The Butcher

The Butcher


Born in the fetid Underbelly of Highmaul, this ogre may have once had a proper name, but it is long forgotten. Abused and beaten from his earliest days, the hardship only strengthened his body even as it broke his mind. Now there is not an ogre in Highmaul who will not give him a wide berth as he hacks away at slaughtered carcasses to pass his days.

Map – 2nd Boss inside “The Walled City” (optional)

Highmaul Map Paths 1

List of Abilities

The Butcher - Heavy HandedHeavy Hand (Tank alert)
All of the Butcher’s standard auto attacks trigger a second attack on the next closest target within 5 yards. If no target is found, the primary target is struck again.

The Butcher - The CleaverThe Cleaver (Tank alert)
The Butcher’s Cleaver cuts its victims down to the bone, causing them to bleed profusely over time. This effect stacks.
This attack will not apply its bleeding component if it is avoided.

The Butcher - The TenderizerThe Tenderizer (Tank alert)
The Butcher’s Tenderizer hits his current target for significant Physical damage and increases the damage taken by further attacks made with the Tenderizer by 50%.
This attack always hits.

The Butcher - Meat HookMeat Hook (Tank alert)
The caster pulls in their target with a meat hook.

The Butcher - CleaveCleave (Important!)
The Butcher targets the largest clump of players in melee range and strikes them for massive Physical damage. The damage is split between all the targets in the clump.
Victims of Cleave are afflicted with Gushing Wounds.

The Butcher - Gushing WoundsGushing Wounds (Deadly)
The Butcher’s blade causes the victim to bleed profusely for Physical damage for 15 sec. If the victim reaches 5 stacks they will perish instantly.

The Butcher - Bounding CleaveBounding Cleave (Deadly)
When the Butcher reaches 100 energy he begins the Bounding Cleave sequence by knocking all players back, then charging to a clump at range and cleaving targets within that clump.

Tectus - Raving AssaultFrenzy (Healer alert)
After the Butcher reaches 30% health remaining, he Frenzies. While Frenzied the Butcher deals 10% more damage and attacks 30% faster.

Healing Strategy

Butcher - Christmas
Christmas Butcher – Jingle Hell

This is a very simple fight mechanic-wise and there’s not much to think about. Butcher’s main ability is Cleave, which he does on the largest nearby cluster of melees. Cleave applies the debuff Gushing Wounds, which stacks. If any person receives 5 stacks of this debuff they will instantly die.

The easiest way to deal with Cleave, is to have two melee groups which alternate between taking the stacks. Since Butcher will always target the largest melee clump, you have to resize the groups depending on how many stacks each group have. Have two equally numbered melee groups with one ranged player each (preferably a hunter). The ranged player stack on the melee group which should take the debuff. When the melee group have 3-4 stacks, the ranged player should run out and the other designated ranged player should run into the other melee group.

For example. You have four melees, and you split them into group A and group B. Both groups stand rather close to the Butcher, but not so close to each other that both groups get stacks. Group A start taking stacks, by having their Hunter standing in the group so that they are a total amount of 3 players. When group A has taken 3-4 Gushing Wounds stacks, the Hunter should disengage. Then you have a Mage for example, running into group B. Since group B is 3 players now, Butcher will start targeting them with Cleave instead.

The Butcher will also at some point during the fight knock all players back and then target a ranged group and do a Bounding Cleave. Bounding Cleave is exactly like the normal Cleave, except on ranged. He will also do this ability sparingly, so ranged never have to worry about the stacks, but they will take heavy damage.

The tanks in this fight will have to deal with some nasty tank debuffs. The Tenderizer causes the tanks to take more and more damage, which can’t be avoided. The Cleaver is a bleed that can be mitigated. But if any of the tanks reaches to high amount of stacks, they have to switch. They will also be targeted by Heavy Hand, which essentially do a lot of damage unless the tanks stand really close to each other.

Since the tanks have to stack on each other, they are in danger of also being targeted by Cleave. Because of this, the two melee groups should never be fewer than two melees + a designated ranged player. If you don’t have four melees, you have to put ranged in the melee groups, otherwise Butcher will kill your tanks.

In this fight, there will be very heavy tank damage. The melee group who are currently targeted by Cleave will also take heavy damage. The best strategy for Mistweavers is to be in one of the melee groups. Then you can heal with both Rushing Jade Wind and fistweaving. If you rely heavily on Crane stance, Chi Explosion is a must.

The Butcher will also enrage at 30%, which means that healers should heal efficiently up till that point to save mana. During the last 30%, there will be heavy damage and you will have to use your expensive spells to heal through it. If you have used too many Rushing Jade Winds before, you might have a mana problem at that point.

Uplift is the most efficient for AoE, and a constant channel of Soothing Mist and Enveloping Mist is best for the tank damage. Try to switch to Crane stance and stack some Mana Tea for later parts of the fight. Use Rushing Jade Wind sparingly.

The most common point of failure is the Enrage timer at 5 minutes. The fight is a pure DPS check because of this tight timer.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Tanks will take heavy damage. Use Life Cocoon when the debuffs start stacking up.
  • The melee group who are targeted by Cleave (with high stacks of Gushing Wounds) will take heavy damage.
  • Heal efficiently with Uplift as AoE and Soothing Mist and Enveloping Mist on the tanks.
  • At 30% health remaining, the Butcher will Frenzy and do a lot more damage. Try to save some Mana Tea stacks up until this point.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • If you are standing in the melee groups, Crane stance can do decent amount of healing with the Chi Explosion talent, while stacking some Mana Tea for the 30% enrage.


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