Upper Blackrock Spire


The history of this imposing fortress is long and complex. Carved into the fiery core of Blackrock Mountain by the Dark Iron clan centuries ago, and eventually taken by the black dragon Nefarian and his brood, the upper reaches of Blackrock Spire are now home to the Ironmarch vanguard. As preparations to use the Spire as the staging ground for a full-scale invasion of Azeroth continue, the Iron Horde has set up a terrifying contingency plan: a doomsday weapon within the heart of Blackrock Mountain.


Upper Blackrock Spire Map

Trash up to Gor’ashan

  • Black Iron Grunt – Rallying Banner (aggro-banner), Devastate
  • Black Iron Berserker – Frenzy (enrage effect), Rending Cleave (bleed)
  • Black Iron Warcaster – Shrapnel Storm
  • Black Iron Leadbelcher – Activate Sentry Cannons
  • Ragemaw Worg- Blackrock Rabies (enrage effect), Frantic Mauling (frontal cone)

BannerBefore you can open the door to Gor’ashan, you have to kill several packs of orcs who guards the activation runes. These can be quite overwhelming for an undergeared group, so CC is recommended. Also note that the Rallying Banner needs to be killed quickly to avoid aggroing more groups of trash (it is indicated by a red circle that grows outwards). Leadbelcher will try to activate the Sentry Cannons, which muct be interrupted! Otherwise, don’s stand in Shrapnel Storm or in front of any enraged mobs.

Orebender Gor’ashan

A powerful elementalist with a natural affinity for shaping and channeling his powers through metal, Gor’ashan was part of the Iron Horde vanguard in their initial invasion of Azeroth. He bides his time waiting for further orders by attempting to unravel the secrets of the Dark Iron runes left behind by the Spire’s creators.

List of Abilities

Orebender Gor'ashan - Power ConduitPower Conduit
Orebender Gor'ashan
Rune Conduits channel power to Gor’ashan, reducing damage taken by 14%, and empowers Gor’shan to cast Thunder Cacophony.

Orebender Gor'ashan - Blades of SteelBlade of Steel
Deals 75,000 Physical damage.

Orebender Gor'ashan - Shrapnel NovaShrapnel Nova
Inflicts 68,400 to 75,600 Physical damage to nearby enemies, ignoring armor.

Orebender Gor'ashan - Lodestone SpikeLoadstone Spike
Magnetically charged spike erupts from the earth, inflicting 74,500 Nature damage.

Orebender Gor'ashan - Thunder CacophonyThunder Cacophony
Empowered with the energy of the Rune Conduits, Gor’shan unleashed lightning, inflicting 30,000 Nature damage to nearby enemies.

Orebender Gor'ashan - Electric PulseElectric Pulse
A Lightning Orb travels between the Power Runes inflicting 35,000 Nature damage every 0.80 sec to nearby enemies.

Healing Strategy

Rune Conduit

The fight against Orebender Gor’ashan takes place on an elevated platform. The party will remain on the platform until Gor’ashan activate the Rune Conduits, the small electrified cages that are spread on the floor around the platform. While the conduits are activated, Gor’ashan is empowered with Thunder Cacaphony, and takes less damage and do an AoE pulse that can be very troublesome unless designated players jump down to deactivate the conduits as quickly as possible.

Loadstone spike
Loadstone Spike

While the players try to deactivate the conduits, they’ll be chased by Electric Pulse; orbs that do immense damage. They’ll also be targeted by Loadstone Spikes, a magnetically charged spike that erupts from the ground. Loadstone Spike both do damage and impede the players’ ability to deactivate the conduits. Players should use personal cooldowns and speed boost to survive the time spent below the platform.

As a Mistweaver, your job is to stay on the platform. It is not optimal as a Mistweaver to help deactivate the conduits since we’re lacking instants to heal with while we’re moving. Instead, stay on the platform and track the players that are assigned to the conduits (it’s usually more than one to speed up the process). The platform can sometimes block line of sight, so it’s important to analyse the situation and heal the player who needs it most by standing on the edge of the platform if that happens. Ideally though, the player will have a bit of a distance to the platform to avoid any LoS problems. Then you can reach everyone from the middle of it. You can also help the players with Tiger’s Lust to help them outrun the orbs.

(If you have a crisis and you need to deactivate a conduit fast, don’t forget to drop Transcendence on the platform to quickly return back up with Transcendence: Transfer.)

Thunder Cacaphony
Thunder Cacaphony

It’s important to note that the party will take heavy AoE damage just before the conduits are activated. You’ll have a short moment to heal them back up before they jump down to ow-ow-ow land. Needless to say, they’ll have a better chance of survival the more HP they have.

If the designated players take too much time to deactivate the conduits, it may become really healing intensive. The AoE Gor’ashan does is quite high, and after a while you will start to become mana starved. Be prepared for that.

As for stance dancing, it’s safe to start in Crane stance and try to cram in as much damage as possible, before the party takes too much damage and force you into Serpent stance. If you’re fast, you can heal everyone up after the conduits are deactivated and then do some damage before they’re activated again.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Be prepared for spikey damage.
  • Track the players who are assigned to the conduits.
  • Use Tiger’s Lust to help them outrun the orbs.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (Optional)

  • Crane stance is viable when the conduits aren’t active and the party doesn’t take too much damage.


Trash up to Kyrak

  • Black Iron Engineer – Debilitating Ray
  • Black Iron Alchemist – Rejuvenating Serum
  • Drakonid Monstrocity – Monstruos Swipe, Eruption (frontal cone)

The pack before Kyrak inheret the same abilities as the boss do. Debilitating Ray needs to be interrupted to avoid damage, Rejuvenating Serum needs to be dispelled with an offensive dispel and don’t stand in front of the Drakonids.


One of the last remaining survivors of Nefarian’s twisted experiments, Kyrak was spared by the Iron Horde and tasked with finding ways to preserve and fortify the few Black Dragonflight eggs remaining in the Spire Rookery. Iron Horde emissaries quickly struck a deal with the cunning dragon.

List of Abilities

Kyrak - Debilitating FixationDebilitating Fixation (Interruptible)
Kyrak fixates on a target and channels a beam of debilitating energy, inflicting 17,500 Shadow damage every 1 sec, decreases movement speed and damage dealt.

Kyrak - Rejuvenating SerumRejuvenating Serum (Magic effect)
Drinks a potion, healing 8% of maximum health every 3 sec for 9 sec.

Kyrak - Vileblood SerumVileblood Serum
Poison erupts from the target’s skin, creating puddles that inflict 21,750 Nature damage every 1.50 sec.

Kyrak - Salve of Toxic FumesSalve of Toxic Fumes (Poison effect) (Heroic)
Covers the target in toxic poison, inflicting 19,500 Nature damage every 1.5 sec to all nearby allies.

Drakonid Monstrocity

Kyrak - Monstrous Swipe (Drakonid Monstrocity)Monstrous Swipe
Attacks have a chance to cleave enemies for 34,010 Physical damage.

Kyrak - Eruption (Darkonid Monstrocity)Eruption
Flames erupt in a line in front of the caster, inflicting 78,000 Fire damage instantly and disorients enemies, inflicting an additional 6,500 Fire damage every 1 sec for 3 sec.

Healing Strategy

This overgrown monster to a boss sports two adds that needs to killed as fast as possible. The tank will start the fight by pulling the boss and the adds. During the adds’ short lifetime they’ll hammer away at the tank, so be prepared for initial heavy tank damage. The rest of the party should also watch their cleave and ground effects to avoid unnecessary damage. Healing cooldowns should be used at the start of the fight!

Vileblood Serum

Kyrak will try to fixate on a player with Debilitating Fixation, which should be interrupted otherwise the fixated player will start to take a lot of damage. He’ll also heal himself with a buff called Rejuvenating Serum, that should be dispelled by classes with appropriate spells. From time to time he’ll also spit out green puddles of slime on party members, called Vileblood Serum. Avoid these but be prepared for party damage if people don’t run out of them.

On heroic, Kyrak will cast Salve of Toxic Fumes on random players, causing them to pulse damage to anyone nearby. Detox all players from this debuff before they cause too much damage! This needs to be dispelled with Detox as soon as possible.

In short, be prepared for initial tank damage. Don’t stand in puddles and dispel the debuffs. Make sure to put a Transcendence somewhere safe, allowing you a fast escape path if you have been trapped by too many puddles. If you feel comfortable enough you can end the fight in Crane stance.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent stance

  • Be prepared for heavy tank damage at start. Use Life Cocoon and Xuen almost immediately.
  • Dispel Salve of Toxic Fumes.
  • Avoid the Vileblood Serum puddles.
  • Don’t stand too close to the adds.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane stance (optional)

  • Interrupt Debilitating Fixation.
  • Use Transcendence to navigate the room easier.


Trash up to Commander Tharbek

  • Black Iron Veterans – Shield Smash, Sunder Armor
  • Black Iron Elite – Intimidating Shout, Berserker Charge
  • Black Iron Siegebreakers – Frenzy, Smash
  • Black Iron Summoners – Fireball, Frost Nova, Summon Black Iron Dreadweaver / Veteran
  • Black Iron Dreadweaver – Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt Volley (AoE), Veil of Shadows (reduced healing taken)
  • Vilemaw Hatchling

There is a lot of trash to deal with before you can fight Tharbek. The most dangerous ones are the Elites, which do a charge that can knock you all the way back to the Rooster if you don’t position yourself well. The Siegebreakers will hurt like a truck and should have their enrage effect dispelled to survive the damage. And if the Summoners are left alone they will call in a lot of friends, which will quickly overwhelm you unless you interrupt their ability.

Commander Tharbek

A cunning warrior of the Warsong clan, Tharbek was entrusted with the task of leading the expeditionary Ironmarch assault through the Dark Portal. Following Garrosh’s instructions, he made his way to the home of the Blackrock orcs in Azeroth to rally forces for the next phase of the operation.

List of Abilities.

Commander Tharbek - Iron AxeIron Axe
Commander Tharbek
Inflicts 58,000 Physical damage and causes the target to bleed for 2,600 Physical damage every 1.50 sec for 6 sec.

Commander Tharbek - Iron ReaverIron Reaver
Charges a target, inflicting 74,100 to 81,900 Physical damage to anyone in the way.

Commander Tharbek - Imbued Iron AxeImbued Iron Axe
Throws a whirling axe, inflicting 49,400 to 54,600 Fire damage to nearby enemies.

Commander Tharbek - Iron RageIron Rage
Damage inflicted increased by 50%.

Ironbarb Skyreaver

Commander Tharbek - Incinerating Breath (Ironbarb Skyreaver)Incinerating Breath
Breathes a cone of fire, inflicting 35,000 Fire damage every 1 sec, and increases Fire damage taken by 50%. This effect stacks.

Commander Tharbek - Noxious Spit (Ironbarb Skyreaver)Noxious Spit
Creates a puddle of acid, inflicting 32,500 Nature damage every 1.50 sec.

Healing Strategy

rylakTharbek starts the fight on his Ironbarb Skyreaver mount. The skyreaver spits out noxious puddles at random location and cast Incinerating Breath; a high damage cone which applies a debuff that increases fire damage taken, which stacks. Both abilities should be avoided.

The skyreaver should be killed as quickly as possible. When the mount is at 50% health, Tharbek also becomes active which means you have to deal with them both.

Commander Tharbek has four abilities. He does a bleed which deal heavy damage (Iron Axe), a charge which should be avoided (Iron Reaver), casts an axe that serves as a moving AoE effect, which should also be avoided (Imbued Iron Axe) and lastly an enrage which causes him to deal 50% more damage when he is at 70% health (Iron Rage, not dispelable)

The tank will take heavy damage during the bleed, and when Tharbek become enraged!

As a healer, it’s your priority to avoid all of the environment effects and AoE that’s in play, while you focus the tank. The DPS shouldn’t take too much damage unless they get hit by the fire breath, stand in puddles or get hit by an axe. But they can also get the bleed which cause high damage. Be prepared to heal them if that happens!

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Stance

  • Avoid Ironbound Skyreaver’s Incinerating Breath.
  • Avoid Ironbound Skyreaver’s Noxious Spit.
  • Avoid Commander Tharbek’s charge called “Iron Reaver”.
  • Avoid Imbued Iron Axes.
  • Be prepared for heavy tank damage when both the Skyreaver and Commander Tharbek are active.
  • Be prepared for heavy tank damage during Iron Rage.
  • Use personal cooldown if affected by Iron Axe bleed.
  • Use party cooldown after Iron Rage if the party gets too low.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane stance

  • Touch of Death is really helpful when the boss gets low in health, since at that point you want to kill him as fast as possible!


Trash up to Ragewing

  • Black Iron Groundshaker – Intimidating Roar, Earthpounder (frontal cone)
  • Black Iron Drake-Keeper – Flame Chain (AoE)

The path to Ragewing is cluttered with Groundshakers and Drake-keepers. Groundshakers does a frontal cone, Earthpounder, that more or less one-shot you unless you are a tank. Don’t stand in it. The Drake-Keeper will try to run away and free some packs of whelps, unless interrupted.

Ragewing the Untamed

Ragewing is a gargantuan proto-drake raised in the Twilight Highlands by the Dragonmaw clan. Her indomitable spirits has kept her from being broken and used as a mount, although she has formed a close bond with Warlord Zaela herself, following her to Blackrock Spire and roosting in its cavernous halls.

Ragewing the Untamed

List of Abilities

Ragewing the Untamed - Engulfing FireEngulfing Fire
Ragewing breathes a cone of fire, inflicting 85,500 to 94,500 Fire damage and disorients enemies for 3 sec.

Ragewing the Untamed - Magma SpitMagma Spit
Ragewing spits magma at an enemy, inflicting 10,400 damage and leaves a puddle of magma.

Ragewing the Untamed - Ripping ClawRipping Claw
Ragewing tears at the target’s flesh, bleeding the target for 5,500 damage every 2 sec for 20 sec.

Ragewing the Untamed - Fire StormFire Storm
Ragewing spits fire, inflicting 30,000 Fire damage to nearby enemies.

Ragewing the Untamed - Burning RageBurning Rage
Increases damage dealt by 15%. Stacks 4 times.

Ragewing Whelp

At 70% health remaining, Ragewing calls upon a brood of whelps to assault the group.

Healing Strategy

This fight will take place on a short bridge with Ragewing flying in the air at the sides. The tank will take heavy damage, while the party will be targeted by Magam Spit, which leaves a pool of magma. The ranged should place these pools by the sides of the bridge to allow more room to move in the middle later in the fight.

At several points in the fight, Ragewing will do Engulfing Breath. The breath does immense damage and will cover the whole bridge, except for a little corner on the opposite side of the bridge from where Ragewing started the breath. In other words, if Ragewing starts breathing to the left, run to the right and hug the wall to avoid the damage. It can be beneficial to have a Transcendence at one end of the bridge, and you have a chance of having an easy escape.

Firestorm AND Lava Spit!
Firestorm AND Lava Spit!

At 70%, she will fly off and call in a whole back of whelps, while bombarding the bridge with Fire storm. The tank should pick up the whelps which should be quickly killed, while the whole party try avoid the fires (Fire storm is indicated by a yellow circle, Magma Spit pools will still remain). Use Roll and Tiger’s Lust to quickly sidestep these. If too many players stand in Fire Storm, it might become quite healing intensive while you have to move yourself. Quickly cast an Enveloping Mist on injured players to allow yourself more time to move.

When the adds are dead she will return to the side of the bridge, and the fight will be like the start of the encounter again. When Ragewing hit 40% health, she will call the adds again. But after killing them this time, Ragewing will descend and land on the bridge. She will not do Engulfing Breath anymore, but will continue to cast Magma Spit on players. Notably, she will also gain a stacking Enrage. Remove this with Soothe, Shiv or Tranquilizing Shot. If you don’t have those abilities available, this is the time to pop healing cooldowns.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • High tank damage when fighting Ragewing.
  • High party damage during add phase.
  • Place Magma Spits at the sides of the bridge to allow more room in the middle.
  • Watch out for Engulfing Breath.
  • During add phase, try to avoid as many Fire Storms as possible.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (Optional)

  • Use Transcendence at either of the sides of the bridge. If Engulfing Breath comes from the opposite side, it’s safe to use.
  • Help AoE down the adds quickly.


Trash up to Warlord Zaela

  • Black Iron Flame Reaver – Flame Shock, Windfury, Windfury Totem
  • Black Iron Rageguards – Shattering Smash, Shockwave

These trash are largely uninteresting. Just remember to kill the Windfury Totems.

Warlord Zaela

When Garrosh instructed the Ironmarch vanguard as to their mission in Azeroth, he urged them to rendevous with an old ally whom he knew would be fierce, loyal, and thirsting for revenge: Zaela, Warlord of the Dragonmaw clan. Now, as she readies a doomsday weapon in the heart of Blackrock Mountain, her moment of vengeance draws near.

List of Abilities

Warlord Zaela - Destructive SmiteDestructive Smite (Deadly) (Heroic)
Warlord Zaela
Inflicts 145,000 damage and knocks the enemy back.

Warlord Zaela - Rebounding BladeRebounding Blade
Throws and ace, inflicting 25,000 Physical damage to the target and bouncing to hit up to 2 more nearby enemies.

Warlord Zaela - Black Iron CycloneBlack Iron Cyclone
Zaela enters a combat frenzy, fixates on a random target, and starts dealing 58,500 Physical damage to all nearby enemies every 1.50 sec.

Emberscale Ironflight

These proto-drakes swoop down to scorch the area during later stages of the fight.

Warlord Zaela - Burning BreathBurning Breath
Breaths a wide line of ire, inflicting 30,875 to 34,125 Fire damage.

Black Iron Wyrm Riders

When Zaela reaches 60% health remaining, she retreats to the back of a nearby proto-drake, and Wyrm riders dismount to attack the party.

Warlord Zaela - Dragon RoarDragon Roar
Roar ferociously, causing [63,300 + 250% of AP] damage to all nearby enemies within 8 yards, knocking them back. Dragon Roar ignores all armor on the target.

Healing Strategy

This fight is a particularly hard fight for Mistweavers, since we’re lacking instants. It is very movement heavy and you have to have complete awareness of your surroundings.

The fight starts on the hanging platform inside Blackrock Mountain. In the first phase of the fight you will only fight Zaela. On occasion she will do Black Iron Cyclone, a heavy damage dealing ability which must be avoided at all cost. She will fixate on a random target and that player has to kite her on the small platform to avoid this ability. Mistweavers should always have a Transcendence ready, in case you get cornered by the Cyclone.

At 60% health, Zaela will leave the area and fly away on her mount. At the same time several Wyrm Riders will spawn that the tank has to pick up. These do a very annoying ability called Dragon Roar, which is a high damage-dealing knockback. Players have to position themselves properly so they won’t get knocked off the platform. They also do a chain pull which can be both annoying and deadly if the adds are standing unfortunately.

At the same time as the Wyrm Riders spawn, Proto-Drakes will join the fight and breathe fire on a section of the platform. This ability is often the one that makes a party wipe, since it reduces the available room for movement and does high damage if players get hit. Luckily, there is a pattern in the drakes’ movements.

There are only 6 spawn points of the drakes. Three from the north and three from the west. Only two drakes will be active at the same time! On the map it looks like this:

Zaela fight

The first dragon will always come from the north, the second at west, the third at north and so forth. It’s easiest to orient yourself if you have a raid marker set on each side. If you put blue in the west section of the arena and green in the north section, it’ll be easier to predict where the next dragon will spawn. To avoid dying or taking high amount of damage, you have to move before they start breathing the fire.

The animation of the Proto-drakes’ Burning Breath stops shortly before the platform ends, but it still covers it from one side to the other. You can’t cheat it by standing at the end of the breath, you will still take damage. Try to look at the platform as a 3 by 3 square, like this:


One breath takes up “3 squares” in this grid, and the two breaths together take up 5, leaving you only 4 squares to move. If both dragon’s use their breath from the centre of both angles, you still have 4 free squares, but they’re in each corner. This is important to be aware of since Warlord Zaela will return to fight while the drakes are active. When she does her cyclone, you must know where you are able to move. As a ranged Mistweaver, you do not want to stack with the tank since you’ll be hit by cyclone then.

For this fight, I dearly recommend using Xuen as soon as the adds spawn. Also have Glyph of Soothing mist to allow you to move faster from the Burning Breath. Since you won’t have much time to channel before you need to move again, try heal with Enveloping Mist on as many targets as possible. Diffuse Magic is also gold if you need to move through the fire!

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Avoid Zaela’s Black Iron Cyclone.
  • Position yourself to avoid getting knocked off the platform by Black Iron Wyrm Rider’s Dragon Roar ability.
  • Avoid the Emberscale Ironflight’s Burning Breath ability.
  • Use Enveloping Mist to heal, so you can move more often.
  • Xuen and Glyph of Soothing Mist are both recommended for this fight.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (Optional)

  • Crane stance can be tricky to use in this fight since it’s not very melee friendly. It’s best used at the end to kill Zaela as quickly as possible. I managed to save the fight by a last second Touch of Death when it was only me left standing.

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