Ko’ragh was the only ogre to survive direct exposure to a mysterious relic unearthed by the Highmaul excavations of Nagrand, and was left with a near-complete immunity to all magic. Rumors abound regarding his conncetion to the Imperator, with some wondering why Ko’ragh would remain subservient to a sorcerer despite his unique gifts.

Map – 3rd Boss in “The Arcane Sanctum”

Highmaul Map Paths 2

List of Abilities

Ko'ragh - Nullification BarrierNullification Barrier (DPS Alert)
Ko’ragh is protected from all magic, absorbing up to 4,020,890 Magic Damage.

Ko'ragh - Breaker's StrengthBreaker’s Strength
While Ko’ragh maintains a Nullification Barrier, his damage done is increased by 6% every 10 seconds. This effect stacks. When the barrier expires, Breaker’s Strength is removed.

Ko'ragh - Caustic EnergyCharging
When Ko’ragh’s Nullification Barrier is removed, he begins to recharge. After 20 sec the barrier is restored.

Ko'ragh - Caustic EnergyCaustic Energy (Important!)
One player may enter the rune with Ko’ragh, absorbing a portion of its energy. The energy inflicts 32,152 Arcane damage every second and reduces all healing received by 35% for as long as the player remains inside the rune. This effect pierced all immunities and damage reductions.
When the rune powers down, the player receives their own Nullification Barrier, proportional to the amount spent inside the rune. The Nullification Barrier received by the players can absorb up to 15,000,000 Magic damage.

Ko'ragh - Suppression FieldSuppression Field
Ko’ragh strikes the ground at a player’s location, inflicting 58,894 Arcane damage in an 8 yard area. In addition, a field of suppressing energy is created the silences all players and inflicts 35,295 Arcane damage every second.
This effect will also silence Volatile Anomalies.

Volatile Anomalies

While the Rune of Nullification is active, 3 Volatile Anomalies spawn every 8 sec.

Ko'ragh - DestabilizeDestabilize
Volatile Anomalies explode upon death, inflicting 29,421 Arcane damage to all players.

 Expel Magic

Ko'ragh - Expel Magic FireExpel Magic: Fire (Magic effect)
Ko’ragh expels Fire magic inflicting 11,043 Fire damage every second for 10 sec to all players. When Expel Magic: Fire expires, it inflicts 58,894 Fire damage to all allies within 5 yards.

Ko'ragh - Expel Magic ArcaneExpel Magic: Arcane
Ko’ragh blasts a player with corrupted Arcane energy that marks their current location every 0.50 sec for 10 sec. After 1.5 sec the marked location explodes, inflicting 147,235 Arcane damage to all players within 5 yards. In addition, this effect increases Physical damage taken by 100%.

Ko'ragh - Expel Magic FrostExpel Magic: Frost
Ko’ragh expels an orb of Frost that inflicts 66,256 Frost damage to all players. The orb persist for 20 sec and slows all movement speed of all players within 30 yards, up to 85%. The snare effect of Expel Magic: Frost decreases as a player stands farther away from the expelled orb.

Ko'ragh - Expel Magic ShadowExpel Magic: Shadow (Healer alert)
Ko’ragh expels Shadow magic, inflicting all players with a heal absorption effect that prevents up to 99,400 healing received.

Ko'ragh - Overflowing EnergyOverflowing Energy (Important!) (Deadly)
Arcane energy bleeds from the rune stone, inflicting 1,544,423  Arcane damage to enemies it comes into contact with. If the energy reaches the ground, it explodes, inflicting 50,966 Arcane damage to all enemies.
This effect pierces all immunities and damage reductions.

Healing Strategy

This is a fight that require some good execution on mechanics, otherwise you’ll be severely punished later in the fight. You will want a balance between magical damage dealers and physical damage dealers, since the two different schools of damage have two different effects on Ko’ragh.

You might notice that Ko’ragh has a full bar of something called Nullification barrier. This is a strong magical shield that will absorb all magical damage. Magical damage dealers can deplete this shield with magical damage. DPS that do physical damage will simply hack away at his health. It is very important that you consistently get rid of the shield, otherwise he will gain too many stacks of Breaker’s Strength which increases his damage dealt with 6% every 10 sec.


Once Ko’ragh’s shield is depleted, he will jump in the middle of the room and start recharging. A single player can join him in the charging shield, and that person will gain Caustic Energy. Caustic Energy is a gigantic shield, which will be paramount for another ability. But it’s important to note that the person must remain inside the barrier the entire time to get the full shield. While that person is inside, no other players can enter the barrier, and the player takes ticking damage while taking 35% less healing. In other words, healers must focus the player affected by Caustic Energy, otherwise that person will die.

Caustic Energy is a very important to have, and you will need 3-4 players obtaining this shield in the duration of the entire fight. The reason is because the large crystal in the ceiling will be dropping arcane bombs called Overflowing Energy, which do 1.5 million damage. The players with the Caustic Energy shield can absorb these by standing in the green indicators, which will deplete their shield a little each time. If the orbs aren’t absorbed, they will instead damage the entire raid. But only the players with the absorption shield can soak them, since they do enormous amount of damage. Normal players will be one-shotted.

Ko'ragh - Overflowing Energy
Overflowing Energy

There will always be one more Overflowing Energy orb than you have players with the shield, and there will be one more orb every time you break Ko’ragh’s shield. That means that you must execute the shield absorption perfectly. If a player with the shield dies, you have to deal with an additional orb you cannot soak, resulting in higher damage on the raid each time the orbs drop. You will have the same problem if the player doesn’t stand in the barrier during the full duration and only get a partial shield!

Ko’ragh also have an ability called Suppression Field, which he creates by using Trample on a ranged player. He will target a random player, run towards it and do slam in the ground which leaves a suppression field. In this suppression field, players will be silenced and take ticking damage. The ability can be easily avoided. However, the raid should keep an eye out where these suppression fields are. Once Ko’ragh start recharging his shield, several adds called Volatile Anomalies will spawn. If you place the adds inside the suppression field, they will also be silenced and take ticking damage!

Ko'ragh - Suppression Field
Suppression Field

Tanks will have to pick up all the adds and try to place them inside the fields. The tanks will most likely take some damage in the process, which healers should be alert to. Just don’t forget that at the same time a player will be standing in the barrier and take high damage as well, so you will have to three players (tanks and shield absorber) that take high ticking damage. They will also not be able to do Destabilize, the explosion upon death, while standing inside the suppression fields. DPS should switch immediately to the adds and burst them down (and help placing them inside the suppression field), since Ko’ragh will be immune to damage during this part of the fight anyway.

Ko’ragh also have four Expel Magic abilities: Fire, Arcane, Frost and Shadow. These are the easy aspect of the fight and can be handled without problem. Expel Magic: Fire is a debuff that affect the entire raid. The debuff will detonate once the time has run out on it, which means that the raid should spread out. It can be dispelled but it will cause it to detonate early. Mistweavers can get rid of it with Diffuse Magic without taking damage, but players nearby will still take damage. Run out of the raid before you do this!

Expel Magic: Arcane is a tank debuff. The tank has to keep running while targeted by this ability, because the target’s location will be marked every 0.5 sec and then explode with arcane magic every 1.25 sec. It looks like the tank is leaving a trail of exploding arcane energy, and if any player is caught in this that person will take extremely high, if not fatal damage. Avoid the tanks with Expel Magic: Arcane on them!

Ko'ragh - Frost
Expel Magic: Frost

Expel Magic: Frost is simply a giant Frost Orb that slowly travel around the room. When it spawns it does high damage to the entire raid, then it snares all players close to it. You can dispel the snare effect with Nimble Brew and then run away from it as quick as possible.

Expel Magic: Shadow is a healer mechanic. Shadow blankets the entire raid with a healing absorption. The only way to get rid of it is to heal through it. Healers should save their big cooldowns for this ability, and preferably rotate them. One healer take the first Expel Magic: Shadow, the second healer takes the next and so forth. The best healing cooldowns for this ability is Revival, Tranquillity, Divine Hymn and Healing Tide Totem.

The most dangerous part of the fight is when Ko’ragh is recharging his ability. Both the designated player who stand in the barrier and the tanks will take very high damage. If healers aren’t alert to this, you might lose one of them.

It is also dangerous if the shields aren’t handled properly. If you lose a player with the absorption shield, the whole raid will take more damage once the Overflowing Energy drops. If you lose too many shield-players, the whole raid will be essentially one-shotted. It is also common that melees tunnels and doesn’t notice that Ko’ragh start recharging the shield (despite the small knockback just before this). Then they run in and get Caustic Energy instead of the designated player. Once they realise their mistake, they usually run out directly instead of absorbing the entire shield. You are down one player on the absorption shield. Make sure that the melee DPS keep an eye out on Ko’ragh’s shield and doesn’t run into the middle once he starts recharging (unless they are designated shielders).

Another point of high damage is when the Expel Magic: Frost Orb spawn. Try to keep the raid relatively topped off before it spawns, to prevent any deaths.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Spread on Expel Magic: Fire. It can be dispelled with Diffuse Magic, but don’t stand close to anyone when used.
  • Watch out for tanks marked with Expel Magic: Arcane, since they will leave a trail of explosions.
  • Expel Magic: Frost will do high raid damage when it spawns.
  • Try not to stand too close to Expel Magic: Frost (it snares and you need to move from trample). Use Nimble Brew to get rid of the snare effect then run out of its range.
  • Healers should rotate big cooldowns for Expel Magic: Shadow.
  • Watch out for Ko’ragh’s Trample (which will cause Suppresion Fields).
  • Both tanks and the player affected by Caustic Energy will take high damage when Ko’ragh is recharging.
  • Help kite Volatile Anomalies into the suppression field by standing behind them.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Be aware of Ko’ragh once his Nullfication Barrier is depleted and he runs into the middle to recharge. Don’t stand in the barrier unless you are the designated player to get the absorption shield.
  • If you are the designated player, you must absorb Overflowing Energy orbs the entire fight. There will be a green indicator on the ground where the orbs will land.


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