Iron Docks


On the northern coast of Gorgrond, the Iron Docks represent the heart of the Iron Horde’s naval might. Huge warships and artillery, forged and assembled within the Blackrock Foundry, are readied for war within this massive port. The greatest beats of Draenor are broken and trained alongside elite infantry units, compromising the ground troops that will surge ashore to break the will of any who would dare oppose the Iron Horde.


Iron Docks Map

Trash up to Fleshrender Nok’gar

  • Champion Druna (mini boss) – Burning Arrows, Barbed Arrow Barrage (AoE clutter)
  • Pitwarden Gwarnok (mini boss) – Bladestorm, Chain Drag, Charging Slash (random charge), Bladestorm
  • Siegemaster Olugar (mini boss) – Gatecrasher (AoE), Shattering Strike (AoE)
  • Grom’kar Flameslinger – Barbed Arrow Barrage, Flaming Arrows (debuff)
  • Grom’kar Battlemaster – Hardened (stun immunity), Charging Slash (random charge) , Bladestorm
  • Grom’kar Footsoldier – Charging Slash (random charge), Demoralizing Roar (damage reduction), Hardened (stun immunity)
  • Grom’kar Incinerator – Shrapnel Blast (frontal cone)
  • Grom’kar Deadeye – Leg Shot (slow)
  • Grom’kar Technician – High Explosive Grenade, Fling Hammer, Grease Vial

Trash heaven. Or hell, depending on your preferences. There will be three mini bosses. Druna will call archers to blast some arrows at the party, which are avoidable. Olugar likes to do party damage with Gatecrasher and Shattering Strike, the latter only hitting people within range. Gwarnok does some annoying chain pulls on random players. The rest of the trash inherent some of the bosses abilities and should be dealt with in the same way. The Techinician do however have one ability where they fling a Grease Vial on the ground and if you do in sort of ability while standing in it, you’ll be stunned. Great. But many of the packs can be avoided!

Fleshrender Nok’gar

The fierce Warsong warleader has risen rapidly through the ranks of the Iron Horde, and now commands a battalion of orcish soldiers. From atop his wolf Dreadfang, he surveys their drilling and preparation as they ready themselves to lead a naval assault on Shattrath.

List of Abilities

Fleshrender Nok’gar

Fleshrender Nok'gar - Barbed Arrow BarrageBarbed Arrow Barrage
Signals Grom’kar Archers to release a barrage of arrows that rain down from above inflicting 70,000 Physical damage.

Fleshrender Nok'gar - Burning ArrowsBurning Arrows
Signals Grom’kar Flameslingers to launch a continuous volley of flaming arrows, leaving a burning trail on the ground that inflict 24,000 Fire damage every 1 sec.

Fleshrender Nok'gar - Reckless ProvocationReckless Provocation (Important!)
Nok’gar howls an intimidating warsong. Striking him during its effect will cause the attacker to flee in fear.


Fleshrender Nok'gar - Bloodletting HowlBloodletting Howl (Important!)
Dreadfang howls, causing his allies to inflicts 30% additional Physical damage for 8 sec.

Fleshrender Nok'gar - Savage MaulingSavage Mauling
Dreadfang snarls and leaps towards his prey mauling them savagely, reducing their movement speed by 45% and inflicting 19,500 Physical damage every 1 sec. for 6 sec.

Fleshrender Nok'gar - Shredding SwipesShredding Swipes
Dreadfang lunges forward gnawing everyone caught in his path, inflicting 65,000 Physical damage.

Healing Strategy

Reckless Provocation - do not attack!
Reckless Provocation – do not attack!

This is a very easy tank and spank fight. You’ll start off by killing Nok’gar’s mount Dreadfang. The fight will require some movement when the boss call down arrows. The Burning Arrows leave a trail of fire that can do immense damage unless avoided.

Nog’kar will also cast Reckless Provocation. If you hit the boss during this ability, you will be feared. The ability is easily spotted since Nok’gar will be encased in a big red bubble.

The most common point of failure is that people stand in fire. Be ready with some heavy spot healing if people don’t move. The tank will need a lot of attention as well, especially when dealing with Dreadfang. Make sure you have cleared the area from trash as well, you’ll need a lot of room to move when the Burning Arrows come.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Don’t stand in fire.
  • Tank will take heavy damage.
  • People who stand in fire will take heavy damage.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Help kill Dreadfang.
  • Nok’gar cannot be directly targeted or attacked while mounted.
  • Don’t attack Nok’gar during Reckless Provocation.


Trash up to Grimrail Enforcers

  • Ogron Laborer – Thundering Stomp (AoE)
  • Grom’kar Chainmaster
  • Grom’kar Deckhand

There is a long road up to the Grimrail Enforcers. Ogron Laborer will be the ones that do most damage, so be prepared for some tank damage. At the soutwestern point of the maps you’ll have three gigantic Iron Stars close to the wall. If you right-click these you can aim and cast them away at several packs of trash. This provide you with an easy path to the southern corridor.

In the southern corridor you’ll meet a few easy packs, but you’ll be bombarded by Koramar from the ship “FIRE! FIRE! …*sigh*… AIM, THEN FIRE!”.  The Cannon Barrage will come in periods. When it’s active you need to hide behind the stack of boxes, usually where the packs of trash are. As soon as the Cannon Barrage ends, you need to sprint to the next safe zone. When you reach the Grimrail Enforcers, the Cannon Barrage will end.

Grimrail Enforcers

The Grimrail Enforcers are elite mercenaries in the employ of the Blackfuse Company, hired to protect the trains that run through Gorgrond. The trio consists of a Burning Blade swordsman, a goblin engineer, and a shaman who is versed in dark blood magic. The sole threads that bind them are greed and zeal for killing.

List of Abilities

Ahri’ok Dugru

Grimrail Enforcers - Blood BoltBlood Bolt
Grimrail Enforcers
Ahri’ok Dugru conjures a black miasma and releases a bolt of blood, inflicting 35,000 Shadow damage.

Grimrail Enforcers - Blood BoltSanguine Sphere (Important!)
Ahri’ok summons an orb of blood to protect her most injured ally, absorbing 360,000 damage. The shield will trigger a groupwide heal if broken by damage.

Grimrail Enforcers - Abrupt RestorationAbrupt Restoration
A surge of power is released, healing 10% of max health every 1 sec for 3 sec.

Grimrail Enforcers - Tainted BloodTainted Blood
Ahri’ok manifests a foul toxin that ravages your body, inflicting 23,000 Nature damage every 2 sec for 10 sec.

Makogg Emberblade

Grimrail Enforcers - Flaming SlashFlaming Slash
Makogg dashes forward spinning his massive blade, inflicting 84,000 Fire damage to all enemies.

Grimrail Enforcers - Lava SweepLava Sweep
Makogg slashed his burning blade with ferocity and conjures crashing waves of lava, inflicting 50,000 Fire damage.

Neesa Nox

Grimrail Enforcers - Gut ShotGutshot
Fires a slug inflicting 24,000 Physical damage.

Grimrail Enforcers - MalfunctioningMalfunctioning Jumper Cables 9000-XL
Neesa’s jumper cables crackle and release a chain of lightning, inflicting 30,000 Nature damage to 3 enemies.

Grimrail Enforcers - Ogre TrapsOgre Traps
Neesa anticipates your movements and carefully calibrates her trap launcher, flinging 8 ogre traps around your feet.

Grimrail Enforcers - Shredded TendonsShredded Tendons
Ogre traps snap closed around your ankles, slowing your movement speed by 15% and inflicting 11,000 Physical damage every 1 sec for 7 sec.


Grimrail Enforcers - Big BoomBig Boom
Bombsquad primes his core and charges towards an enemy, inflicting 60,000 Fire damage to enemies within 7 yards upon detonation.

 Healing Strategy

For this trio I would recommend this kill order: Arhi’ok Dugru > Neesa Nox > Makogg Emberblade. Ahri does a absorb shield which is very annoying, so she’s prio number one. Neesa does AoE, which makes her number two. Makogg has some really high damaging abilities, but they’re very easily avoided, which makes him the least to worry about.

Sanguine Sphere - Do not attack!
Sanguine Sphere – Switch target!

The first Enforcer is Ahri. Her most prominent ability is Sanguine Sphere which is an absorb she puts on one of the most injured Enforcers. If this shield is broken, then all the Enforcers will be healed. If you start off with DPSing Ahri, she will put the shield on herself. When this shield is up, switch to Neesa during its effect to avoid breaking the shield. The shield will wear off after a while. She will also cast Tainted Blood on random players, which is a disease effect. Mistweavers can dispel this with Detox.

Ogre Traps
Ogre Traps

Neesa has a Chain Lightning-esque ability with a too long name, which hits 3 targets. She will also “calling in the bomb squads” at times, which is a small bomb that comes trampling. This bomb has a short detonation time before exploding, “Big Boom”, which does quite an amount of damage. On occasion, Neesa will put ogre traps in a radius around a random target. Do not step in these since you’ll shred your tendons and hurt your feet.

Makogg has two simple abilities: Flaming Slash and Lava Sweep. Flaming Slash is a frontal charge, which does high amount of damage. It is easily avoided however, since he’ll turn in a direction and then wait a moment before releasing the charge. His ability Lava Sweep is frontal cone lava waves which can also be avoided.

Party damage is highest at the start of the fight when the whole trio is alive. Also, if any party member decides to stand in bad stuff, they’ll suffer some spikey damage. Remember to dispel Tainted Blood as well.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Dispel Tainted Blood
  • Avoid Flaming Slash and Lava Sweep
  • Avoid Ogre Traps
  • Avoid Bomb Squad’s Big Boom
  • Damage peak at the start of the fight

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Kill order: Arhi’ok Dugru > Neesa Nox > Makogg Emberblade
  • Never hit on a boss affected by Sanguine Sphere


Trash up to Oshir

  • Siegemaster Rokra (mini boss) – Gatecrasher (AoE), Shattering Strike (AoE)
  • Rampaging Clefthoof – Trampling Stampede, Frenzy (enrage effect), Gushing Wounds (bleed effect)
  • Thunderlord Wrangler – Disengage, Serrated Spear (bleed effect)
  • Ironwing Flamespitter – Lava Blast, Lava Barrage (ground effect)

These are quite easy packs. Just don’t stand in the Ironwing’s fire and note which players get the bleed effects. Siegemaster Rokra is more or less identical to the previous Siegemaster Olagur.


Once a savage predator who prowled the Spires of Arak, feared and respected within his pride, the saberon Oshir fell into a Thunderlord snare and was brought to Gorgrond to be broken and trained as an Iron Horde combatant. Not a day passes that Oshir does not dream of tasting his captor’s blood.

List of Abilities

Oshir - Time to FeedTime to Feed (Deadly)
Oshir pins his prey to the ground and rends them furiously, inflicting 24,500 Physical damage every 1 sec for 20 sec.

Oshir - Feeding FrenzyFeeding Frenzy (Important!)
Oshir enters a feeding frenzy and must be damaged for 8% of his maximum health to release his victim.

Fleshrender Nok'gar - Shredding SwipesPrimal Assault (Tank alert)
Oshir charges towards his prey, brutally mauling enemies in his path for 100,000 Physical damage.

Oshir - BreakoutBreakout
Oshir leaps to a cage, unleashes the caged beast trapped inside.

Ravenous Wolf

When released, each Ravenous Wolf in the pack fixated in a different enemy.

Oshir - Strength of the Pack (Ravenous Wolf)Strength of the Pack (Important!) (Heroic)
Increases damage dealt by 25% for each nearby Ravenous Wolf.

Rylak Skyterror

When released, the Skyterror takes to the skies and begins to attack enemies with acid spit.

Oshir - Acid Spit (Rylak Skyterror)Acid Spit
The Rylak Skyterror fires an Acid Spit at an enemy, inflicting 30,000 Nature damage to enemies within 6 yards and creating an Acid Splash for 30 sec.

Healing Strategy

This Saberon is out for blood, preferably yours but he isn’t so picky. During the fight you have to deal with Oshir’s two high damaging abilities while he runs around and releases animals from cages. These want your blood as well.

Primal Assault
Primal Assault

Primal Assault is a charge that can be avoided. He starts running towards a random player while frenetically mauling the air. Caught in his claws will cause high damage, so you need to sidestep this ability quickly.

During Feeding Frenzy he’ll actually start eating on a player and won’t stop until you have damaged him for 8% of his health. Players who gets munched take high damage and will need your attention.

At some points during the fight, Oshir will take his time to release some friends from the other cages. You can either get Rylak on your neck or a pack of Ravenous Wolves. The Rylak spits acid all over the ground, which can quickly decrease your room for manouvering. Preferably, a ranged should shoot it down before the ground becomes too cluttered. The Pack of Wolf will however fixate on each player. To make it easier to kill them, try to stack on each other and cleave them down.

Points of high damage are when players get caught in Primal Assault or gets eaten by Oshir. If the Rylak isn’t killed quickly enough, you might be cut off from the rest of the group by all the acid on the ground. Try to stay with your group as far as possible, while dodging the Primal Assault.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Avoid Oshir’s Primal Assault
  • Focus players who gets eaten by Oshir
  • Party should stack if a pack of Ravenous Wolves are released and cleave them down
  • Avoid Acid Spit by the Rylak Skyterror

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Help cleave down the wolves.
  • Do not get caught in Primal Assault.



The mighty gronn Skullock represents one of the great successes of the Iron Horde’s subjugation of the giants of Gorgrond. Towering over the Grom’kar forces, and fitted with a pair of cannons that would feel at home on any ironclad warships, Skulloc stands ready to unleash destruction at the behest of his new masters.

List of Abilities


Skulloc - Cannon BarrageCannon Barrage (Important!) (Deadly)
Skulloc bosses
Barrages enemies with his cannons, inflicting 45,000 Fire damage to enemies within 9 yards of the blast.

Skulloc - BackdraftBackdraft (Important!) (Deadly)
A plume of heat and smoke backdrafts from the rear of the ship, inflicting 80,000 Fire damage to enemies. The more cannon barrages occurs, the more severe this explosion is.


Skulloc - Berserker LeapBerserk Leap
Koramar crashes down on enemy targets, inflicting 22,000 Nature damage to enemies within 8 yards of his landing.

Skulloc - Shattering BladeShattering Blade
Koramar skims his blade across the ground, causing melee sparks that inflict 33,295 Fire damage to enemies within the area of effect.

Skulloc - BladestormBladestorm
Attacks in a whirl of steel, cuasing 80% weapon damage to each enemy within melee range.


Skulloc - Rapid FireRapid Fire
Zoggash focuses on a single enemy. Rapidly firing at them and all enemies standing in between for 2,700 Fire damage every half second.

Healing Strategy


Skulloc, the big ogron, will have his friends Koramar and Zoggash for this fight (the same orcs who has the dialogue through the entire dungeon). Koramar should be killed first, then Skulloc. Zoggash can be ignored or cleaved down.

You start the fight by running up to Skulloc and engaging Koramar. Zoggash will immediately jump into his cannon and target people with Rapid Fire. People who are targeted by Rapid Fire shouldn’t stand close to other players.

Koramar has three abilities. Berserk Leap is a random target leap, or “crash” as the tooltip says. Since this trigger and AoE effect, ranged players shouldn’t stand too close to each other. He will also throw his blade, Shattering Blade, which causes high AoE damage to all players caught in its path.


At some point during the fight, Skulloc will use his only significant ability and knock all the players to the back of the ship. Then he’ll start bombarding you with Cannon Barrage. If you don’t move forward you’ll be caught in the deadly Backdraft, a fire which starts at the back of the ship. If Koramar is still alive he’ll also be chasing you while doing Bladestorm and Shattering Blade.

You’ll notice that there are several obstructions where you can hide from the deadly Cannon Barrage. When you get knocked back, you have to closest to your direct right. There is one to the left, which monks can reach with two rolls before getting hit by the Barrage. Players who are to slow to find cover will most likely die. The Cannon Barrage ends when you reach Skulloc.

When Koramar is dead, Zoggash will dismount his cannon and start meleeing. He can be safely ignored, or simply cleaved, and you should put all your damaging cooldowns on Skulloc.

During this fight, most players will take high damage. The damage peaks when Skulloc does his Gronn Smash (the knockback) and if players get hit by Cannon Barrage. Koramar’s abilities can be very damaging as well!

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Stay spread during the fight.
  • Take cover from Cannon Barrage.
  • Don’t stand near anyone when targeted by Rapid Fire.
  • The party will take high damage when knockbacked and if people are hit by the Cannon Barrage.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Kill order is Koramar > Skulloc, while Zoggash can be ignored or cleaved.
  • Run out of melee if targeted by Rapid Fire.


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