Blue Posts and Class Hall Upgrades

While I’m finishing up the last work for April’s Patreon rewards, more alpha news has trickled in. Developers have commented on the new Essence Font change, which now indirectly benefits from mastery, and a first look at Class Hall upgrades has also been released. Also, the gold cap will be raised to 9,999,999 gold in Legion. Hue hue hue.

Developer Feedback – Mistweaver

Posted by Sigma, Blizzard.
It wouldn’t be surprising if the mastery has to come down a little, in terms of coefficient, after the EF change (what you’d expect for effectively increasing the number of spells affected by a mastery). It would also rein in the mastery benefit to Effuse somewhat. It’s not bad at all if the new mechanic introduces some more varied use cases for Effuse, but its tuning implications for will be a little clearer after seeing it in action more. Essence Font enabling those options is fine, but it’s important that mana is an important limitation on its uptime.

Effuse cost is already changed for next build, although not by much for now. We like the new mechanic, but Effuse, EF, and Gust of Mists are all pieces of the tuning picture that may shift around as it settles in. The nerf to mastery coefficient is simply to account for the fact that it now encompasses more spells, as would happen with any mastery. In fact, spreading the mastery benefit out slightly is something people have asked for.
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Developers seem to finally have taken a bite of the tuning process that is due to Legion. Since Essence Font scales indirectly with mastery, Sigma hints for a small decrease in its coefficient, which isn’t surprising. I’m just happy that they managed to weave in a mastery benefit for Essence Font without decreasing the importance of direct heals (which is supposed to be the new thing).

The issue of Mistweaver utility remains as a big question mark, which is also a topic I’d like to discuss in my next the Feel of Legion Mistweaver posts. I have some opinions on the subject, that may or may not concur with the general feedback.

Class Hall Upgrades

In Legion, we will have this nifty little thing called Class Halls. It’s a bit like Garrisons, yet at the same time, not at all. First of all, Garrisons are like the bread and butter of the Warlords expansion, compromising most of its content. Class Halls in Legion are supposed to be like a side-note; a small part of the content as opposed to all of it. Secondly, the function of Class Halls is to get you out in the World and do stuff, instead of locking you into a small corner.

Now, if you have been really diligent and done a lot of questing and different types of content, you’ll earn something called Class Hall resources. You can use these resources to upgrade your class hall and get nice bonuses for the hall or for yourself when you’re out on adventures. The upgrades for Monk class hall have been released and are the following:

  • Auspicious Fortune (Tier 1) – Increases the chance for quest rewards to get a rare or epic Bonus Upgrade from non-repeatable quests.
  • Lucky Envelope (Tier 1) – Increase success chance by 20% on the first mission of the day.
  • Enlightenment (Tier 2) – Newly recruited troops have a chance to be upgraded one rank, making them more powerful. Initiates have a chance to become Adepts, and Adepts have a chance to become Masters.
  • Living Quarters (Tier 2) – Increase the maximum number of Students of the Tiger you can recruit from 2 to 4.
  • Path of the Ox (Tier 3) – Newly recruited Ox Initiates become Ox Adepts, which add: Shuffle – Increased mission success chance by 30% when a Hazard is present.
  • Path of the Tiger (Tier 3) – Newly recruited Tiger Initiates become Tiger Adepts, which add: Spinning Crane Kick – Increased mission success chance by 30% when Minions are present.
  • Brewhouse (Tier 4) – Gain a powerful brew each day. [NYI]
  • Pilgrimage (Tier 4) – The cost of recruiting Ox and Tiger troops is reduced by 25%.
  • One with Destiny (Tier 5) – You can place a work order for a Seal of Fate once a week.
  • Celestial Favor (Tier 5) – You can summon a Celestial once per day.
  • Fists of Legend (Tier 6) – Increase the number of Legendary items you can equip by 1.

There are 6 tiers of upgrades, and of tier 1-5 you get two alternatives to choose between. Tier 6 has only one option and its the same for all class halls; you will be able to equip a second Legion legendary. To upgrade to the different tiers you will need to research:

Research Costs

  • Tier 1 – 2 Hours + 100 Order Resources
  • Tier 2 – 8 Hours + 1,000 Order Resources
  • Tier 3 – 1 Day + 10,000 Order Resources
  • Tier 4 – 3 Days + 25,000 Order Resources
  • Tier 5 – 7 Days + 65,000 Order Resources
  • Tier 6 – 14 Days + 100,000 Order Resources

You will, in other words, need to do a heck loads of content to earn enough resources for the last tier. And it’ll likely take you some time to get there. Which I think is good; I want incentive to do content all the time, but it shouldn’t be easy or quick.

On the other hand, I really hope they intend to iterate on some of the upgrades and focus more on giving bonuses for your adventuring as opposed to the class hall. It should be crystal clear that the intention of class halls is to aid your adventuring, not consuming it by taking too much time and space. But we shall see how they progress with the system; people have been generally outspoken that they think some parts of it seems too much like garrisons, so it’s not unthinkable that they will make changes.

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