Dev Feedback and Patreon Sneak peek

The discussion about the new incarnation of Fistweaving is still raging across the forums. Some people argue that the talent (Rising Thunder) is too overpowered, and now the Developers have joined the discussion. Also, I’m getting closer to the Patreon deadline and wanted to show you a small sneak peek of the new UI! So much excitement!

I must say, alpha has been way more fun than any beta I’ve ever participated in (actively or as a spectator). The developers go completely bananas with experimenting on abilities and talents, in a way they couldn’t have done in a closer-to-release beta environment. It’s really an opportunity to weigh in on the future of our classes.

The latest development from the mad scientists is the new incarnation of Fistweaving, in the form of two talents: Rising Thunder and Spirit of the Crane. There has been some concern about Rising Thunder being too overpowered against the other available level 100 talents, and a few question marks regarding Essence Font. The developers have now joined the Mistweaver discussion:

Originally posted by Sigma, Blizzard.

Essence Font, as mentioned, should already not be too weak (roughly matching Vivify) when there are 5 targets to heal. But that might not be enough to make it interesting in a 5-player setting–we can move some healing from the HoT to the initial heal to shore it up there. It’s possible the HoT causes the spell’s use to be poorly messaged, even though it’s quite a large heal on 5-6 targets (the aforementioned change would make it closely comparable to Wild Growth). If tinkering with the numbers doesn’t succeed in making its usage intuitive, a cooldown is an option in lieu of the HoT–but that would reduce its flexibility, and the current advantage it has on large numbers of targets (and its uniqueness as well).

While there’s been a lot of positive feedback on Rising Thunder, I’ve seen a lot of intimations that it’s overpowered (usual caveat that tuning should not be the foremost concern at this stage regardless). I’m curious if this is based on evaluations of the talent that are 1) in the absence of artifact traits affecting Thunder Focus Tea, 2) after the nerf to Renewing Mist, and 3) taking into account the mana cost of Rising Sun Kick. Any theorycraft on RT in those conditions would likely by the most useful.

I don’t think I’ve seen much theorycrafting on RT without the TFT traits. Typically when most of us talk about things it’s either all traits we can access or none of them, and on this build you can have both Dancing Mists and Harmony and Focus which enables a kind of silly ReM spam that in turns allows a ton of buffed Vivifies. These aren’t really relevant in playtesting because 5 mans don’t have enough people for those ReMs to add extra targets.
Right, sorry, “without the TFT traits” meant “without any traits” would be fine too. Just want to isolate discussion about RT from the interactions with Celestial Breath and Focus and Harmony.

Rising Thunder is overpowered in a talent-selection sense that it blows Focused Thunder out of the water (one extra TFT’d spell per 30 seconds or an extra TFT spell even before artifacts.. basically whenever the hell you want) as well as Mana Tea (mana savings of TFT-Vivify).
That’s the question–does it so obviously dominate Focused Thunder, when it’s the gain of 1 TFT buff every 30s, at the cost of 3 GCDs, a nontrivial amount of mana, and a range requirement.

Original Post

I believe we will see a lot of tweaks before the launch of Legion, but there’s no doubt that the Mistweaver spec is going in a very interesting direction. Personally, I’m not too concerned that RT is too overpowered, because I think people underestimate how often we will have to leave melee now that we are classified as ranged. I doubt that we can stand in melee for too long on every single fight. Some fights might allow us to stand in melee for a longer time period, making Rising Thunder the best option. The fights when we have to run all the way to China, Focused Thunder will be better. And lastly, fights that require heavy burst healing (as in a Gorefiend-esque kind of fight), I’d bet Mana Tea would be a strong contender as well. But it’s alpha, they might turn the talent tree up-side-down, who knows!

On a completely different note, I’m approaching my Patreon deadline (Feb 29) with lightning speed, but I am almost done with all the rewards. Since I want the new UI to be a surprise, I haven’t shown anything yet. But I’d like to give you a sneak peek of it, as obscurely as I can. So, are you ready? Here goes!

Patreon Sneak Peek

Sneak peek! You’re not supposed to understand what it is, I’ll keep that secret for now, but you can see the overarching color theme and style of the UI. I have made this myself in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and to be honest, my hand is cramping after painting so much. But I’m quite proud of it, and can’t wait to show you guys!

Are you interested in owning the art files of the new UI? If so, head over to my Patreon and pledge for tier 3 rewards – deadline February 29! The donation will not be processed until March 1-7 though (I’ll send a Patreon message with the rewards when I’ve seen all donations have been processed).

Click on image to visit my Patreon page!

Note: reward contains only my art that I have created myself. Any help with UI setup and elvui profiles will be available for everyone on the blog!

If you do decide to support my work – thank you for the donation and I hope you’ll enjoy the rewards! Much love ♥

11 thoughts on “Dev Feedback and Patreon Sneak peek”

  1. Let me get this straight, if i pay u 1dollar as a patreon i get those beautifull art work of Yours that u created and gave us a Sneak preview off???

    1. No, the UI is part of the tier 3 reward which is at 25 dollars :) You can browse the tier rewards in the right-hand column of my Patreon page ^^

        1. It’s a months cycle on Patreon so if you donate this month, you will get the above mentioned UI that you can see a sneak peek of. If you donate in March, you will get a different UI which I will create as a reward for those who donated in March.

          I will basically make a new UI theme every month!

    1. It is a monthly donation, but you can edit or cancel it anytime before the donations is processed (which is at the beginning of the next month: so donating anywhere in March means the donation wouldn’t be processed until 1-7 April, etc etc). Unfortunately I don’t take requests on UIs, because it does indeed take a month to create the art for a whole UI, and since it is such a tenuous creative process, I got to go where my inspiration takes me ^^

  2. One thing legion impress me so far is how much better is communication beteen players and devs. Or is it just me?

    1. Definitely improved communication, most likely because they have opened up dialogue when they are so early in the development cycle, so that we can see almost immediate response.

  3. Hey there Ashleah! This has always been my favorite place to go for all information regarding Mistweavers. Your artistic ability translates so well over to your writing voice, it makes reading even the technical bits enjoyable. I recently decided to dust off my monk and start taking it through some mythic runs so I came here for your weakauras and I’ve got to say I am just blown away with all the new content you have put on here since last time I went through it. This blog has such great, consistent high quality content I simply cannot express how much of a breeze of fresh air, or should I say a renewing mist (^.^) it is to come back.

    Anyway that being said I recently discovered an unknown monthly charge to my card that I was able to have refunded, and now I have found what to do with it! :) Can’t wait to see your future UI ideas!

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