Essence Synergy and Suramar in New Build

A new alpha build sprung upon us yesterday, right before I went to sleep. But now that I’ve had my morning coffee, I’ve prepared myself for all the Mistweaver changes. There’s not many, but they are notable. Also, a new zone and a new dungeon. Have a look!

Mistweaver Changes

  • Essence Font now has an additional effect. Gust of Mist now heals twice on players affected by the HoT effect of Essence Font.
  • Healing Elixirs has been revised. It is now an ability with 2 charges that heals you for 15%. It still triggers automatically when dropping below 35% health.

A common complaint about Mistweavers have been that Essence Font doesn’t have any synergy with other spells. Now, we not only have the synergy with Refreshing Jade Wind, but also all our direct healing spells for a short while (the HoT lasts 6 seconds). It’s starting to shape up, in other words! And thankfully, Healing Elixirs is less of a catastrophe, though I’ve hard to imagine talenting for it in either case. Damage reductions have very high value, and not to mention that we don’t have that many defensives in our toolkit; Diffuse Magic and Dampening Harm will probably still be the strongest choices.

On a different note, I’ve scanned the Theorycrafting thread on the official forums and came across an explanation of how Renewing Mist and Essence Font choose their healing targets.

Posted by Sigma, Blizzard.
–Renewing Mist will choose a random player who is both injured and without the caster’s Renewing Mist. If there are none, it will not jump.
–Essence Font will attempt to heal 18 people over the course of its channel. On each attempt, it will choose a random target who was not healed in the previous 5 attempts. If there are none, it will not heal.
Original Post

It’s not new information, but good to have it confirmed.

Artifact Knowledge

Posted by Watcher, Blizzard.
Max-level players in this build may notice an important new Artifact feature. The researcher/scribe NPC in your Class Hall will offer you a quest to retrieve a set of tomes from around the world. Once these are recovered, you can instruct your researcher to work on deciphering these tomes. Each step of research will require some Order Resources (which are primarily obtained through World Quests), and will grant increased “Artifact Knowledge.”

Increasing Artifact Knowledge permanently increases your rate of Artifact Power gains, and this bonus applies to all artifact weapons your character may possess. (And no, Artifact Power items obtained at a lower Knowledge level won’t automatically update, so hoarding items for future use won’t benefit you.) This system is key to the pacing of overall artifact progression, and to making it easier for players to maintain multiple artifacts if they so desire. For example, at Knowledge Level 7, you would be earning Artifact Power at over triple the base rate. Thus, if you wanted to switch to a spec you hadn’t yet tried at that point, you’d find yourself very quickly able to get that artifact up to par with your primary one.

As your scribes progress through their translation and research, you will fill in pages of a great tome in your Class Hall that provides more backstory and information about your artifact (this is not yet fully hooked up for some classes). Finally, in the live game, the speed at which your researchers can work will increase as the expansion progresses, allowing latecomers or alts to catch up on their artifact progress.

The tuning of the experience and Knowledge curves is still in flux.
Original Post

Great to see that we will be able to upgrade our offspec’s Artifacts without killing ourselves in the process due to farming. Hopefully, the progression curve will pan out smoothly over the course of the expansion.

New Zone: Suramar

[Small spoiler warning] The most beautiful zone in all of World of Warcraft’s history must be the Suramar Palace area, no doubt. It’s a breathtaking night elvish court, and if we are to believe Warcraft Chronicles, also the location of the Nightwell (like the Sunwell and the second Well of Eternity below Nordrassil, it was born from a drop of the original Well of Eternity). The Nightwell have turned the previous Night Elves into a new race called the Nightborne. Looks very cool in my opinion!

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New Dungeon: Court of Stars

Court of Stars is a new dungeon located within the Suramar Palace. It is the 10th dungeon in Legion, I believe, and possibly the last implemented. If I remember the Blizzcon announcements from previous, 10 dungeons were promised and now we have 10 dungeons. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any more information on the new dungeon; not much have been said and the queues on the alpha servers right now are horrendous. But I will get to it!

That’s it for today, folks! I will continue to gather more information on the new zone and dungeons. I also have another post on the Feel of Legion Mistweaver to write – still many things I’d like to discuss. Until the next time!

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