The Iron Horde juggernaut moored in the waters beside Highmaul drew attention of Brackenspore, ancient walker of the deep. The aquatic giant spreads fungal growth and moss in his wake, and is driven by primal instinct to eradicate any traces of civilization on Draenor.

Map – 3rd Boss inside “The Walled City” (optional)

Highmaul Map Paths 1

List of Abilities

Brackenspore - Creeping MossCreeping Moss (Important!)
Inflicts 25,740 Nature damage every second to players and reduces their movement speed by 50%.
This effect will heal fungal creatures for 2% of their health every 2 sec.

Brackenspore - RotRot (Tank alert)
Inflicts 5,127 Nature damage every second. This effect stacks.

Brackenspore - Necrotic BreathNecrotic Breath (Tank alert)
Inflicts 22,535 Nature damage every second to frontal enemies, and reduced their healing taken by 99%.

Brackenspore - Infesting SporeInfesting Spores (Deadly)
Inflicts 2,503 Nature damage every second to all enemy players. This effect stacks up to 10 times and lasts 3 sec.

Hostile Fungus

Spore Shooter

Brackenspore - Spore ShotSpore Shot (DPS alert)
Shoots an exploding spore at a random enemy, inflicting 36,757 Nature damage within 8 yards on contact.

Mind Fungus

Brackenspore - Mind FungusMind Fungues
Summons a Mind Fungus whose ooze seeps into your veins, affecting your brain. Casting speed reduced by 75%.

Fungal Flesh-Eater

Brackenspore - RotFlesh Eater (Tank alert)
Consumes the flesh of his enemy, increasing damage dealt by 10%, attack speed by 10% and casting speed by 10%. This effect stacks.

Brackenspore - DecayDecay (Interruptible)
Inflicts 73,514 Nature damage to all enemies.

Benefical Mushrooms

Living Mushroom (Healer alert)

Brackenspore - Living SporesLiving Spores
Heals all units within 20 yards for 23,681 every second.

Brackenspore - WitheringWithering
This mushroom will wither away and die over time. The rate at which this mushroom decays increases over time.

Rejuvenating Mushroom (Healer alert)

Heal this unit to gain Rejuvenating Spores.

Brackenspore - Rejuvenating SporesRejuvenating Spores
Increases haste by 30%.
Mana regeneration increased.

Brackenspore - WitheringWithering
This mushroom will wither away and die over time. The rate at which this mushroom decays increases over time.

Blackfuse Company 9000

Players may use this weapon to burn away Creeping Moss.

Brackenspore - FlamethrowerFlamethrower
This flamethrower will generate heat based on the duration that it is used. If it overheats, it must cool for at least 10 seconds before use.

Brackenspore - Burning InfusionBurning Infusion
Adrenaline burns in your veins, increasing your damage and healing dealt. This effect stacks up tp 30 times. Every 2 sec an application of this aura is removed.

Healing Strategy

The encounter against Brackenspore is a fun fight for healers. For DPS and tanks it revolves mostly around add control, while the healers have to heal friendly mushrooms which provide much help for the raid. Meanwhile, two of the DPS have to arm themselves with Flamethrowers to burn away the Creeping Moss which threatens to cover the entire ground.

For this fight, tanks have a tank debuff to worry about (naturally) but also Brackenspore’s Necrotic Breath which should be faced away from the raid. DPS should focus adds, which there are three kinds.

Fungal Flesh-Eater
Fungal Flesh-Eater

Fungal Flesh-Eaters are the nasty ones, which do a stacking buff that increases their damage dealt and their attack and casting speed by 10%. Because of this, they get stronger and stronger and must be killed as soon as possible. They also to an ability called Decay, which do over 100K damage to all players unless this ability is interrupted.

Spore Shooter
Spore Shooter

Spore Shooters have a single ability called Spore Shot. This ability do roughly 50K damage to the target and all within 8 yards. This ability should be interrupted, but the add is not a priority. The best way to handle them is to have a DPS with interrupt-duty while the rest of the raid focus the Fungal Flesh-Eaters.

Mind Fungus
Mind Fungus

The last add is Mind Fungus, which looks like a mushroom. This will do a debuff on all nearby players, reducing their casting speed by 75%. Melee DPS should prioritize these while the ranged should prioritize the Spore Shooters.

DPS also have another duty. Two designated players should pick up the Flamethrowers that are located close to the boss. Flamethrowers have the ability to burn away Creeping Moss, which spawn at the edges of the arena and then slowly grow inwards. If players stand in the Creeping Moss, they will take ticking damage and be snared. If any of the adds stand in the moss, they will gain 2% health every second. The designated players will have to burn away as much Creeping Moss as possible to prevent this. But since this duty will reduce DPS time, they will a buff in damage and healing as a consolation prize.

Healers don’t bother overly much with the adds. We will instead focus on the beneficial mushrooms that pop up from time to time. There are green ones, Living Mushrooms, and blue ones, Rejuvenating Mushroom. Both mushrooms must be healed to full health to be activated. Once they are activated, they will start to wither, and will take ticking damage. To prolong their life, healers must keep healing them.

Beneficial Mushrooms
Living Mushroom (green) and Rejuvenating Mushroom (blue)

The green ones will do large AoE healing and should be timed with Brackenspore’s Infesting Spore, which do ticking damage to all players in the raid. It is possible to heal the mushroom up to 90% health with some HoTs on, and then wait until Infesting Spore until you activate the mushroom.

The blue ones will increase haste to all nearby players and increase mana regeneration. As soon as a blue mushroom has spawned, healers should start healing it to 100% health immediately. The whole raid, or those players who are not otherwise occupied, should stand close to the beneficial mushrooms. The tanks should however keep an eye on the Necrotic Breath timers, so they don’t kite the boss into the mushrooms and they spray the whole raid with Necrotic Breath. It is generally a bad idea.

Healers should be prepared for heavy tank damage and spikey raid damage if the Living Mushrooms (green) are not timed with the Necrotic Breath. Since Rejuvenating Mushrooms (blue) increases your mana regeneration, you have much more leeway to spam expensive heals like Rushing Jade Wind. Mistweavers can also help out with killing the bad Mind Fungus in Crane stance, since all our spells are instant then.

One of the major dangers is that while all healers focus the mushrooms, the tank will die. The best way is to have at least one healer focusing the tank the majority of the time, while having another healer on the mushroom duty. Mushroom-duty healer will have the responsibility to look on the timers for Infesting Spore and time the green mushroom.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Don’t stand in Creeping Moss.
  • Heal Living Mushroom (green) for big AoE healing.
  • Heal Rejuvenating Mushroom (blue) for haste and mana regen.
  • Try to time Living Mushroom with Infesting Spore.
  • Keep healing the mushrooms to prolong their life. Wither will however become stronger and stronger, causing the mushroom to die when healers can’t keep up with the damage.
  • Don’t stand in Brackenspore’s Necrotic Breath.
  • Tank will take high tank damage, especially when Fungal Flesh-Eaters are up.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Help kill Mind Fungus.
  • Kill order on adds are Fungal Flesh Eater > Spore Shooter = Mind Fungus. Just remember that while you kill adds, your eminence only reach 20yd away from your position, plus 20yd from your statue’s position. If you will not heal enough players, go on the boss for Eminence healing instead.


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