After the disruption of the Dark Portal, the Kirin Tor realizes that to fight the Iron Horde on their own soil, they would need a supply line of reinforcements. Thus, they created the outposts across Draenor with magical links back to Azeroth. Unfortunately, what seemed like a prime strategic location near the Blackrock Foundry was known to the botani as The Everbloom, a sacred place within Gorgrond woodlands. The outpost was quickly overgrown, but it still contains a link to the outskirts of Stormwind…


Everbloom Map

Trash up to Witherbark

  • Dreadpetal – Dreadpetal Toxin
  • Melded Berserker – Enrage, Bounding Whirl (leap), Vile Breath (frontal cone)
  • Everbloom Naturalist – Barrage of Leaves (channel)
  • Everbloom Mender – Choking Vines (stun), Healing Waters
  • Gnarlroot (miniboss) – Living Leaves (silence ground effect), Gasp (frontal cone)
silence effect
Gnarlroot’s Living Leaves

There isn’t too much to say about the trash, it’s fairly simple. The Dreadpetals can be quite annoying since there are so many of them. Their toxin can stack up to three times and deal quite heavy damage, so use Detox and frequently stun them to avoid as much of the damage as possible.

Gnarlroot is a miniboss that patrols the area up to Witherbark. He has a frontal cone ability, so don’t stand in front of him. Also avoid the whirling ground effects he spawn since they silence you if you stand in them.


Deep within the lush forests of Gorgrond, Witherbark has seen countless cycles of life and death, decay and rebirth. The upstart “Iron Horde” and the strange beings that seem to have arrived in their wake are just new skin on an old snake. They will be gone soon. And Witherbark will endure.

List of Abilities

Witherbark - Brittle BarkBrittle Bark
Witherbark’s bark dries and become brittle, stunning him an increases his damage taken by 100%.
This effect is removed when Witherbark reaches 100 Aqueous Energy.

Witherbark - Parched GaspParched Gasp
Unleashes a torrent of unbridled natural energy, inflicting 145,000 Nature damage to all enemies in a cone in front of the caster.

Witherbark - Unchecked GrowthUnchecked Growth
Creates a viney growth that moves towards a player. Upon reaching that player, the growth erupts and emits poisonous vapours inflicting 20,250 Nature damage every 1 sec to anyone in the area.
In Heroic difficulty, Witherbark can continue to cast Unchecked Growth even while affected by Brittle Bark.

Witherbark - Unchecked GrowthUnchecked Growth
When touched by the life giving power of an Aqueous Globule, the Unchecked Growth uproots itself and attacks nearby players.

Witherbark - Agitated WaterAgitated Water
The enchanted waters of the nearby lake bubble and churn launching a bolt of water at a player’s location. Upon impact, the bolt inflicts 19,500 Frost damage to all players within 3 yards.

Aqueous Globules

Spheres of pure water form from the nearby lake and move in a line towards Witherbark. Each Aqueous Globule that reaches Witherbark restores 25 energy.

Witherbark - Aqueous BurstAqueous Burst
Upon reaching zero health, the Aqueous Globule erupts and inflicts 22,100 Frost damage to all players.

Healing Strategy

aqueous globule
Aqueous Globule

The fight against Witherbark is a constant cycle of Witherbark spending his energy on attacks, then gets parched and has to replenish himself with water. The water globules spawn from the lake and when they reach Witherbark they replenish some of his energy. During his parched phase, “Brittle Bark”, he takes 100% more damage. You want to use this phase as efficiently as possible and popping all your DPS cooldowns. It’s possible to extend the phase by killing the Aqueous Globules, though you will take damage in the process.

Unchecked Growth

Witherbark will also cast Unchecked Growth on people standing in range. When these hit the player they will do some damage and erupt, essentially becoming a small poisonous area of effect. If an Aqueous Globule hit these small area of effects, they will become live and start to attack players. To avoid this, simply have the ranged players stand against the wall to place the patches as far from the lake as possible. Never stand between the boss and the lake, because then the Aqueous Globules will certainly hit the patches.

The lake will also cast water bolts at random players. These attacks are indicated by a small faint blue whirl on the ground. This ability is easy to avoid if you sidestep the small whirls.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • If you stand at range, don’t stand between Witherbark and the lake. Place the Unchecked Growth which spawn at your place, close to the wall.
  • When Witherbark is at 100 Energy, the tank will take heavy damage.
  • Sidestep the Agitated Water indicators (blue whirl) to avoid being hit.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Tank and spank!


Trash up to Ancient Protectors

More of the same trash from previous. New trash:

  • Twisted Abomination – Infected Wounds (causes heavy damage unless dispelled), Noxious Eruption (knockback), Triple Attack (frontal cone)

The annoying thing about this trash is the knockbacks. Just position yourself so you won’t get knockbacked into other trash. Be ready for some heavy tank damage as well, and dispel!

Ancient Protectors

Ancient ProtectorsGolu and Telu, a pair of botani forest-tenders, spread creeping growth as they urge the forest to reclaim and swallow the ill-fated outpost in its midst. Guarding them as they perform this task is the terrible brute Dulhu, long ago a Blackrock clansman who wandered too far into primal woodlands, but now more plant than orc.

List of Abilities

Ancient Protectors - Shapers FortitudeShaper’s Fortitude
When a protector’s ability is interrupted, they gain immunity to all crowd control and interrupting effects for 8 sec.

Life Warden Gola

Ancient Protectors - Water BoltWater Bolt (Interruptible)
Life Warden Gola blasts a random player with water, inflicting 16,200 Nature damage.

Ancient Protectors - Revitalizing WatersRevitalizing Waters (Interruptible)
Life Warden Gola heals an ally for 25% of their maximum health,

Ancient Protectors - Rapid TidesRapid Tides (Interruptible) (Magic Effect)
Life Warden Gola empowers an ally, removing cooldowns from all their abilities.

Earthshaper Telu

Ancient Protectors - Nature's WrathNature’s Wrath (Interruptible)
Earthshaper Telu blasts a random player, inflicting 20,000 Nature damage.

Ancient Protectors - Bramble PatchBramble Patch (Interruptible)
Earthshaper Telu conjured a patch of brambles under a random player for 45 sec. The brambles inflict 19,500 Nature damage every 1 sec. and slows movement speed by 55%.

Ancient Protectors - BriarskinBriarskin (Interruptible) (Magic effect)
Earthshaper Telu protects and ally with briars for 8 sec. This effect reduces all damage taken by 75% and inflicts 22,750 Nature damage to attackers.


Ancient Protectors - Noxious EruptionNoxious Eruption
Dulhu erupts, inflicting 32,500 Nature damage to all players within 10 yards, knocking them back.

Ancient Protectors - Rending ChargeRending Charge
Dulhu charges to a random player, wounding them. This effect inflicts 6,240 Physical damage every 15 sec.

Ancient Protectors - Grasping VineGrasping Vine
Dulhu wraps a random player in vines, pulling the towards him and Slashing them.

Ancient Protectors - SlashSlash
Dulhu lashes out at his Grasping Vine target, inflicting 102,500 Physical damage to all players in front of him within 8 yards.

Healing Strategy

The Protectors is a pack of 3 bosses. Only one is tankable however: Dulhu. Gola and Telu will just stand wherever they want.

The beginning of the fight will be the most hectic and healing intensive. Gola and Telu will cast several abilities, but due to Shaper’s Fortitude, you can only interrupt once every 8 seconds. Life Warden Gola will cast Revitalizing Waters, which is a heal. This ability has priority on interrupts and is also the reason why Gola is the first boss you kill. He will also cast Rapid Tides which removes cooldowns on an ally (Telu or Dulhu). This is a magic effect you can dispel with offensive dispels. Since the focus should be on interrupting Revitalizing Waters, you have to let him cast Rapid Tides and then dispel it.

bramble patch
Bramble Patch

Telu creates Bramble Patches everywhere in the room which should be avoided. He also casts Briarskin on one of his allies, which reduces damage taken by 75% and does some damage on all attackers (a.k.a. don’t attack the boss while Briarskin is active). Briarskin should be interrupted! But if it does get through, it’s possible to use offensive dispels to remove the effect.

Dulhu does a knockback, a bleed and grip. Noxious Eruption is a knockback which does some moderate damage on everyone within 10 yards. Rending Charge is a bleed which is cast on random players, so be alert on which player gets it and give some extra heals to that person.

Grasping Vines pulls a random player to Dulhu and then he casts Slash which does heavy damage. If you get grasped to Dulhu’s location, run away immediately to avoid Slash.

Use you’re A-game healing at the start and be ready with cooldowns like Revival or Xuen if the damage gets out of control. The kill order is Gola > Telu > Dulhu. When only Dulhu is left standing it’s possible to help DPS in Crane stance.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Be ready for heavy party damage at the start of the fight.
  • Use Revival or Xuen if the damage gets out of control.
  • Don’t stand in Bramble Patches.
  • If Dulhu uses Grasping Vine on you, run away before you get hit by Slash.
  • Players who are affected by Rending Charge bleed needs extra healing.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (Optional)

  • Don’t attack bosses with Briarskin active.
  • Help interrupt Revitalizing Waters.


Xeri’tac (Optional)

This venomous spider matriarch guards her brood in a cave deep in the hills of Gorgrond, trapping and devouring any prey foolish enough to wander near.

List of Abilities

Stage One: The Venomous Brood

During the initial phase of the encounter, Xeri’tac unleashes her brood, while periodically descending to strike.

Xeri'tac - DescendDescend
Xeri’tac descends from her web, looking for unsuspecting prey. Any pale orcs or players in the vicinity will be bitten for significant Physical damage.

Stage Two: Spider Matriarch

Xeri'tacOnce 8 Toxic Spiderlings have fallen, Xeri’tac descends to engage her prey directly.

Xeri'tac - Toxic BoltToxic Bolt (Interruptible)
The caster hurls a bolt of their toxic blood at the target, inflicting Nature damage.

Xeri'tac - Venomous StingVenomous Sting (Poison effect)
The caster stings a nearby player at random. Once stung, the victim suffers Nature damage every 3 sec. for 15 sec.

Xeri'tac - Gaseous VolleyGaseous Volley (Deadly)
The caster releases her toxic blood in the form of 2 missiles at ranged targets. When the missiles land, they form areas of Toxic Gas. Players who stand in these areas suffer Nature damage.

Xeri'tac - ConsumeConsume (Important!)
Xeri’tac consumes a pale orc. If successful, Xeri’tac heal for 25% of her maximum health.

Toxic Spiderling

Xeri'tac - Toxic BloodToxic Blood (Deadly)
The caster’s blood burns brightest in the heat of combat. The caster’s damage is increased by 10% every 10 sec.
If the caster ever reaches 10 stacks of Toxic Blood they will explode, leaving behind an area of Toxic Gas.

Xeri'tac - Toxic GasToxic Gas (Important!)
Whenever a Toxic Spiderling perished it leaves behind a cloud of Toxic Gas. Players who enter the area suffer Nature damage. Venom-Crazed Pale Ones will rush to these clouds to inhale them.

Venom-Crazed Pale One

Xeri'tac - SwipeSwipe (Tank alert)
The caster swipes the air in front of them with both hands, inflicting Physical damage to all players in front of the caster.

Xeri'tac - InhaleInhale (Important!)
The orc inhales the toxic fumes left over by the fallen spiderling. If successful, the orc gain Toxic Blood.

Gorged Bursters

Gorged Bursters will fixate on a random player.

Xeri'tac - BurstBurst
The caster explodes, dealing 130,000 Nature damage to all nearby enemies.

Venom Sprayers

Xeri'tac - Toxic BoltVenom Spray
The caster hurls a bolt of their toxic blood at the target, inflicting Nature damage.

Healing Strategy

Xeri’tac’s fight is a two stage fight where adds constantly spawn, most notably in the first phase before Xeri’tac descends from the roof.

At the start of the fight you have to deal with Toxic Spiderlings, Venom Sprayers, Venom-Crazed Pale Ones and Gorge Bursters. All can be tanked except the Gorge Bursters, which should be stunned as often as possible. If Gorge Bursters reach their fixated target they will explode and cause high damage!

Pale Ones do a frontal cone, so don’t stand in front of them. Spiderlings will do more and more damage the longer they live, which means they have high priority. Try to avoid their Toxic Gas as well.

Kill all of the adds as quick as possible; Xer’tac will descend when 8 spiderlings have been killed.

When Xeri’tac descends, the tank should pick her up immediately. During the fight against Xeri’tac she will cast Gaseous Volley on two ranged targets. This ability will leave a toxic gas on the ground, and if you don’t place them properly the whole room could be covered in no time. The range should stack and position themselves to avoid this.

Xer’tac will also try to consume a Pale One, to regain 40% of her health. When the Pale One spawns, stun it and kill it as quickly as possible.

This fight can potentially be quite healing intensive if people stand in front of Pale Ones or stand in Toxic Gas (and if they explode any Gorge Bursters they’ll be half-dead). If they do, you’ll most likely spend the fight entirely in Serpent stance. If you have a party which avoid these effects, you can spend some more time in Crane stance and help DPS.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Focus tank who will take most of the damage, but be prepared to heal DPS if they stand in Toxic Gas, in front of Pale Ones or get hit by Gorge Bursters.
  • Avoid the abovementioned environment effect and add abilities.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Help kill adds in first phase. Kill order is Gorge Burster > Toxic Spiderling > Venom-Crazed Pale One > Venom Sprayer.
  • Never stand in front of the Pale One.
  • Run away if you get fixated by the Gorge Burster.
  • Don’t stand in Toxic Cloud.
  • During the phase against Xeri’tac, help stun and kill the Pale One to avoid Xeri’tac consuming it and regain 40% of her health.

Trash up to Archmage Sol

  • Putrid Pyromancer – Fireball, Dragon’s Breath (disorient)
  • Infested Icecaller – Frostbolt, Frozen Snap (environment effect)
  • Addled Arcanomancer – Arcane Blast, Black Hole (environment effect)
  • Spore Image
Black Hole
Black Hole

The Pyromancer’s ability Dragon’s Breath should be interrupted or avoided. Icecaller have an ability called Frozen Snap which is an area of effect, which should be sidestepped (looks like several ice crystals). Arcanomancers can create a Black Hole, which should also be interrupted. Otherwise, don’t stand in it!

When these adds die, they will spawn a Spore Image which mimics their Fireball / Frostbolt / Arcane Blast and it can hurt quite badly. Kill them quickly!

Since these adds can be a bit of a cluster, I would recommend using CC on at least of them.

Archmage Sol

Archmage Sol was amongst the last holdouts of the Kirin Tor expedition at Violet Buff, but ultimately succumbed to spores that root in her brain. Perhaps a portion of her humanity remains buried deep within, but she now lives as prisoner in her own body.

List of Abilities

Archmage Sol - Thought ChrysalisThought Chrysalis
Archmage SolThe Spores inside the host’s brain have created a Chrysalis to protect it from interruption.

Archmage Sol - Parasitic InjectionParasitic Injection (Important!)
Every time the caster changes their magical school focus, they are injected by the parasites that have taken root in their brain. Each stack of Parasitic Injection increases the damage the caster deals by 25%.

Archmage Sol - Parasitic GrowthParasitic Growth (Interruptible)
The spores inside Archmage Sol’s brain are trying to take further control. If successful, the Archmage Sol’s casting speed and damage will be increased by 50%.
In Heroic difficulty, when Archmage Sol switches magic schools, the lingering effects from her prior school will remain.

Spore Image

Spore Images from every time Archmage Sol’s cast of Parasitic Growth is interrupted and will continue to use black magic spell Archmage Sol had been casting. These images target enemies at random.

Archmage Sol - Fire BallFireball
The caster hurls a ball of fire at the target, inflicting Fire damage. Victims burn for additional Fire damage for 9 sec.

Archmage Sol - FrostboltFrostbolt
The caster hurls a bolt of Frost at the target, inflicting Frost damage. Victims of this attack have their moving speed slowed by 20% for 10 sec.
The effect stacks up to 3 times.

Fire Magic (First Specialization)

Archmage Sol - Fire BallFireball (Interruptible)
The caster hurls a ball of fire at the target, inflicting Fire damage.

Archmage Sol - FirebloomFirebloom (Deadly)
The caster fires off flames that will detonate all nearby Firebloom seeds in rapid succession. When the Firebloom detonates, it creates a rapidly expanding ring of Fire that inflicts Fire damage to all enemies caught in its path who fail to jump over it.

Frost Magic (Second specialization)

Archmage Sol - FrostboltFrostbolt (Interruptible)
The caster hurls a bolt of frost at the target, inflicting Frost damage.

Archmage Sol - Frozen RainFrozen Rain (Deadly)
Crates a cloud of Frozen Rain that pelts victims below it, inflicting Frost damage.

Arcane Magic (Third specialization)

Archmage Sol - Arcane BurstArcane Burst (Interruptible)
The caster sends a blast of arcane energy at the target, inflicting Arcane damage.

Healing Strategy

There are three phases in the fight against Archmage Sol. In each phase Sol will switch mage spec, from Fire to Frost and then Arcane, in that order: Fire > Frost > Arcane. It is up to the players if you want her to transition into the other specs, by interrupting Parasitic Growth. Just note that at the beginning she will have Thought Chrysalis active, and won’t be interruptible (it looks like she is covered in vines). This ability will soon fall off.

If you interrupt Parasitic Growth, she will spawn a Spore Image (CC and ignore it) and transition to the next mage specialization. If you don’t interrupt it, she will remain in the same spec but will do 50% increased damage (stacking). If you interrupt the next-coming Parasitic Growth however, and she transitions into the next spec, she will lose the damage buff stacks.

The Arcane phase has very heavy damage, which means you want to remain in the Fire / Frost spec. Let her cast Parasitic Growth 2-3 times (depending on your party’s DPS and healing), before interrupting the next cast. If you have enough DPS, you can kill her before the damage becomes unmanageable.


In the Fire spec she will cast Fireball which should be interrupted as often as possible (just don’t accidently interrupt Parasitic Growth if you’re not supposed to). She will also spawn Fireblooms which will detonate in a rapid order. When they detonate, a ring of fire will grow outwards from them. This ability will hurt quite a lot unless you jump over the rings of fire!

In Frost spec she will cast Frostbolt (also interruptible) and Frozen Rain. Don’t stand in the Frozen Rain, obviously. The Fireblooms from the previous spec will however still be active, which means you must still be alert when they detonate.

In Arcane spec she will simply cast Arcane Burst again, and again. The Fireblooms and Frozen Rain will still remain, so this phase is extremely hectic and healing intensive. Hopefully, you’ll never get to this phase.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • The fight will become increasingly hectic and healing intensive. Save cooldowns for later parts of the fight or if she has many stacks of Parasitic Growth.
  • Jump over the rings of fire that spawn when Fire Blossoms detonate.
  • Avoid Frozen Rain.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Let her cast Parasitic Growth about 2 times before interrupting it.
  • Interrupt Fireball and Frostbolt.
  • CC the Spore Images with Paralysis or Legsweep / Charging Ox Wave.



YalnuAncient and inscrutable, the genesaur Yalnu was drawn to the Kirin Tor outpost in Gorgrond by strange energies radiating from the bluff. For ages the genesaur have battled their eternal foes – the magnaron, the gronn, children of stone – to a stalemate across the world of Draenor. But in these emanations, Yalnu sensed a new world, where his kind could flourish and spread unchecked.

List of Abilities

Yalnu - Colossal BlowColossal Blow
Yalnu rears back and slams the ground, inflicting 104,000 Physical damage to all enemies in front of him, stunning them for 5 sec. In addition, this effect inflicts 52,000 Physical damage to all enemies.

Yalnu - Font of LifeFont of Life
Yalnu radiates life, periodically creating Swift Sproutlings, Vicious Mandragoras, and Gnarled Ancients nearby.

Swift Sproutling

Yalnu - Tendon RipTendon Rip
Swift Sproutlings stab at an enemy, slowing their movement speed by 5% for 6 sec. In addition, this effect inflict 3,500 Physical damage every second and stack.

Vicious Mandragora

Yalnu - Noxious BreathNoxious Breath
Vicious Mandragoras exhale a cone of noxious gas, inflicting 16,000 Nature damage every 1 sec to all enemies in front of it.

Gnarled Ancient

Yalnu - Lumbering SwipeLumbering Swipe
Gnarled Ancients crush all players in front of them, inflicting 49,140 Physical damage.

Yalnu - GenesisGenesis
Yalnu creates a field of sproutlings and begins to channel Genesis for 15 sec. When the channel is complete, all sproutlings that were not Trampled grow into Feral Lashers.

Yalnu - TrampleTrample
Walking over and unsprouted Feral Lasher tramples it to death.

Feral Lasher

Witherbark - Unchecked GrowthLasher Venom
Feral Lashers spit venom at a random player, inflicting 16,200 Nature damage.

Yalnu - EntanglementEntanglement
Yalnu hurls his arborblade at a random Kirin Tor Battle-Mage, creating life that entraps them. This effect stuns the Kirin Tor Battle-Mage and incflicts Nature damage every second until the Entanglement is destroyed.
In Heroic and Challenge difficulty, Entanglement can target players.

Healing Strategy

As soon as you enter the portal the fight will start immediately. Don’t run into the portal before you’re ready. If you have long loading screens, be prepared for that the fight has started without you!

During this fight you will have to focus killing the boss while kiting and trampling adds on the sides. The first ability you should note is Colossal Smash, which is a frontal cone that stun and do high damage if you stand in it. Avoid this, but note that you’ll still take some damage even if you avoid it.

He will also spawn several adds with Font of Life. Kill the small ones and kite the big ones into the Kirin Tor Mage’s fire (looks like fissures of fire on the ground). The remaining adds should be killed quickly.

When Yalnu does Genesis, a field of small sprouts will cover the ground. If you walk over these, they’ll become trampled and despawn. If you don’t, they’ll unearth themselves and you will have a lot of adds on your hands. The whole party should use speed increases to and trample every single one of them.

Genesis – Trample them!

During the fight, you’ll need to use AoE healing spells to combat the damage Colossal Smash does. The party will most likely be spread out, so use Uplift when you have Chi and to generate Chi, spot heal players with Soothing Mist + Surging Mist. If it gets too intense use Revival and / or Xuen.

During the adds phase, the tank will take quite heavy damage. Switch to strong single-target heals to prevent him or her from dying.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Don’t stand in Colossal Smash frontal cone.
  • AoE heal will be required when Yalnu does Colossal Smash. Focus tank when the adds are active.
  • Use Roll and / or Tiger’s Lust to quickly trample as many sproutlings as possible.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Help kill any remaining adds.



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