Legion Alpha Build – Minor Updates!

This will be short and sweet guys, because Mistweavers were barely touched in this build. Considering that they shut down the alpha servers last night, just when I was about to stream alpha, I had hoped for something more. Can’t get it every time though. Hope’s up for next build!

Mistweaver Abilities

Monk Class Hall – New Loading Screen


Fancy that, art for our Class Hall loading screen up and about already. Considering how long it took for Garrisons to get their own loading screens, I’m impressed. On the same note, equally glad that they were quick with the new icons for our core spells (Effuse, Vivify and Essence Font). Now I’m only hoping for a few more icons to our spells. The goal, I would say, is to have all our icons made for Monks. Some of our icons are from other classes (Mistwalk uses an icon that has been around forever). But that might just be my artistic side that craves more Monk icons. Possibly.

Would you say new spell animations are too much to hope for? I guess it costs a lot of time and money to update them, and the current Legion spells use a patchwork of old animations that wouldn’t had been used otherwise (their previous spells were removed, *cough* uplift, zen sphere, chi wave for mistweavers, surging mist *cough*). I’d still like to see some new fancy ways to hurl jade on our allies’ faces. Variety has never hurt! What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Legion Alpha Build – Minor Updates!”

  1. Your words sounds to me as if you disliked reuse of “old” animations. If that’s the case I personaly disagree with you when it comes to new animation. Our present version is by no means old enough to get replaced just for the sake of being replaced. On top of that they are fluid, uniqe for monks, thematicaly correct and nice to look at. In my eyes it would be a waste to not use them anywhere just because their oriinal spell got deleted.
    on more personal side I like new essence font simply because it is closer to my personal vision of revival then any other of our spells.

    New loading screen is really nice. I hipe they will poste 1080p version without those brown borders somewhere… 10/10 would be my new wallpaper :-)

    1. I don’t dislike our current animations, they are very good-looking. It’s more a matter of having seen them for so much the past years, I wouldn’t object to some variation. And I don’t doubt for a second that if Blizzard decided to make new animations, that they would be perhaps even more class- and ability-appropriate in addition to having better graphic quality. Blizzard really has some top-notch artists in their ranks!

      And I agree, the new loading screen is incredibly pretty. I wish I knew who made all their concept art, it’s always so impressive!

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