Twin Ogron

Twin Ogron

Twin Ogron

Guarding the entrance to the Gorthenon atop Highmaul, Pol and Phemos are the personal guard of Imperator Mar’gok. Peerless in strength and determination, what these ogron brothers lack in intelligence, they make up for with sheer size and brute force.

Map – 2nd Boss in “The Arcane Sanctum”

Highmaul Map Paths 2

List of Abilities

Twin Ogron - Warming UpWarming Up
Getting a grip on the current situation, the Ogron wait 10 sec before using their abilities.


Twin Ogron - Shield BashShield Bash (Tank alert)
Savagely bashes a target with his shield. Inflicting 0% normal damage [sic.] and interrupts the spell being cast for 3 sec.

Twin Ogron - Shield ChargeShield Charge
Charges in the direction of a distant target. Inflicting Physical damage and knocking back all enemies within his path. This damage increases based on the distance travelled.
Upon reaching the end of the path, he slams his shield into the ground, inflicting Physical damage to enemies within 10 yards, knocking them back.

Twin Ogron - InjuredInjured
Shield Charge injures targets, inflicting 9,193 Physical damage every second for 18 sec.

Twin Ogron - Interrupting ShoutInterrupting Shout (Healer alert)
Inflicts 44,119 Physical damage to all enemies and interrupts spellcasting for 6 sec.

Twin Ogron - PulverizePulverize
Pulverizes the ground, causing various chunks of the ceiling to slam into the ground.
The first Pulverize strikes the location of all players, inflicts Physical damage to players within 3 yards.
The second Pulverize strike loosens several chunks of the ceiling, which fall, inflicting Physical damage to players within 8 yards of the targeted location.
The final Pulverize loosens a massive chunk of the ceiling to fall at once, inflicting Physical damage to all players, increasing in damage the closer a player is to the point of impact.


Twin Ogron - Double SlashDouble Slash (Tank alert)
Fiercely attacks a target with both weapons, inflicting “0% and 0% normal damage” [sic.].

Warlord Zaela - Black Iron CycloneWhirlwind (Tank alert)
Spins around in a circle, inflicting Physical damage every half-second for 8,81 sec. All targets struck gain Weakened defences.

Warlord Zaela - Black Iron CycloneWeakened Defences (Tank alert)
Increases damage taken from Shield Bash by 10%. This effect stack.

Twin Ogron - Enfeebling RoarEnfeebling Roar (Important!)
Lets forth a furious howl, increasing damage taken by 300% for 300 sec, dividing the magnitude and duration amongst all targets within 20 yards. The duration and magnitude of this effect carry over.

Twin Ogron - QuakeQuake
Hurls both weapons nearby and begins to violently pound the ground, inflicting Nature damage to all players.

Twin Ogron - BlazeBlaze
Creates a pyre at a targeted location, burning nearby targets. As well, moving flames form at the pyre, travelling outward.
Coming into contact with either of these elements applies Blaze to the target, inflicting 5,519 Fire damage every second for 12 sec. This effect stack.


Healing Strategy

You will be meeting Mr. Pol and Mr. Phemos, the one-eyed body-guards of the Imperator. This fight will require excellent positioning and chiefly AoE healing, with some spikey damage on the tanks.

Mr. Pol, the dark and purple of the twins, has a shield. With this shield he will do Shield Bash, an interrupt on his current target. He will also do Shield Charge: he faces a certain direction than charges forward and do high damage to everyone in his path. Getting hit by Shield Charge will apply a bleed on the player. The whole raid must be alert when he do this ability, especially ranged since he likes to do it in their direction.

Mr. Pol will also do Interrupting Shout, which luckily doesn’t affect Mana Tea channelling. If you see the timer closing in on Interrupting Shout, it’s prime time to channel some Mana Tea, since you can’t channel either Soothing Mist or cast Uplift.

Twin Ogron - Pulverize
Pulverize – Third stage

His last ability is Pulverize, which is a very important ability. Pulverize has three stages that are follow each other in a rapid succession. In the first stage several small rocks fall from the ceiling and the whole raid has to spread, otherwise the damage will multiply on each other and most likely kill someone. In the second stage, several small boulders will drop from the roof, which can easily be avoided. In the last stage there is a large boulder that drop, which has a quite wide range. Everyone must quickly leave its area of effect or they will die. In other words, spread and avoid any boulders.

Mr. Phemos, the bright and yellow one, will buff himself with Double Dash and do increased damage. Tanks should pop defensives while this buff is active. The tank on Phemos will also have to relocate him once he do the ability Whirlwind, which do high damage to anyone nearby (and Phemos can’t be moved while he does this ability). Since the tank will take high damage far away from the raid, it could be feasible to have a designated healer following him to make sure he doesn’t die by Whirlwind.

Phemos will also do Enfeebling Roar, which causes nearby players to take 300% more damage for 300 seconds. The magnitude and duration of this ability is spread amongst players within 20 yards, which mean melee should stack once Phemos does this ability. If you don’t have enough melee players in the raid, you may need to send in some ranged players to share the debuff. On Heroic difficulty, the whole raid should stack on Enfeebling Roar.

Twin Ogron - Quake Blaze 2His most annoying ability however is Quake, which is followed by Blaze. Quake is a spell Phemos does which has several components. He will throw his two weapons at the edges of the centre circle in the room and then stomp violently and doe raid-wide AoE damage. The two weapons will be at the opposite edges of each other. They will quickly trigger Blaze, a frontal cone of trails of fire. They will also face this ability towards the middle, which will then grow till the end of the room. Standing in the middle while this ability activates means that you must dodge Blaze from both swords. If you stand behind the swords (opposite side of middle), then you will only have to deal with one sword’s Blaze.

Pol and PhemosYou must dance around the flames to avoid it, which can be a little tricky. The flames don’t move like you expect them to. Instead of going like an arrow forward, or like a wall sideways, they seem to move diagonally. It takes some time before you figure out how to best avoid them. But it’s not too dangerous to go through them, especially if you use Diffuse Magic. You’ll get a stacking debuff that can cause high damage if you let it stack too high.

The best way to stack the raid is to have neither melee group nor ranged group standing in the middle, because that will be a hot zone for Blaze. Both groups should stand spaced away from each other, hugging the walls (or at least not standing in the inner circle). Ranged should stack until Pulverize starts, then everyone should spread as fast as possible.


People will take spikey damage if they don’t avoid the fire, and it’ll be a ticking debuff you have to deal with. There will also be high amount of damage on any player who stand in Pol’s Shield Charge.

Other high points of damage will be the first stage of Pulverize, which do moderate AoE damage on the raid (even when people are spread out). The two other stages of Pulverize can easily be avoided, but be ready to heal any surviving players who accidentally stood in it.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Avoid Blaze (the moving fire).
  • Spread on Pulverize. The raid will take unavoidable damage in the first stage, be ready with Renewing Mist and Uplift.
  • Tank will take high damage when Phemos has buffed himself with Double Dash and when he does Whirldwind.
  • Avoid Pol’s Shield Charge.
  • People will take high damage during Enfeebling Roar.
  • Don’t cast when Pol does Interrupting Shout. It is safe to channel Mana Tea however.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Stack on Enfeebling Roar.
  • Don’t stand close to Phemos once he does Whirlwind.


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