Auchindoun is the holy mausoleum of the draenei, a sanctum of the Light in which the spirits of the dead find respite. The crystalline structure also serves to protect and shield draenei souls from their eternal enemies; the Burning Legion, who hunger eternally for draenei spirits. This fact makes it a location of particular interest to Gul’dan and his Shadow Council, who seek to gain favour with their demonic masters.

As we enter Auchindoun, we are guided by Soulbinder Tuulani in to the holy mausoleum. Auchindoun is getting ready to defend itself against an attack by Gul’dan. Soulbinder Nyami is supposed to bolster the defences, but as we arrive we see the Sargerei destroying the last crystal that holds up Auchindoun’s barriers. Something is wrong…


Map way

 Trash up to Vigilant Kaathar

Sargerei Hoplite
Sargerei Ritualist – Mind Spike
Sargerei Zealot – Sever Tendons (snare effect)
Sargerei Soulbinder – Bend Will (Mind-control), Mind Sear
Sargerei Cleric – Void Shell (absorb shield)
Sargerei Spirit-Tender – Void Shift, Void Mending

Void shell
Void Shells

The Soulbinder will do a mind-control on a random player, which should be interrupted (Bend Will). If a player gets MCed, break out the player by bringing it down to 50% health. The Cleric do an ability which cannot be interrupted; Void Shell. This ability shields the Clerics allies which should be dispelled with offensive dispels (Purge, Spellsteal, Dispel Magic or Devour Magic). The Spirit-Tender is a healer. You can interrupt Void Shift but not Void Mending.

It’s easiest to kill the Soulbinder first to get rid of the annoying mind-controls, then the Cleric. Soul-Tender should be saved for last, since it does Void Shift at low health and heals another one in its group (works the same way as the Priest spell).

Vigilant Kaathar

The greatest of warriors of the draenei may be called upon for one final service as they stand on the precipice of the afterlife: inhabiting one of the armoured constructs that serve as the eternal protectors of Auchindoun and the draenei civilization on Draenor. This particular Vigilant is tasked with guarding the last remaining crystal that powers the shield around Auchindoun.

List of Abilities

Vigilant Kaathar - Holy ShieldHoly Shield
Vigilant KaatharThrows a shield of Holy energy, inflicting Holy damage upon impact and additionally blocking sight and movement for 30 sec.

Vigilant Kaathar - Consecrated LightConsecrated Light
Channels a consecrated power, inflicting increasing Holy damage to all enemies every second for 5 sec.

Vigilant Kaathar - Sanctified StrikeSanctified Strike
Creates a fissure of Holy energy, inflicting Holy damage to enemies who remain in the Sanctified Ground.

Vigilant Kaathar - Hallowed GroundHallowed Ground
Created a patch of Hallowed Ground, inflicting 45,000 Holy damage to enemies within 8 yards when triggered.

Vigilant Kaathar - Fate (Heroic)Fate (Heroic)
Focuses pious energy, erupting all of the Hallowed Ground immediately.


Healing Strategy

Vigilant Kaathar - Hallowed Ground 2
Several Hallowed Ground bubbles

This is a pretty straightforward fight. There are two environment effects you need to watch out for as a healer. Sanctified Strike is one of the abilities, which leaves a lightning-shaped fissure on the ground. These are very noticeable and can be easily sidestepped. Hallowed Ground is an ability which should also be avoided, but it’s a little bit sneakier. It’s more of a bursting bubble than a ground effect, and anyone within 8 yards take damage from it. When Kathaar do his ability Fate, these buggers will explode. Right before they explode, a circle will appear to indicate the 8 yard radius wherein they do damage. It is very common that people miss these, so be prepared to spam heal anyone who remains in the explosion.

holy shield
Holy Shield

Kathaar will also throw his shield on a ranged player (Holy Shield). The shield creates line of sight, which is very important when the boss does his next ability: Consecrated Light. When he starts to channel this, everyone in the room will start to take high ticking damage. Hide behind the thrown Holy Shield to avoid taking damage. If you don’t, you’ll most likely not survive.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Sidestep fissures from Sactified strike (lightning-shaped ground effect).
  • Don’t stand within 8 yards of the Hallowed Ground (bubble-shaped).
  • Be ready to spam heal players who get hit by Fate.
  • Stand behind the thrown shield when he does Consecrated Light.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (Optional)

  • Crane stance can easily be used to help DPS, unless players stand in dangerous abilities and take too much damage.
  • Be prepared to run very fast to the thrown shield to avoid Consecrated Light. Tiger’s Lust is very helpful!


Trash up to Soulbinder Nyami

arcane bombs
Arcane Bombs

Sargerei Magus –Arcane Bomb (purple orbs that detonate on contact), Arcane Bolt
Sargerei Arbiter – Arbiter’s Hammer (stun), Radiant Fury (ground effect)
Sargerei Defender – Avenger’s Shield (snare effect)
Sargerei Soulbinder – Bend Will (mind-control)
Sargerei Soulpriest – Shadow Word: Pain, Phsycic Terrors (fear)
Sargerei Warden – Warden’s Chain (root effect), Warden’s Hammer (ground effect)

Magus do Arcane Bomb (big purple orbs) which do heavy damage when detonated, unless this ability is interrupted. The Arbiters has an annoying ability called Arbiter’s Hammer. This is a stun in addition to an AoE effect, which should also be interrupted. They will also do Radiant Fury, which is the notable ground effect charge. This ability should simply be sidestepped.

Soulbinder Nyami

Nyami is a draenei priestess, entrusted as a soultender with access to the holiest grounds within Auchindoun. However, her true loyalties lie with the Shadow Council, and she plots to bring down the barrier that protects the mausoleum from invaders.

List of Abilities

Soulbinder Nyami - Mind SpikeMind Spike (Interruptible)
Soulbender Nyami
Blasts the target for 55,000 Shadowfrost damage.

Soulbinder Nyami - Shadow Word; PainShadow Word: Pain (Magic Effect)
A word of darkness that causes 20,000 Shadow damage instanty, and an additional 8,750 Shadow damage every 1.50 sec, over 9 sec.

Soulbinder Nyami - Soul VesselSoul Vessel
Twists the souls of fallen Dranei, forming multiple tori of Shadow damage at a specific location. The epicentre of this ability is safe from damage.

Soulbinder Nyami - Torn SpiritsTorn Spirits
Rips the spirits out of fallen Auchenai partisans, forcing them to fight.

Spiteful Arbiter (Add)

Soulbinder Nyami - Arbiter's Hammer (Spiteful Arbiter)Arbiter’s Hammer (Interruptible)
Stuns a target, inflicting frequent Holy damage to additional allies within 5 yards for 2 sec.

Soulbinder Nyami - Radiant Fury (Spiteful Arbiter)Radiant Fury
Charges a target, creating multiple prisms of Holy energy that radiate away from the caster. These prisms inflict 30,000 Holy damage upon contact.

Twisted Magus (Add)

Soulbinder Nyami - Arcane Bolt (Twisted Magus)Arcane Bolt
Blasts a target with a burst of Arcane energy, inflicting 45,000 Arcane damage.

Soulbinder Nyami - Arcane Bomb (Twisted Magus)Arcane Bomb
Focuses nearby Arcane energies into several orbs of immense power. Upon contact or after 10 sec, these orbs explode, inflicting 22,500 Arcane damage to enemies within 5 yards.

Malefic Defender (Add)

Soulbinder Nyami - Crusader Strike (Malefic Defender)Crusader Strike
Inflicts 9,730 damage to an enemy and increases damage taken 1% for 15 sec. This effect stacks.

Healing Strategy

These fight is fairly easy, but can be a bit messy if people doesn’t help with the interrupts. At first you face Nyami on her own, then later she will summon adds to aid her.

Soul vessel
Epicentre of Soul Vessel – Stand in it!

Nyami will cast Shadow Word: Pain on random players which should be dispelled. Her main ability is however Soul Vessel, which creates a purple circle on the ground. Contrary to initial instinct, this is actually an ability you should stand in! The reason is that the ability will do damage to all players within the room – except in the epicentre of the ability. Stand in it to avoid damage.

Later in the fight she will summon adds, of the same type as the trash before the boss. The Magi will throw out Arcane Bombs (purple orbs) which should be sidestepped to avoid detonation. The Arbiter will do their usual attacks; Arbiter’s Hammer and Radiant Fury. Interrupt Arbiter’s Hammer to avoid the stun and damage. Sidestep the ground effect of Radiant Fury.

On Heroic, the Malefic Defender will also do an ability called Crusader Strike which makes their target take more damage. This should be dispelled, but be ready for heavy tank damage when the adds are active.

Be ready for heavy damage on any player who doesn’t stand within the epicentre of Soul Vessel.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Stand in the epicentre of Soul Vessel.
  • Dispel Shadow Word: Pain and Crusader Strikes debuff.
  • Be ready for heavy tank damage when adds are active.
  • Sidestep Radiant Fury and Arcane Bombs.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (Optional)

  • Interrupt Nyami’s Mind Spike.
  • Interrupt Arbiter’s stuns.
  • Use Leg Sweep or Charging Ox Wave to give the tank some respite from the add damage.
  • If people are slow to get to Soul Vessel, help them with Tiger’s Lust.

 Trash up to Azzakel

  • Felborne Abyssal – Fixate
  • Cackling Pyromaniac – Felblast (slow cast but heavy damage)
  • Blazing Trickster – Conflagration (disorient, on contact)
  • Felguards – Fel Stomp (knockback)

The Felborne fixates on a random target and should simply be kited. The Cackling Pyromaniac should be interrupted as often as possible, and as a Mistweaver you can interrupt them with three abilities: Spear Hand Strike, Leg Sweep/Charging Ox Wave/Ring of Peace and Paralysis also work. Avoid touching the Tricksters. The tank should turn the Felguards away from the party, since the knockback is a cone effect in front of it.


On Argus – the former homeworld of the draenei, now the stronghold of the Burning Legion – Azzakel waits, poised for a servant of the Legion to open a portal to one of the countless worlds they seek to invade. As Soulbinder Nyami lowers the defences of Auchindoun, Azzakel senses that his moment is nigh.

List of Abilities

Azzakel - Fel LashFel Lash (Tank Alert)
Azzakel lashes out with a blow backed by Fel energy, inflicting Physical damage, knocking the targeted player back, and increasing the player’s Physical damage taken by 30% for 6 sec.

Azzakel - Curtain of FlameCurtain of Flame (Deadly)
Azzakel engulfs a players in Fel flame, inflicting 24,000 Fire damage to the affected player every 4.50 sec for 12 sec.
When Curtain of Flame deals damage, it will also spread to any other player within 5 yards of the affected player.

Azzakel - Claws of ArgusClaws of Argus
Azzakel becomes immune to damage and opens the Claws of Argus, his portal to the demon homeworld. Demons spew forth from the portal for the duration of the channel.

Azzakel - Malovelent CrashMalevolent Crash
Azzakel slams into the ground, creating a pool of Fel energy.

Azzakel - Fel Pool Fel SparkFel Pool
Players in a Fel Pool suffer 19,000 Fire damage every 1 sec.
In Heroic and Challenge Mode difficulties, Fel sparks shoot out from the Fel Pool when it is created.

Azzakel - Fel Pool Fel SparkFel Spark
Tendrils of Fel Fire reach out from a Fel Pool, leaving burning patches of flame on the ground.
These patches inflict 25,000 Fire damage every 1 sec to any players within them.

Blazing Trickster (Add)

Teron'gor - Conflagrate (Arcanist Joraa)Conflagration
Blazing Tricksters are wreathed in intense flame, burning any targets who come close to them.
Burned targets are disoriented and suffer 16,000 Fire damage every sec. for 2.50 sec.

Cackling Pyromaniac (Add)

Azzakel - Fel LashFelblast (Interruptible) (Deadly)
The caster conjures a blast of Fel fire, inflicting 99,000 Fire damage to the target.

Felguard (Add)

Azzakel - Malovelent CrashFel Stomp (Deadly) (Tank Alert)
Stomps the ground with fel-infused might, inflicting 75,000 Physical damage to all targets within a cone in front of the caster, and knocking them back.

Healing Strategy

claws of argus
Claws of Argus

The fight against Azzakel can be quite a hectic one. The tank will be knockbacked several times by Fel Lash, and the party can take heavy Fire damage from Fel fire pools and tendrils created by Azzakel’s Malevolent Crash. As always, never stand in fire.

The real danger is the debuff Curtain of Flame. A player who gets the debuff take heavy damage, and will also spread this debuff to all players who stand within a 5 yards. If the party isn’t properly spread, the debuff can affect the entire party and cause a wipe. These is particularly dangerous if the debuff is applied to anyone in the melee.

When Azzakel activate the Claws of Argus, several adds will spawn. The tank should pick up the Felguard while the party try to interrupt and CC the Cackling Pyromaniacs. The Pyromaniacs are first priority; kill them and move on to the boss. The Felguard can be cleaved down and shouldn’t be focused.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Avoid fel fire pools.
  • Stay spread out to avoid spreading Curtain of Flame.
  • Be ready with heavy healing on the player affected by Curtain of Flame.
  • Avoid the Tricksters.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (optional)

  • Help CC and kill the Cackling Pyromaniacs.
  • Spear Hand Strike, Paralysis and your talent stun can all interrupt the Pyromaniacs Felblast.


Trash up to Teron’gor

Up till Teron’gor you’ll meet three packs of enemies on each balcony. These are;

  • Durag the Dominator – Shadow Bolt, Corruption, Chaos Wave
  • Zipteg – Fel Blast, Cauterize Master
  • Gul’kosh – Shadow Bolt, Drain Life, Unstable Affliction
  • Shaadum – Wratchcleave, Wrathstorm
  • Grom’tash the Destructor – Immolate, Incinerate, Rain of Fire

On the first balcony, kill Zipteg first should be killed first since he can heal Durag. Sidestep Durag’s Chaos Wave to avoid damage. He’ll also summon a pet, Khatuun, which can be ignored.

On the second balcony, the tank should pick up Shaadum to avoid the knockback in the party. All players should avoid Shaduum while he does his Wrathstorm, and quickly kill him. Gul’kosh’s Drain Life should be interrupted. The healers should take special care to not dispel Unstable Affliction, since that will cause it to detonate and silence the dispeller. Simply heal through the DoT.

On Grom’tash, dispel Immolate and sidestep the Rain of Fire.


Working alongside the Sargerei, Gul’dan’s agent Teron’gor plots to feast upon the bounty of souls contained within the barriers of the holy mausoleum of Auchindoun.

List of Abilities

Stage One

Teron'gor - Shadow BoltShadow Bolt (Interruptible)
Fires a bolt of shadow energy at the targeted player, inflicting 45,000 Shadow damage.

Teron'gor - CorruptionCorruption (Magic Effect)
Corrupts the target’s blood with malevolent energy, inflicting 22,500 Shadow damage every 3 sec. for 18 sec.

Teron'gor - Drain LifeDrain Life (Magic Effect) (Interruptible) (Important!)
Drains the life from a players, inflicting 36,000 Shadow damage to them every 3 sec for 6 sec. Each time it deals damage it also restores 3% of the caster’s health.

Teron'gor - Rain of FireRain of Fire (Interruptible)
Fiery meteors rain down at the targeted location, inflicting 50,000 Fire damage to all enemies within the area every 2 sec for 8 sec.

Teron'gor - Summon AbyssalSummon Abyssal (Heroic)
The caster calls down a Felborne Abyssal that relentlessly pursues a chosen target.

Teron'gor - Summon AbyssalFelborne Abyssal (Add) (Heroic)
These infernal creatures fixate on a single target and pursue them relentlessly.

Stage Two

At 75% health, Teron’gor twists and devours one of the ancient souls of Auchindoun, gaining malevolent powers directly opposed to the good deeds the Dranei herous stood for in life.

Mender Elum Devoured – Affliction

Teron’gor corrupts the healing powers of Mender Elum, gaining powers of affliction.

Teron'gor - Shadow BoltShadow Bolt (Interruptible)
Fires a bolt of shadow energy at the targeted player, inflicting 45,000 Shadow damage.

Teron'gor - Curse of ExhaustionCurse of Exhaustion (Curse effect)
Curses the target, reducing their movement speed by 70%.

Teron'gor Seed of MalevolenceSeed of Malevolence (Deadly)
Plants a demonic seed in the target, inflicting 17,500 Shadow damage every 3 sec for 18 sec.
If the target dies, or after 18 sec, the seed will explode, inflicting 75,000 Shadow damage to all the targets within 10 yards of them, and applying Seed of Malevolence to them.

Teron'gor - Bloom of MalevolenceBloom of Malevolence (Heroic)
Demonic energy erupts from the afflicted player when Seed of Malevolence expires, creating a Bloom of Malevolence. Any player who enter the Bloom of Malevolence are afflicted with Seed of Malevolence.

Teron'gor - AgonyAgony
Applies a curse of writhing agony to the target, inflicting 3,750 Shadow damage every 2 sec.
The damage dealt by Agony will increase each time it deals damage.

Teron'gor - Drain LifeDrain Life (Magic Effect) (Interruptible) (Important)
Drains the life from a players, inflicting 36,000 Shadow damage to them every 3 sec for 6 sec. Each time it deals damage it also restores 3% of the caster’s health.

Teron'gor - Unstable AfflictionUnstable Affliction
Applies wasting magic to the target, inflicting 20,000 Shadow damage to the target every 2 sec for 14 sec.
If Unstable Affliction is dispelled, it will detonate, inflicting 70,000 Shadow damage to the dispeller and silencing them for 4 sec.

Arcanist Joraa Devoured – Destruction

Teron’gor corrupts Arcanist Joraa’s passion for order and creation, gaining powers of Destruction.

Teron'gor - Chaos Bolt (Arcanist Joraa)Chaos Bolt (Interruptible) (Deadly)
Fires a bolt of whirling energies at the target, inflicting 60,000 Chaos damage.

Teron'gor - Immolate (Arcanist Juraa)Immolate (Magic Effect)
Ignites the target’s flesh, inflicting 27,500 Fire damage every 3 sec for 18 sec.

Teron'gor - Conflagrate (Arcanist Joraa)Conflagrate (Magic Effect)
Burns the target, inflicting 40,000 Fire damage and reducing the target’s movement speed by 50% for 8 sec.

Teron'gor - Rain of FireRain of Fire (Interruptible)
Fiery meteors rain down at the targeted location, inflicting 50,000 Fire damage to all enemies within the area every 2 sec for 2 min.

Teron'gor - Incenerate (Arcanist Joraa)Incinerate (Interruptible)
Sens a wave of fire to the current target, inflicting 52,500 Fire damage.

Vindicator Iruun Devoured – Demonology

Terongor corrupts Vindicator Iruun’s burning hatred of demons, gaining powers of Demonology.

Teron'gor - Curse of ExhaustionCurse of Exhaustion (Curse effect)
Curses the target, reducing their movement speed by 70%.

Azzakel - Malovelent CrashDemonic Leap (Deadly)
Leaps towards the targets, inflicting 35,000 Physical damage to any targets within 10 yards of the impact position, and knocking them back.

Teron'gor - Doom (Vindicator Iruun)Doom
Inflicts 48,000 Shadow damage every 15 sec.

Teron'gor - CorruptionCorruption (Magic Effect)
Corrupts the target’s blood with malevolent energy, inflicting 22,500 Shadow damage every 3 sec. for 18 sec.

Teron'gor - Chaos Wave (Vindicator Iruun)Chaos Wave (Deadly)
Creates a wave of Chaos energy that travels forward from Teron’gor, inflicting 30,000 Chaos damage to any player it touches.

Teron'gor - Touch of Chaos (Vindicator Iruun)Touch of Chaos
Unleashed energy at the enemy, causing 35,000 Chaos damage.

Healing Strategy

The Teron’gor fight can be quite dispel-heavy and cluttered with environment effect. It all depends on which of the draenei heroes’ souls he chooses to devour in stage two, and as a consequence which Warlock spec he chooses. If he devours Mender Elum he become an Affliction Warlock, if it’s Arcanist Joraa he is Destruction and if it’s Vindicator Iruun he is Demonology.

rain of fireMost environment effects can be sidestepped. But Teron’gor will also summon a Felborne Abyssal which will fixate on a random player (usually one of the ranged DPS). This should simply be kited the entire fight. Help the player who kites with Tiger’s Lust.

There are many magic effects which should be dispelled. The only debuff which you shouldn’t dispel is Unstable Affliction, which he cast in Affliction spec. If you dispel it, it will detonate and silence you.

If Teron’gor is in Affliction spec, he will also cast Seed of Malevolence on random players. If the player dies or after 18 seconds, the debuff will detonate and spread to all players within 10 yards. When detonated it leaves a Bloom of Malevolence ground effect, which can apply Seed of Malevolence on any player who step on it. Spread for this ability and heal the affected player.

If he is in Destruction spec, it’s safe to dispel everything since he won’t cast Unstable Affliction. Make sure to sidestep the Rain of Fire.

If he is in Demonology spec, try to avoid getting hit by his Demonic Leap which he does on random players. Sidestep the deadly Chaos Wave and be ready to dish out heavy heals to anyone affected by the Doom debuff.

MW Icon - With Border SmallSerpent Tactics

  • Dispel Drain Life, Corruption (Demonology), Immolate (Destruction).
  • Do NOT dispel Unstable Affliction (Affliction).
  • Players who are affected by Seed of Malevolence (Affliction), Agony (Affliction), Doom (Demonology) or Unstable Affliction (Affliction) will take heavy damage and should be focused with single-target heals.
  • In Destruction spec, the tank will take heavy damage.
  • Sidestep Rain of Fire, Chaos Wave and Demonic Leap.
  • Spread out in order to avoid infecting others with Seed of Malevolence.
  • Avoid Bloom of Malevolence.

MW Icon - With Border Small (Crane)Crane Tactics (Optional)

  • Interrupt Drain Life, Rain of Fire, Chaos Bolt and Incinerate.
  • Help players who kite the Felborne Abyssal with Tiger’s Lust.


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