Silver Strategy

This page is written for patch 6.2

If you haven’t yet read up on how to prepare your character head over to the Preparation Guide to Proving Grounds. There you can study up on talent and glyph choices, the arena, your party and most importantly; the enemies.

Proving Grounds Map

Clear time; 6min 40sek

Wave 1; SkullSkull (Duration; 0:25)

  • Large Illusionary Ripper

Wave 2; CrossCross (Duration; 0:30)

  • Large Illusionary Ripper

Wave 3; SkullSkull (Duration; 0:45)

  • Small Illusionary Hive-Singer
  • Small Illusionary Ripper

Wave 4; CrossCross (Duration; 1:00)

  • Large Illusionary Hive-Singer
  • Large Illusionary Ripper

Wave 5A; SkullSkull (Duration; 1:00)

  • Large Illusionary Ripper
  • Small Illusionary Hive-Singer

Wave 5B; CrossCross (Spawns at 0:45)

  • Large Illusionary Flamecaller

Wave 6; SkullSkull (Duration; 0:55)

  • Small Illusionary Aqualyte
  • Large Illusionary Ripper

Wave 7; CrossCross (Duration; 1:00)

  • Large Illusionary Aqualyte
  • Large Illusionary Ripper

Wave 8A; SkullSkull (Duration; 1:05)

  • Small Illusionary Hive-Singer
  • Small Illusionary Aqualyte

Wave 8B; CrossCross (Spawns at 0:40)

  • Large Illusionary Flamecaller
  • Large Illusionary Ripper

Strategy Breakdown

In silver we’ll meet the new enemies Aqualyte and Flamecaller. They’re still fairly easy though, just study up on their abilities in the enemy section of the guide.

Spell Strategy

  • If you can manage, try to use cheap spells like ability_monk_soothingmistsSoothing Mist as often as possible.
  • Use ability_monk_renewingmistsRenewing Mist, ability_monk_expelharmExpel Harm and ability_monk_forcesphereZen Sphere on CD.
  • Always place your ability_monk_summonserpentstatueJade Serpent Statue close to the group.
  • For heavier single-target damage use spell_monk_envelopingmistEnveloping Mist or a ability_monk_thunderfocusteaThunder Focus Tea charged ability_monk_surgingmistSurging Mist.
  • For heavier AoE damage, use ability_monk_chiexplosion_newChi Explosion in melee clump (ability_monk_healthsphereDetonate Chi for burst) and spot heal the rest (Do not use ability_monk_upliftUplift, since it has limited efficency).

Enemy Strategy

  • Interrupt Hive-singers’ Sonic BlastSonic Blast.
  • I recommend to cast ability_monk_summontigerstatueXuen on the Hive-singers on wave 5 and 8.
  • Flamecallers’ Invoke LavaInvoke Lava needs to be interrupted as soon as he spawns.
  • Interrupt Flamecallers’ PyroblastPyroblast as often as possible.
  • Dispel Aqualytes’ Aqua BombAqua Bombs before they explode.
  • Aqualytes do heavy tank damage, focus Oto when they’re up.
  • If all fails, use spell_monk_revivalRevival.

Proving Grounds Video

Proving Grounds

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