeons/raids ?

        1. Developers have had a few different design goals this time around, so our mana regen will not change by much during the expansion. However, our spells will become increasingly powerful so content become “easier” as we progress. Hopefully, if our mana regen stays about the same, though our spells become stronger (as opposed to BOTH increases with gear), we won’t have weird power creeps at the end of an expansion and mana will always matter.

          Dayani wrote about problems for healers and power scaling here: https://healiocentric.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/the-healer-problem-part-1-scaling/
          And Monkioh has suggested trinkets here: http://www.wowhead.com/guides/classes/monk/mistweaver/gear
          In the stat prio in that guide vers, crit and mastery are roughly equal with the value of haste depending on if you’re struggling with mana or not. That ofc changes from different types of content, so it’s a bit individual on how much haste one can have before mana problems are introduced.

          Hope this helps :)

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