Antorus Mapping

Antorus the Burning Throne is finally live, even in Europe! Here’s a quick recap of how to find your way through this very enormous new raid. I list the available boss orders, maps over the entire raid and cache missions. I hope this helps your first run through it. Good luck!

Cache Missions

Cache: Cache of Fel Treasures

Kill Antoran High Command
Mission Item: Azeroth Invasion Plans
Quest: Antoran High Command

Kill Imonar the Soulhunter
Mission Item: Discharged Shock Lance
Quest: The Soulhunter

Kill Coven of Shivarra
Mission Item: Sargerei Manifesto
Quest: The Burning Coven

Kill Argus the Unmaker
Mission Item: Sanguine Argunite
Quest: The Unmaker

Boss Order – Normal to Mythic

Boss Order – Raid Finder

Raid Finder Wing 1: Light’s Breach

  • Garothi Worldbreaker
  • Felhounds of Sargeras
  • Antoran High Command

Raid Finder Wing 2: Forbidden Descent

  • Portal Keeper Hasabel
  • Eonar the Life-Binder
  • Imonar the Soulhunter

Raid Finder Wing 3: Hope’s End

  • Kin’garoth
  • Varimathras
  • Coven of Shivarra

Raid Finder Wing 4: Seat of the Pantheon

  • Aggramar
  • Argus the Unmaker

Finding Your Way Boss 1-5

From the entrance, you will first have to deal with Garothi Worldbreaker. When the first boss is done, you can choose between Felhounds of Sargeras, Antoran High Command, Portal Keeper Hasabel and Eonar the Life-Binder.

Felhounds of Sargeras: After defeating Garothi Worldbreaker, cross the bridge and go down the slope. If you go straightforward you’ll find the hounds.

Antoran High Command: When you’re on the slopes looking down to the Felhounds, take a right instead. Shortly after, take a left and click on the  portal. This teleports you across the chasm. Enter the building and you’ll find Antoran High Command up the elevator.

Portal Keeper Hasabel: From Light’s Breach, just at the crossroads close to the felhounds, take the northern portal instead to Halls of Boundless Reach. Go straightforward and you will find Hasabel waiting for you.

Eonar the Life-Binder: From Halls of Boundless Reach, take the southern portal to Elunaria. If you follow the long unwinding road through Elunaria, you’ll find yourself at the Elarian Sanctuary where Eonar is waiting.

Finding Your Way Boss 6-11

After you’ve killed the first 5 bosses, you can teleport to The Exhaust. The portal to the Exhaust is south of where the Felhounds were. From there, you first encounter Imonar the Soulhunter and then Kin’garoth.

Once Imonar and Kin’garoth are down, you can use the teleport to the Burning Throne. Here you can choose between Varimathras and Coven of Shivarra.

Coven of Shivarra: Walk straight ahead through the entrance to the burning throne. Go around the bend and you’ll find the Coven of Shivarra.
Varimathras: The entrance to Varimathras room is just behind the Coven of Shivarra.
When Coven of Shivarra and Varimathras are defeated, it’s time for Aggramar. Walk up to the upper level of The Burning Throne and walk westward towards the World Soul. At the end of the bridge, you find Aggramar.
Once Aggramar is defeated, you can talk to Magni nearby. He will teleport you to the Seat of the Pantheon.

Good luck with your raiding!

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