A Teasplosion of Goodness – Hello Legion!


Hello again! What…? What do you mean I’ve been AFK? I have no idea what you’re talking about…

Okay, I admit it, I’ve been a little bit distracted and haven’t maintained my blog as I should. Apologies. But now I’m here and super excited over the latest WoW announcements! I will also try to catch up on all the comments I’ve got, so working on that.

But let’s  get to the point. New expansion announced – Legion. By the looks of it, it’s a second Burning Legion expansion, but actually as you go through the content they’ve shown it’s much more of a Night elf expansion. A lot of old Night elf cities and lore. So, no more random spikes and fires. Why, thank you. It was getting a little bit old to be honest.

The brunt of the new content is;

  • New Zone – Broken Isles
  • Level Cap – 110
  • New Hero Class – Demon Hunters
  • Artifacts – Class and Spec specific weapons, that you level and upgrade through the whole expansion. Complete with its own talent tree, even.
  • New Honor System
  • New Raids, Dungeons and Bosses (huzzah)

You can read the fine print on the Legion website. I will focus a bit more on the stuff that affects Mistweavers here though. And… it’s. a lot. Mein gott.

Sheilun, Staff of the Mists – Mistweaver Artifact


The point in Legion is that each class spec will get their own Artifact weapon through a quest somewhere at the beginning of the story. No other weapons will drop in Legion. We will get Sheilun, Staff of the Mists through a Mistweaver specific quest. We will carry Sheilun through the entire expansion and care for it, level it, upgrade it, pet it and… Aherm, well. Artifacts are very special and have some unique features. Here’s a few;

  • Artifact Power – As you go through content, such as dungeons or PvP, you will earn Artifact Power that can upgrade your Artifact to become stronger.
  • Artifact Talent Tree – Your Artifact spot its own Talent Tree that unlocks special abilities and traits.
  • Artifact Variants – There are different cosmetic variants of the Artifact you can unlock (likely through different achievements). Sheilun has for example a Serpent, a Sha and a Crane variant.
  • Artifact Relic Slots – The weapon has relic slots, not unlike gem slots, which you can socket to empower raw stats. Major questlines, dungeons and raids all give relics to upgrade your weapon.

And to boot, it looks bloody amazing. I think Artifacts is a great idea to explore, and I like how they anchor the class and spec identity to the most important gear piece you have, while also giving you the chance to reflect some of your own personality and preferences through the different variations. Should you want, you can also transmog the staff to whatever you like (though you can’t transmog other weapons to the artifact).

Monk Order Hall

Each class will get their own hub where they can collect quests and transmog their artifact, and I’m sure a great deal else. We don’t know where the Monk class Order Hall will be located, but an accessible choice would be Peak of Serenity (since they’re remaking some old places into Halls). But we don’t know anything about it yet. A good guess is that’s in Pandaria at least, I have a hard time imagining anything else.

Order Halls will not compete with Capital cities (which in Broken Isles will be the relocated Dalaran). You can’t find AH or bank in the Halls. Apparently, it will function as Acherus for Death Knights. You won’t spend that much time there, but it has some very important functions. As for down time, we’ll hang in Dalaran 2.0.

I hope they make it into something really special. I would love an Order Hall in Jade forest, where I always spent my downtime in MoP (Serpent’s Heart, by the pond). As long as it’s very mysterious and Monk-y!

Healing Discussion

Since Blizzard has quite clearly stated that class identity is very important Legion, we will probably see some changes to each spec. They’ve touched a little on the Disc absorb problem that has been prevalent the past expansions. Absorbs are just too strong. Here’s an excerpt from MMO summary;

  • Discipline Priests
    • Disc Priests are going to be a much more offensive healer after another pass on Atonement which will make it more interactive.
    • They will still have heals and PW:S, but they will sustain their healing through doing DPS.
    • Closer to 50% damage and 50% healing spec.
    • In the past, when Atonement was popular you would just spam Smite and Holy Fire all fight long and use the smart healing, which wasn’t very interactive. This time, you may throw out some single target heals giving players a buff. Next time you Smite, people who have that buff will get your healing, and you will have to refresh the buff periodically.
    • These changes should fix the absorb heavy nature of Discipline Priests.
  • Holy Priests will still be all about healing.
  • The team has learned some lessons from how Fistweaving works now and will talk about what they are doing to solve the problems with it in the future.

I love that they’re finally taking steps to deal with the absorb problem and I really hope they can make something special out of the Disc spec. However, there are some concerns (as expressed by many) that Disc will directly compete with Crane healers, the 50/50 healing and damage niche, and maybe even make us obsolete.

I can somewhat share that concern, but I’m also thinking that you could probably solve the problem in many different ways as well (maybe a strong Crane build?). Either way, they are clearly going to make some drastic changes to Crane stance so we’ll see how they’ll propose to solve this particular problem. We’ll have to see how it pans out. Apparently there’ll be more interviews upcoming days, maybe some concerns will be addressed.

Initial Thoughts

You know, right from the start of the announcement, what captured my attention was the class identity focus. I mean, Demon Hunters, new contents and such, sure. It’s really cool. But going back to class identity? That’s huge for me, since the Monk and Mistweaver identity is what keeps the game fun for me and also the very reason why I maintain this blog in the first place. I guess it pleased my inner role-play gamer!

Though I’m carefully optimistic. I loved the pitch of Warlords of Draenor, then it sort of flopped on the Garrison issue. But listening to what the Devs say and how they reason, they seem to focus on the right things and learnt their lesson from WoD. It might spring something very special from this new expansion. It’s what I’m hoping for.

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  1. Hi Ashleah this is a very nice blog it’s so hard to find mist weaver material anywhere or maybe i just don’t look hard enough lol i watched a lot of your videos and compared logs cause I’m just extremely nosy my toon is Pandorica on Sargeras US if you are interested and if you would ever just like to discuss monks i would like that very much cause the community is so small and i have noone to talk with lol

  2. so i’ve been making my own videos mainly to rewatch them and study my healing and blah blah blah lol if you ever get some free time please take a look (https://www.youtube.com/user/Mikelo131/videos) would love any input or advice fair warning my ui is crap and the quality isn’t great but it’s for my own personal use so who cares right

    1. I’ve watched a little of the videos you had, though I can’t say too much meaningful by just having a glimpse, but I can give a few pointers. Of what I see you’re doing a good job of the Rem-Uplift mech, and I note you’re going with a slightly more throughput build with the frostwolf enchant. At times though you can be in a mana dip while damage is going out, but seem a bit reluctant to fully channel your mana tea stacks when the raid is not taking so much damage. Trust a bit more in your fellow healers to cover the raid on easy damage, take your time to channel mana so that you’re fully prepared when the damage is outgoing. It gives you more leeway to cast RJW when it really matters! Oh and you have some room to get more mana tea with crane stance to compensate for the lesser mana regen with FW enchant. So, good job and go for it! :)

  3. Guess it will be the Peak of Serenity for the Monk Order Hall but you’re right, Jade Forest would be nice too :) I’m excited too about the Artifact weapons though I wonder how the Monk staff will look like when it’s hanging upside down. Can’t wait for the first screenshots :D

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