Alpha News! And Spoilers!

Deepwind GorgeThe alpha has transitioned beyond the Demon Hunter starting zone, and we have finally seen footage of the world in Legion. Notably, the Mistweaver quest for the new Class Hall and the acquisition quest for Sheilun! I have collected some information from various sources and pooled it here for your perusal.

Warning! Major spoilers ahead, including Monk Class Hall and Sheilun quest chains. If you want them to remain a complete surprise, stop reading now! You have been warned.


Are you still with me? Okay, good!

Monk Class Hall – The Wandering Isle

Wandering Isle

We knew that there was a good chance that our Class Hall would be the Wandering Isle after some datamined quests. But now it is confirmed! Hurray!

The quest chain leading up to our hall starts in Peak of Serenity, which is invaded by the Burning Legion. After fighting some of the demons in the Peak, and saving Chen Stormstout no less, the Peak is consequently destroyed and you are teleported to the Wandering Isle. There, you are greeted warmly, and your Zen Pilgrimage is adjusted to teleport you to the Wandering Isle in the future. Pretty neat!

The main hub is of course the centre building, the Temple of the Five Dawns. Some of the adjacent subzones also seem to be accessible, the carrot land for example. Since I don’t have alpha myself, I can only guess from the footage of other alpha players. It is very spacious nonetheless, and new portals are inserted to facilitate travelling. Here are some photos from the Class Hall, taken at night.

Sheilun, Staff of the Mists

Terrace of Endless Spring

The acquisition quest for Sheilun takes us to the Terrace of Endless Spring. We save Taran Zhu and the accompanied Shado-Pan masters, and aid them in the fight against the invasion. The scenario is very cool, and as a player you have to heal the Shado-Pans and even aid them by dpsing in order to defend the hidden staff of the mists. Once the gigantic elemental Aspersius is dead, Shaohao’s legendary staff with which he separated Pandaria from the rest of the world, is in your hands.

I did have a nerdgasm when I saw the scenario, it looks so cool! In fact, most of this expansion looks very neat, especially all the parts that concern Monks, haha. I think I will enjoy myself immensely in Legion. To top it off, here is a video of Sheilun in action:

Until next time, dear readers!

5 thoughts on “Alpha News! And Spoilers!”

  1. Did you see the Halls of Valor run with the monk? In my rant to explain my reasons for the ranged class disdain I never really talked about what else I like about a monk and from watching that video much of what I do like is still there. To simplify, I’ll list out the positives that exists in the video that are definitely strong factors today.

    Possible spoliers for anybody Legion inclined, so fair warning:

    1. Monks move fast. Demon Hunters are gonna give us a good run for our money but I still feel Monks will be top tier in terms of mobility and especially so from the pool of healers in comparison. Roll, Transcendance, Chi Torpedo/Tigers Lust all contribute to a very mobile/fast play which is great for reaction play and getting out of sticky situations fast.

    2. Monks (right now) don’t rely on a healing cooldown like most of the other classes. No pally wings, shaman ascendance, priest power word infusion, or druid tree forms. It’s a negative to most people I guess but I’ve always enjoyed having only one cooldown, which is certainly very strong in Revival but it’s heavily reactionary rather than preemptive like many of the cooldowns I did mention and more akin to Tranquility or Healing Tide as far as cooldowns go.

    3. DPS didn’t seem to be an issue for the monk in the video AND he still had tiger palm and rising sun kick. I am hoping it means they changed the game mechanics to allow for ranged healers to not cause issues being up in melee but I suppose it could just be because it’s a 5 man, and not a raid, that this is the case.

    Anyways just thought I’d share some positivity. I appreciate your blog and input Ashleah, even if I do decide to go(back) to Paladin come Legion.

    1. Usually, there aren’t many ranged mechanics in dungeons, which is probably why it’s much safer to stand in melee. But hopefully – hopefully – we will see something similar in raids, or that healers are much more prone to be exempt of ranged mechanics because of our healer status. It’s possible that Blizzard will solve it as such instead.
      And yes I saw the video, and holy crap how mobile we are! It looks really fun!

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