Shadowmoon Burial Grounds


The traditional burial grounds of the Shadowmoon clan are the final resting place for countless of generations of ancestors. The fallen chieftain Ner’zhul, in the depths of his depravity, has sacrificed the very soul of his clan in a desperate quest for power. Now the ancestral spirits are restless, tormented and used to fuel dark rituals that will pull all of Draenor into the void if allowed to run their course.


Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Map


Trash up to Sadana Bloodfury

  • Shadowmoon Bone-Mender – Shadowbolt, Shadow Mend (heal), Shadow Word: Frailty (snare effect), Rattling Bones (AoE)
  • Reanimated Ritual Bones – Void Cleave
  • Void Spawn – Void Pulse (AoE)
  • Shadowmoon Loyalist – Shadowbolt, Undefined ability (the shadow orb ability)
  • Defiled Spirit

The way up till Sadana Bloodfury is filled with some dangerous mobs. Most notably Void Spawns, which are big shadow elementals. These do an interruptible ability called Void Pulse, which does very high party damage. These must be interrupted, and Mistweavers should stand beside it and help out with Spear Hand Strike and Leg Sweep.

purple runes
Don’t step on the runes!

Once you dealt with the first Void Spawn, you can choose to go left or right, it doesn’t matter which way you go. You’ll meet a pack of trash just beside some ritual altar with runes marked in a circle around it. Firstly, it’s important note to step on these purple runes since they take away a big chunk of your HP. Secondly, don’t stand too close to the pack, since Loyalists cast out some sort of shadow orb. This orb travel with slow speed, but it must be avoided since it also does high damage.

When this pack is dealt with, you turn the corner and deal with a group of Corpse Skitterlings which are an incredibly boring sort of enemy. Then jump down in hole in the ground (I’ve marked it on the map). Make sure to dismiss all pets before jumping down, otherwise they’ll take the stairs at the other end and aggro another pack of trash.

Just before Sadana, you have two more Void Spawns to deal with. Help out with interrupts here as well!

Sadana Bloodfury

Sadana Bloodfury is a powerful acolyte of the Shadowmoon clan, deeply connected to the lunar cycles. When the whispers of the dark star worked their way into the hearts of the Shadowmoon, Sadana followed her chieftain Ner’zhul into their clan’s burial grounds, using her powers to lure the spirits of the dead for a twisted purpose.

List of Abilities

Sadana Bloodfury - Deathspike DaggerfallDeathspike (Tank alert)
Successful melee attacks have a chance to grant three additional melee attacks which inflict 30,000 Shadow damage.

Sadana Bloodfury - Dark CommunionDark Communion (Important!)
Beckons a spirit towards the caster, consuming them if they get within range.
If devoured, this unit heals the caster for 20% of their life, and increases their damage done by 10%.

Sadana Bloodfury - Deathspike DaggerfallDaggerfall
Sadana conjures a sacrificial dagger over a random player, inflicting 65,000 Shadow damage on impact. The dagger remains in the ground, burning players within 4 yards for 27,500 Shadow damage per second.

Sadana Bloodfury - Whispers of the Dark StarWhisper of the Dark Star
Inflicts 14,000 Shadow damage to all enemies every second.

Sadana Bloodfury - EcpliseDark Eclipse (Deadly) (Important!)
Channels a Dark Ecplise, inflicting 160,000 Shadow damage to all players, and corrupting Lunar Runes.

Sadana Bloodfury - Lunar PurityLunar Purity
Lunar rays of purity bathes you in a divine light, decreases damage taken by 80%.

Healing Strategy

This fight will require environment awareness and some stuns! Again, stepping on Purple Runes will do huge damage. Avoid them at all cost.

During the entire fight, Sadana will summon daggers which pulse with dark energy. These will always spawn on players, which means you can place them properly. Once they’re in the ground, they’ll pulsate damage to everyone standing within 4 yds. Since there will be quite a lot of them, I recommend that ranged stand at the outer circle of the room (outside the circle of purple runes), to place them as far away as possible. This will allow the party to move more freely in the centre.

One of her deadly abilities is Whispers of the Dark Star which does unavoidable ticking damage to all in your party. If you stand beside one of the daggers when she does this, you’ll most likely die. Healing cooldowns should be saved for this ability, either the second or third time she does it.

One important ability she does is Dark Communion. An add will spawn at the opposite side of the room from where Sadana stands. If this add reaches her, she will be healed for 40% of her health. This means the add must die quickly before she can consume it. It can be stunned or snared to give DPS some time to kill it. If it’s close to the boss, Mistweavers can help out with Touch of Death.

white moons
Lunar Runes

At some point during the fight, Sadana will do Dark Eclipse. You’ll notice this, since the whole room will go dark. The eclipse does fatal damage to players. You will have to step on one of the shiny Lunar Runes in the centre circle to get the Lunar Purity buff, which reduces damage taken by 80%, to survive the eclipse. You only need to step on the moons once to get the buff, then you can return to the boss.

The party will take most damage during Whispers of the Dark star, and you should save Revival and Xuen for these moments. Save it for the second or third time she does it however. The damage can be mitigated with Diffuse Magic and Fortifying Brew.

Players will also take spikey damage if they stand close to the daggers or walk on the purple runes. If they don’t take the Lunar Purity buff during Dark Eclipse, they’ll likely die.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Avoid stepping on purple runes.
  • Avoid standing to close to the daggers.
  • Try to place the daggers on the outside ring by standing there at all times.
  • Step on the Lunar Runes during Dark Eclipse to avoid getting killed.
  • The party will take high damage during Whispers of the Dark Star.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Use Leg Sweep to stun the add during Dark Communion.
  • Help the DPS by using Touch of Death on the add.


Trash up to Nhallish

  • Shadowmoon Enslaver – Domination (channel), Rending Voidlash (channel)
  • Subjugated Soul
  • Shadowmoon Exhumer – Void Bolt, Exhume the Crypts (summon exhumed spirits)
  • Exhumed Spirit

Enslavers has two abilities. Domination is channel towards the Subjugated Spirit (it looks like a yellow beam), which buffs the Soul’s damage. Rending Voidlash is a channel towards a random player (red beam), which does high amount of damage.

Graves can spawn adds

Exhumer will summon the dead with the ability Exhume the Crypts. Exhumed spirits will spawn, which won’t do anything too dramatic. However, close to room where Nhallish is, there are several graves. If you step on them, more Exhumed Spirits will arise. You should however clear some of them before the boss fight and then try to avoid the graves.


When Ner’zhul tore the fabric of reality and allowed the Void to spill into the ritual burial grounds of the Shadowmoon clan, the malefic spirit Nhallish came through that rift in search of souls upon which to feed. Ancient and born of pure darkness, Nhallish seeks to devour all life.


List of Abilities

Nhallish - Planar ShiftPlanar Shift
The caster twists the flow of void energy around himself, preparing to teleport towards an enemy within 150 yards.

Nhallish - Void VortexVoid Vortex
A powerful vortex pulls enemies towards the centre, inflicting 21,000 Shadow damage each second.

Nhallish - Void BlastVoid Blast
A dark energy tears at your flesh, inflicting 49,000 Shadow damage every second.

Void DevastationVoid Devastation
Channelling a dark energy, launching bolts of Shadow magic for 15 sec.

Nhallish - Soul StealSoul Steal
Nhallish periodically tears players’ spirits from their bodies, dealing damage until they subdue and recapture their soul.

Nhallish - Soul ShredSoul Shred
Tears the soul from an enemy’s body, inflicting 6,500 Shadow damage every 1 sec. Enemies who recapture their soul within 20 sec will be empowered by Returned Soul.

Nhallish - Returned SoulReturned Soul
Successfully recovering your soul empowers you, increases all damage and healing done by 40% for 20 sec.

Healing Strategy

This encounter is fairly straightforward. The tank will engage Nhallish, who does a high damage frontal cone called Void Blast. Avoid this by not standing in front of Nhallish, even at range.

At some point during the fight, he’ll do Planar Shift and spawn on a random player. Directly afterwards, he’ll do Void Vortex which pulls everyone towards the centre where the players take ticking damage. Try outrunning this with Roll and Tiger’s List!

Void devastation
Void Devastation

He will also cast out Void Devastation everywhere in the room, which looks like big purple runes on the ground. There will be a small indicator where they’ll land, so step lively to avoid taking damage.

His signature ability is Soul Shred. He tears your soul away from your body, which causes you to shift into another plane. You’ll be alone and your only way to get back to the normal world is to subdue your soul by damaging it. Once it’s subdued, click on the remains of the possessed soul to return to the normal world.

This fight is fairly easy to heal. Players can however take very spikey damage if they stand in Void Devastation. Once you return your possessed soul, it might take a few second before the other players spawn. Meanwhile, they can take high amount of damage, which means you must be quick to heal them up as soon as you are able.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Run out of Nhallish’s Void Vortex.
  • Don’t stand in Void Devastation.
  • Once Soul Shred has shifted you into another plane, subdue your spirit and click the remains.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Use Transcendence in a safe corner if you need to get out of the vortex quickly.
  • Use Touch of Death on your spirit to enter the normal world as quickly as possible.


Trash up to Bonemaw

  • Monstruous Corpse Spider – Death Venom, Necrotic Burst
  • Corpse Skitterling
  • Plagued Bat – Plague Spit (stacking poison)
  • Carrion Worm – Body Slam (frontal cone), Fetid Spit

Ther will be more Enslavers after Nhallish, which should be dealt with in the same way as before. Consider CC some of them to make the damage more manageable.

Afterwards you’ll meet Monstruous Corpse Spider, which do an ability called Necrotic Burst. This ability does high amount of damage and should be interrupted. There will be some bats flying close to where you stand when you engage the spiders. These can be avoided if you hug the wall.

When you go down the path, you’ll end up meeting more spiders and Shadowmoon Exhumers. Afterwards, there is a bridge up to Bonemaw. Carrion Worms will spawn at the side of the bridge while Plagued Bats will join the fight. If Carrion Worms doesn’t have a melee target, they will start casting Fetid Spit on random targets. Try to avoid their Body Slams as well. The Plagued Bats cast a stacking poison on the tank, which doesn’t need to be dispelled until it’s at 3-4 stacks (it applies quite often).


Deep within the subterranean caverns under Shadowmoon Valley, the carrion worm Bonemaw haa symbiotic relationship with Ner’zhul’s followers: The creature feasts upon the dead left in the wake of the Shadowmoon cult’s dark rituals, and in return it serves as a formidable guardian of Ner’zhul’s inner sanctum.

List of Abilities

Bonemaw - Necrotic PitchNectrotic Pitch
Bonemaw 2
Bonemaw spews a Necrotic Pitch over a random player’s location, inflicting 12,000 Shadow damage every second and reducing movement speed by 75%.

Ner'zhul - Ritual of BonesCorpse Breath
Inflicts 10,000 Shadow damage to all enemies every second.

Bonemaw - Fetid SpitFetid Spit
Bonemaw slimes his current target with fetid spit, inflicts 55,000 Nature damage to the enemy target.
If he has no valid targets in melee range, he will spit uncontrollably.

Bonemaw - Body SlamBody Slam
Bonemaw thrusts his body forward, inflicting 115,000 Physical damage to enemies in front of him and knocking them back.

Bonemaw - InhaleInhale (Important!) (Deadly)
Inhales enemies at an increasingly powerful rate. If player is caught in his deadly maw, they suffer 130,000 Nature damage and are removed from the platform.

Carrion Worm

Bonemaw - Fetid SpitFetid Spit
Inflicts 26,000 Nature damage to the enemy target.
If left without any valid melee targets, this unit will spit uncontrollably.

Healing strategy

This is one of the harder fights in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, if you are not aware of how to avoid Bonemaw’s deadly ability Inhale. Players will also take spikey damage if they’re standing in Body Slam, or remains in Necrotic Pitch for too long.

At the start of the fight, Bonemaw will simply hit the tank with Fetid Spit and do several Body Slams in random directions. The Body Slams are easily avoided! He will also cast Necrotic Pitch at ranged players, which leaves a black pool with undead hands sticking out of them. Standing in these will cause ticking damage while ensnaring you. Now these may seem like unimportant ground effects, but they will come in handy later.

Necrotic pitch
Necrotic Pitch

Bonemaw’s deadly ability Inhale causes all players to be dragged towards the carrion’s maw. If caught by Bonemaw, the player will suffer extremely high damage and then be spit out in the water. When you get the Inhale warning, run towards the opposite direction of Bonemaw. The Necrotic Pitches I mentioned earlier will ensnare you, keeping you in place without being moved by the Inhale. The ticking damage is however quite high, so it best if at first you try speed increases like Roll or Tiger’s Lust to outrun the Inhale. But it does get stronger by the second, so eventually you’ll have to stand in the Necrotic Pitch.

Geysers can return you to the platform!

If you do get in Inhaled, and somehow survives, you’ll be spit out in the water. You can get up on the platform by the help of geyser which are placed around it.

When Bonemaw has done his first Inhale, he’ll summon two Carrion Worms. These have the exact abilities as Bonemaw does (except the Inhale, luckily). When these are up, melees should stand by them and kill them. If the carrion worms don’t have a melee target, their Fetid Spit will also go out of control!

During the add phase, you’ll have to deal with three Body Slams at the same while. Bonemaw will still do his deadly Inhale ability, so keep track of where the Necrotic Pitches are. Kill the adds then finish the boss!

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Avoid Body Slam.
  • Run away from Inhale, either with Roll + Tiger’s Lust or stand in Necrotic Pitch to avoid getting sucked into Bonemaw’s mouth.
  • Players who get inhaled will either die or be nearly dead.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • If no one is standing in melee of the Carrion Worms, you can help out by doing it.
  • Help kill the adds.


Trash up to Ner’zhul

There will only be two packs of trash up till Ner’zhul. First a pack with spiders and bats. Interrupt the spiders’ Necrotic Burst and detox the tank from stacks of Plague Spit. The last pack is two Void Spawns which should be interrupted/stunned.


Ner’zhul, chieftan and elder shaman of the Shadowmoon clan, sacrificed the heart and soul of his tribe in an attempt to join the Iron Horde. He has now retreated to his clan’s ancient burial grounds as his ventures even further along a dark path, embracing the power of the Void and the necromantic arts.

List of Abilities

Ner'zhul - MalovenceMalevolence
Ner’zhul casts a shadow of void energy, inflicting 110,000 Shadow damage to all enemies in a line in front of him. Afflicted players will have their damage reduced by 50%.

Ner'zhul - Omen of DeathOmen of Death
Ner’zhul falls into a trance, showing a players a vision of their own death. Void energy rips through the sky, inflicting up to 50,000 Shadow damage, based in the proximity to the effect.

Ner'zhul - Ritual of BonesRitual of Bones (Important!) (Deadly)
Ner’zhul summons an army of shadow and death which marches across his platform, eradicating all life in its path.
Tendrils of void bind the ritual bones together, inflicting 39,000 Shadow per second to those who cross their threshold.

Healing Strategy

The golden rule of WoW is that just because a boss has few abilities, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an easy boss. This is one of the cases.

Ner’zhul has three simple, yet deadly mechanics. The first you will notice is his frontal cone Malevolence. He casts this frequently towards his current target, which means the tank has to face it away from the raid.

Omen of death
Omen of Death

His second ability is Omen of Death. This befalls a random ranged player, which does huge amount of damage and leaves a ground effect which does ticking damage. The damage increases the closer you are to it, which means you want to be as far away from it as possible. Ranged players (including the healer) can place these Omens strategically, by standing at the edges of the arena. This way it’s easier to avoid their deadly damage.

Ner’zhul’s third ability is Ritual of Bones. Now this has a high DPS alert. The boss summons a wall of undead that walks from one end of the arena to the other end. If players are caught in their effect, you’ll most likely die. The only way to survive it is by killing one of the vanguard adds, which creates a hole in which to escape their deadly ability.

Ritual of bones
Ritual of Bones

During the Ritual of Bones, Ner’zhul will continue to cast Malevolence. The tank has to be careful not to direct this ability into your escape path, since it will hurt your whole party. Just directly after Ritual of Bones has passed, or even a little bit before, Ner’zhul will cast the next Omen of Death. If players are escaping through the hole in the wall of undead, they might place it in the middle of the arena. You can avoid this by simply stand at the edge of the arena and let the Ritual of Bones pass you. It is not necessary to run through the hole, although it can be instinctive. Just don’t touch the purple smoke!

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Avoid Malevolence.
  • Don’t stand close to Omen of Death.
  • Don’t touch the wall of undead during Ritual of Bones.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • You can help out DPS by using Touch of Death on one of the adds during Ritual of Bones.


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