First Week of a New Mistweaving World

With the risk of breaking out into song about “A whole new Woooooooorld” after the latest week of the new Mistweaver, I thought it was tea time! In other words, pour yourself a large cup of tea and let’s have a talk about everything new in the World of Warcraft… Who am I kidding, I’m just going to talk about Mistweavers – hold the door!

After having tried both the more traditional Lifecycles build and the new fistweaving build as a raiding Mistweaver, my first thought that struck me was how much freedom I suddenly got. Freedom from having my spells locked by Chi, freedom from the statue, freedom from stances. I had never really considered these as limitations until I just realized that I could pretty much cast any spell I wanted, at any time and any place now instead. “There’s so much room for activites!”

I have had so much fun trying both the builds – though I have a certain love for the new fistweaving build. It is very fast-paced and demands quite a deal from the Mistweaver. But if you get it just right, you are rewarded by doing BOTH great damage and healing. Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

The mana regen has been quite insane at this level (I distinctly remember crying rivers about my mana when I played beta), which has given me the opportunity to shamelessly spend it all to create massive bursts of healing. The whole Refreshing Jade Wind, Essence Font and then go bananas with Vivify thing Mistweaver have going on right now is just ridiculous. And I can do it in the middle of my fistweaving rotation – I am really loving this! Though it does require some skill and practice until you get it right, and I’m not quite there yet, but I will be!

However, I’m still struggling with my weakaura set-up for Mistweavers. That and keybinds, but let’s start with the auras. Thunder Focus Tea is a given, together with Renewing Mist since I mostly spend the charges on that spell. Then I also track a host of different talents, Rising Sun Kick, Teachings of the Monastery and all major cooldowns. Frankly, I’m mostly bothered about how I can track all these spells while at the same time being conservative with space. Most likely, I have to prune it down to the essentials and go from there. Just got to figure out what the “essentials” is first. I have an idea now, I just need to experiment a little.

Keybinds though – I have a feeling that Mistweavers is one of the few classes left that still struggle with binding all the spells to feasible keybinds. Or that is just me, since I’m a notorious hotkey raider. No clicks for me here, no sirree. But the new Legion skill set has thoroughly upset my previous set-up. I have changed around my spells on the bars so many times to get it right that I’m practically spell dyslectic now (oh I cast Chi Burst? I meant Essence Font!).

This is my set-up as of this moment that will likely have changed tomorrow, if not the next minute;

1 – Tiger Palm
2 – Blackout Kick
3 – Rising Sun Kick
1 (Mouseover) – Renewing Mist
2 (Mouseover) – Effuse
4 – Detox
E – Vivify
F – Essence Font
G – Refreshing Jade Wind
Q – Enveloping Mist
T – Life Cocoon
§ – Chi Burst
Shift-F – Spinning Crane Kick
V – Crackling Jade Lightning
Macro Button 1 – Revival
Mouse Button 1 – Roll / Chi Torpedo

And for those who wonder “how do you strafe!?” – don’t worry, I strafe just fine with the normal movement buttons and camera angle. And no, I haven’t bound 5,6,7 to anything useful because my hands are small and I fail at finger gymnastics, okay?

I will probably remake the above binds a little and work more with mouseover spells. I use the wonderful addon Clique to quickly bind mouseaover abilites. It’s fast and works on all unit frame addons, just like macros, so I dearly recommend it.

On a tangent note, I am basically done with this months UI for Patreon (Royal), so I’ll soon begin the next month’s work. I have in mind to do a UI that will fit my Mistweaver now that the new toolkit has launched (I was actually waiting for it until I begun the work of redoing the UI for my main). It will however not be a “mistweaver” interface, since I do interface art for a broader audience who might want it on other classes. But it will fit mistweavers, among others. I’m really looking forward to start working on it. So many ideas floating around in my head.

That’s it for tonight, folks. Let me know how your first week has been in the comments! Until next time~

37 thoughts on “First Week of a New Mistweaving World”

      1. Atleast give us unskilled children with parents who whont let us spend money on your UI some help on to get the good old MW UI WA strings ready for 7.0 will ya.

        1. Alternatively, don’t make demands of someone that offers her guides and resources free of charge. Don’t be greedy >>

      2. Do u know you can lower the amount of keybinds needed by putting heals and offensive skills in the same button based on if or not u are targeting a friend or enemy? Ie effuse and blackout kick could be same button, vividly and tiger palm etc

        1. Don’t know any myself, but feels like it should be able to be done =/ Maybe someone who’s good at writing macros could do it? I just use my addons ^^

          1. #showtooltip spellname
            /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] HealingSpell; [@mouseover,harm,nodead] HarmSpell; [help,nodead] HealingSpell; [harm,nodead] HarmSpell; HealingSpell

            this is one I have had for forever,

      3. Wow, I was actually so excited to see if you would post a new ui for 7.0, hopefully just an update of the one you already have posted, seeming how all of the ones on your patron are so showy (and im super uninterested in them). But the fact that i would have to pay for it is pretty stupid when people do these things in their free time (along side doing other things for money like getting an actual job). Its like saying here guys! im helping an entire community of players come together and be better at our class, but if you want to be good again im gonna have to charge you lol. And I could get that for the super special ui’s and time you put into all the art, but the mistweaver ui for wod isnt anything like that

        1. Firstly, saying that you can’t pay the artists price is fine, but saying that it should be free because you don’t consider artistry an actual job is not only taking the piss out of me, that is also displaying an arrogance towards the whole profession. There are over 100 hours put down in every UI I do every month, requiring a skill I devoted over thousands of hours to improve. If you don’t want to pay, then don’t. But whining that it should be free as if it is your right is just poor attitude.

          Secondly, the art I do is purely cosmetic and has no impact on your skills. A pretty screen doesn’t affect on how you prepare and how your use strategies in difficult content. You might have noticed that high-end guilds’ UIs look like train wrecks, but it’s not stopping them. I create my UIs because it’s a passion I have and it’s my prerogative to write about anything I like on my own blog, as for example my passion for UIs.

          Thirdly, I had planned to update the free version of the UI I have on the blog, but hearing whining like yours makes me seriously reconsider.

          1. Thankfully, not everyone else thinks the way “nope” does.
            I have the equivalent in my field “that person doesn’t charge much, so you shouldn’t.” It’s annoying, but I realised that the other person (if they exist) is probably charging _exactly_ what they are worth.

            If you feel like sharing things with us, please do – don’t let this person give the impression that we’re all like them. (And of course, if you need to keep things as a bonus for paying clients, that’s cool too.)

  1. Something I did year ago that gave me a lot more freedom for keybinds was move my WASD movement keys over. First to ESDF, then RDFG, and currently at TFGH. It’s weird of first, but once you get use to shifting your hand over a bit you have easy access to a LOT more keys.

  2. You can replace old chi indicators from WoD with monastery stacks, for progressive bars definitely lifecycles, trance and trinkets. I personaly have one way of cycle on one side and second on the other.

    Key bind…. Not sure what your talking about! :D I found I have 6 less binds to worry about so izi pizi. Also when remakeing UI bassed on WoD version based on your WoD version I found it hard to fill it up :D

    Here is my present UI together with key binds

    1. That one is so awesome, I am a copy and paste idiot, I have close to no clue on how stuff works, is there a way u can send me your UI to paste it into my wow?

      1. There is always a way, we just have to find it. It´s huge wall of text so check back later this or tomorrow evening.
        And also check Ashleah´s weakaura hub on how to import them + how to set ElvUI.

  3. I’m far from good when it comes to writing macros. You mentioned that you got both TP and RM (mouseover) on the 1 key. Are you using a Mod:alt kind of macro?

  4. Hi Ashleah,

    I have starting playing WoW again after a 6+ year break. I’m not max level yet, but I’m loving Mistweaver Monk. I really appreciate what you’re doing here and will support when I can.

    You haven’t shared your thoughts on what soloing is like for you yet. I’m impressed with Crackilin’ damage- I was wondering if it holds up.

    Thanks for everything you’re doing, and keep it up!

  5. Ashleah How did you handled key binds for talent tiers 1,2,4,5,6,7 swaping? Macro or you just don´t swap :D ?

    1. Hey Linaril, not sure if this helps but I use the addon SubSpec – it creates profiles within the same spec for whatever your needs are (i.e. solo. raid, fistweaving, mistweaver etc). So whenever you’re in a rested zone or using that 1 min tome of the clear mind you can quickly swap your talents to that. :)

    2. You can use macro conditionals for the talents to bind all the options to one button (bonus lucky points if none of the options are passive). So for example, you could use:

      /cast [talent:1/1] Chi Burst; [talent:1/2] Zen Sphere; [talent:1/3] Mistwalk

      as a single button for the first tier that works with whatever is active (disclaimer: I’m pretty sure that one works. It might have to be broken into 3 /cast statements, I need to check). Other conditionals can go inside the brackets as well if desired.

      On a related note, some of the classes have a “default” spell name you can use in macros to cover the whole tier. For Monks, “/cast Disabling Technique” will use whatever talent is selected for the Level 60 tier.

  6. Hi there! Just wanted to thank you for all the effort and hard work you put into making this site so great!

    Cheers from Brazil!

  7. I Love the new Fistweave, since the thunder focus tea/interaction with Rising Thunder charging mechanic is somewhat akin to how generating chi was mechanically to me only much less limited, but only if I’m on my actual computer. Unfortunately on my laptop I have to go with the more basic spec but I have enjoyed Monk immensely since they kept us as melee.

  8. I always love your stuff! I decided to post my UI… as there are always questions about weak auras… and I really love em…

    FYI… my offensive spells I always keep on [ ] \ and delete… on all toons… keeps the offensive and heals on separate areas… helps me… i know i’m weird

    that zen pulse one… it’w dynamic, so whatever talent is selected shows up there…
    and over the target… that’s the buffs you currently have on the target

    happy to post the auras if anyone needs a little push… copy them and tweak… :)

  9. Hi,

    just wanted to say thank you for the good work you are doing. i have been reading this and sunnier’s blog ever since I started playing monk (in WoD :D).

  10. You can use mouseover macros and shift+key hotkeys to make a ton more.
    So bind shift+q, shift+e, shift+r, etc.
    With a wasd setup you can use 12345qerftgzcv and all of the shift or ctrl versions of those.
    Also shift+mousewheel.


    I prefer to have my hotkeys show the damage skills all the time, but you can have it switch based on what you are targeting.

    #showtooltip (spell name if you want it to always be that icon, otherwise leave blank)

    This one will have the heal icon be the default if no target, no mouseover.
    /cast [@mouseover, nodead, harm] [harm] Attack; [@mouseover, nodead, help] [help] [] Heal

    This one defaults to the attack skill icon
    /cast [@mouseover, nodead, help] [help] Heal; [@mouseover, nodead, harm] [harm] [] Attack

    Macros are very easy to make. No need to use Clique.

    1. Mana issues are there, you have to think when you are using TFT for what spell, say iskar, I try to save TFT to cast essence font after focused blast (I am talented into Focused Thunder btw). Beginning of fight TFT ReM to get 3 of them on groups, I have also talented life cycles that EM and Vivfy are not draining mana. Just my $0.02

    2. The devs want us to have mana issues. Demonic Phylactery became every healer’s BiS trinket with 7.0 :P
      I keep trying to use my old mana tea still, it feels so strange to run out of mana on my monk. I didn’t have the recommended amount of spirit before it was removed but I still finished most fights with plenty of mana (the exception being mythic Tyrant o.O).

  11. Hey Ashleah, first up thanks for all the work you put in to your blog and your great UI’s.

    I played a MW through WOD and loved the Renewing Mist/ Uplift playstyle. I never really got in to fist weaving but after the pre patch i’ve been playing around with it – i’m really enjoying trying out Rising Thunder on boss fights, though its pretty hectic and i find my overall healing suffers because i’m new to it…

    I don’t have access to Legion Beta and was wondering if there are bosses we can heal through fist weaving for the majority of the fights? Do you feel first weaving will be viable, for pure healing throughput and mana regen?


    1. I think it depends on what you mean by healing with fistweaving, since we technically don’t heal with our damage abilities anymore. RIP eminence healing. It’s mana regen with Spirit of the Crane talented and throughput(ReM)/utility(EF and EnvM)/mana conservation(Vivify) with Rising Thunder talented to reset Thunder Focus Tea. I think this new fistweaving is more versatile though since we can change what we use with TFT depending on our needs (heals/mana conservation/instant or mobile heals).
      It also depends on your legendary(ies), since some are more useful for fistweaving or pure healing, and on your healing team makeup as well as the boss fight. My main co-healers are going to be a druid and a shaman so I might be asked to focus more on single target healing, in which case I might talent Mist Wrap and statue which is what I usually do in dungeons.
      All that being said I think it will be viable. I just need a lot more practice :)

      1. Thanks for the reply Pyke. Yeah i was hoping I could sustain decent healing by targeting solely, as you’ve mentioned –

        “Spirit of the Crane talented and throughput(ReM)/utility(EF and EnvM)/mana conservation(Vivify) with Rising Thunder talented to reset Thunder Focus Tea”

        – whether this method of healing would be practical or even possible in most of the new legion raiding content?

        but yeah, its never going to be as cut and dry as that, with each boss requiring a different approach due to tactics and raid comp. I’m really keen to try out a more melee based approach of healing in the new mythic + content, where i have a feeling it will be slightly more viable, to a certain degree.

  12. Hey, anyone know the best use of Focused Thunder in dungeons? When would it be best to use a free vivify or instant enveloping mist?

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