Emerald Nightmare Begins

The world opens bit by bit, and this week we can finally enter the Emerald Nightmare normal and heroic. World bosses have started populating the Broken Isles as well, and more will come the following weeks. How prepared are you?

Some of you have probably raced through world bosses and the entire new raid already. Maybe you’ve even had done it all on the Beta previously. In any case, the Emerald Nightmare was new to me and my whole raid raced through Normal difficulty yesterday to try out our new recruits. We will continue with Heroic this week too.

Prepping for the raid, I started making some personal notes on each boss to help me remember important mechanics. It started out simple, with a few more notes than the dungeon journal. Then of course, because I am me, it became a little bit more excessive in detail. So I thought to myself, since I won’t do a full-blown encounter guide (there are already so many good ones out there), I can at least release my personal notes on the bosses.

They’re not done yet, but I suspect I can polish it up through this week and then release the notes next week. I usually write a little about the mechanics I find difficult myself for one reason or another. But since we only blasted through Normal so far, I have seen little of the mechanics as everything dies too fast on that difficulty. But we will do heroics tonight and the rest of the week, so I can continue my work on them then.

On a different note, if you don’t follow me on twitter you might not know, but a nightmare of my own happened a few days ago. My family’s dog took ill and he had to be put down. He was like a furry little brother I’ve known for more than half of my life, and getting that call from my father with the news was like a gut punch. I’m not going to explain the depths of my grief in detail, I just wanted to notify you that although I still work on my blog and Patreon, I will likely do so rather distractedly for awhile. I hope you can understand.

8 thoughts on “Emerald Nightmare Begins”

  1. OMG, I am so sorry to hear about your beloved pet. I hope you are doing well and know what you are going through.

    Thanks so much for all your work on the blog.

  2. I am really sorry as well and offer my condolences to you and your family. I have been there before too and send all my warm wishes and hugs to you. Take as much time as you need. <3

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to your blog and the monk community.

  3. Would love to see your notes my guild is starting heroic tonight cant wait to see the diff in raid dmg normal was kind of weak on most bosses. Sorry to hear about your pet we just had to put down one of the faimly pets she was the first dog me and my wife got almost 10 years ago and my daughters best friend it was hard lots of late night crying.

  4. went 7/7 N Tuesday wednesday and thursday we progressed all the way to 5/7 mythic but i noticed that in raids healers go oom fast especially monks don’t know what i am possibly doing wrong but i am enjoying it so far

  5. I would love some advice in what you use to heal as a MW in the encounters. I still can get the hang of what talents and skills are better for some of the fights.

  6. While MW are waiting for Ash to do something comprehensive:

    I have found the best thing is to spam thunder tea and mists on cd. After that focus on using Vivify unless it’s a heavy damage phase then use Essence Font. Envelop anyone who gets really low but don’t focus on using it. Use Chi Burst whenever it’s going to hit 4 or more with damage.

    Mana is the major weakness of the MW. Your just going to have to learn to manage it as best you can and use channeled mana pots.

  7. So sorry about your dog. Sending hugs. <3 I'm really excited to see your take on the encounters. I felt good about it, but we did the same thing – just rushing through normal to work with trials. Take your time though!

  8. Hey great website for mistweaver. think ill try out your zen UI :)

    for those who run out of mana, use Lifecycles and Mana focus tea (with a 1.5min CD dont be afraid to use it!) – Ideally try to get essence font out here and a few spam vivify’s for the mastery proc x2 bonus on targets with essence font buff

    Renewing mist as much as you can as a priority (as its a smart heal that does its thing) as try to only vivify on procs if possible

    Here is my log of a Xavius normal fight to show how strong mistweavers can be in raids!


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