Alpha Dungeon Videos

It is fairly quiet in the World of Warcraft – alpha builds has been more focused on adjusting the classes after feedback, rather than overarching changes. New dungeons have opened though, and FatbossTV has been kind enough to share their experience. Here are the new dungeons:

The Arcway

Eye of Azshara

Maw of Souls

I think the new dungeons look absolutely brilliant, and it’s a pleasure to see how useful Mistwalk is – simply by dodging mechanics like a bolt of mist. Fun fact, you can Mistwalk to your Jade Serpent Statue! Mistweavers will probably be a very strong class for Challenge Mode due to their mobility, cleave heal and HoTs (always good to have healing active if you get stunned), not to mention that we have Leg Sweep to control adds. I really look forward to do dungeon crawling as a Mistweaver!

On a different note, tonight is the deadline for the February Patreon rewards! If you want to have a look at the February UI, have a look at my Twitch broadcast from last night.

Tomorrow I will start the next month’s cycle of rewards, a.k.a. building another set of themed UI parts, and I already have an idea what to do, so I look forward to it!

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