Highmaul is the seat of power for the Gorian Empire, the ogre civilization that ruled Draenor for generations, until the arrival of the draenei. A massive city that belies the ogre reputation for brutish stupidity, Highmaul is full of bustling markets, wealthy nobles, and the roar of the Coliseum crowd echoing through the streets of the slums. Visible from everywhere within the city’s walls, Imperator Mar’gok’s citadel casts a long shadow, a reminder of his watchful eye and iron grip.

Boss Guides

The Walled City
Kargath Bladefist
The Butcher

The Arcane Sanctum
Twin Ogron

The Imperator’s Fall
Imperator Mar’gok

Highmaul is a linear raid, but has three optional bosses: Butcher, Tectus and Brackenspore. These do not need to be killed to reach the last boss Imperator Mar’gok.

Gear level and Requirements

Highmaul is the first raid instance in the Draenor expansion. It is targeted at level 100 players and has four different difficulties.

Raid Finder Difficulty
Gear requirement: Minimum 615 in average item level
Loot Drop: Item Level 640

Normal Difficulty
Gear requirement: Recommended minimum item level 630
Loot Drop: Item Level 655

Heroic Difficulty
Gear requirement: Recommended minimum item level 650
Loot Drop: Item Level 670

Mythic Difficulty
Gear requirement: Recommended minimum item level 665
Loot Drop: Item Level 685

Finding your way to the Entrance

Highmaul Find the Entrance

The entrance to Highmaul lies in west of Nagrand in Draenor. Take the flightpath to Rilzit’s Holdfast and follow the path to the west.

Highmaul Map

Highmaul Map Paths 3

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