The Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace

The Blackrock clan’s unique ability to smelt the black ore, a substance so dense that ordinary flame does not even soften it, has always been their most closely-guarded secret. Deep within the Foundry, their furnace contains a primal force as old as Draenor itself, raging within the confines of its prison as it emanates a prenatural heat.


Path of Blast Furnace

List of Abilities

Phase One: Sabotage

Players must disable the Heat Regulators located on each side of the Blast Furnace to disable it.

The Blast Furnace

ability_foundryraid_blastwaveBlast (Healer Alert)
The Blast Furnace periodically unleashes a burst of heat upon the whole room. All players suffer 63,761 Fire damage.

Furnace Engineer

The caster fires a bolt of electricity at a random enemy that inflicts 24,247 Nature damage. The electricity will jump to up to 2 other targets within 5 yards of the initial target.

inv_misc_wrench_01Repair (Interruptible)
The caster attempts to repair a nearby Heat Regulator for 2% of its maximum health.

The caster attaches bombs to random enemies. After 15 sec the bombs will detonate.

inv_misc_bomb_05Drop Lit Bombs (Important!)
Upon death, the engineers drop their bomb bags, causing them all to arm. If all the bombs are taken out of the sack, the sack will disappear. Otherwise the bombs will explode after 15 sec.

Bellows Operator (Important!)

inv_gizmo_fuelcellLoading (Important!)
Periodically increases the heat level of the Blast Furnace by 2.

ability_fomor_boss_shoutDeafening Roar
The caster shout with all their might inflicting 214,125 Physical damage to all enemies in front them.

Security Guard

inv_shield_32Defense (Important!)
Throws a shield on the ground, reducing damage taken by most allies within 7 yards by 99%.

inv_axe_65Slay Elemental (Important!)
When mind controlled, a Security Guard can strike a Slag Elemental, disabling any protection their elemental nature would normally provide and causing the target to take 50% more damage for 20 sec.

Foremand Feldspar

spell_shaman_lavaburstPyroclasm (Interruptible)
The caster hurls a massive glob of pyroclastic sludge at a random target for 50,515 Fire damage.

The ground beneath the target’s feet rips open, revealing pyroclastic flows that inflict 40,412 Fire damage to all players in the vicinity every second.

ability_racial_bloodrageHot Blooded
Foreman Feldspar’s very presence burns his enemies with Fire damage.

Phase Two: The Heart Exposed

The Heart of the Mountain escapes from the Blast Furnace! Primal Elementalists join the fight in an effort to keep the Heart of the Mountain from destroying everything.

The Blast Furnace

ability_foundryraid_blastwaveBlast (Healer alert)
The Blast Furnace periodically unleashes a burst of heat upon the whole room. All players suffer 63,761 Fire damage.

inv_misc_ring_firelands_3Slag Pool (Important!)
The Slag Pool continues to heat up the Heart of the Mountain as long as it remains in the area.

Primal Elementalist

inv_misc_enggizmos_15Damage Shield (Important!)
The caster raises a shield of elemental forces, making them immune to all damage.

inv_misc_enggizmos_01Shield Down
Primal Elementalists are vulnerable to damage when their Damage Shield has been removed.

item_earthenmightReactive Earth Shield (Magic effect)
The Reactive Earth Shield will the target after 8 sec.


spell_fire_burnoutCauterize Wound (Interruptible)
The caster seals the target’s wounds with flames, cauterizing them and healing the target for 10% of their maximum health.
Players healed in this way are healed for 1/10th this value.

spell_shaman_lavaburstLava Burst (Interruptible)
The caster hurls a massive glob of lava at a random target for 39,654 Fire damage.

spell_fire_lavaspawnVolatile Fire (Important!)
Afflicts random enemies with a seed of Volatile Fire that will explode after 12 sec. When the seed explodes, it inflict 72,186 Fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the explosion.

Slag Elemental

Slag Elementals will go Dormant and remove the Damage Shield of any nearby Primal Elementalists when they are reduced to 1 hitpoint. While Dormant, the Fury’s Blasts will restore 20 energy. When the Slag Elemental reaches 100 energy they will revive.

ability_mage_firestarterBurn (Magic effect)
The caster inflict 24,176 Fire damage to their current target.

ability_fixated_state_redFixate (Important!)
Slag Elementals will fixate on a random target, focusing their spells on the victim.

6bf_explosive_shardSlag Bomb (Important!)
Upon reaching zero health remaining, the Slag Elemental explodes for 101,031 Fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards and goes Dormant.

Security Guard

inv_shield_32Defense (Important!)
Throws a shield on the ground, reducing damage taken by most allies within 7 yards by 99%.

Phase Three: Freedom!

With all of the Primal Elementalists defeated, the Heart of the Mountain attacks everything in sight.

Heart of the Mountain

ability_foundryraid_blastwaveBlast (Healer alert)
The Blast Furnace periodically unleashes a burst of heat upon the whole room. All players suffer 63,761 Fire damage.

inv_ingot_titansteel_redTempered (Tank alert)
Exposure to Heat from the Heart of the Mountain’s attacks gradually increases damage taken from Heat. Tempered will only increase its efficacy when exposed to greater Heat levels than your current Tempered level and any time Heat is initially applied to you.

inv_ammo_firetarHeat (Tank alert)
Heats up the victim’s arms and armor. This heat inflict 20,206 Fire damage every second for each application and is increased by victim’s Tempered level.

ability_foundryraid_meltMelt (Important!)
Afflicts a random enemy, causing the floor beneath them to melt after 6 sec. Players entering the affected area will suffer 50,515 Fire damage every second.

Healing Strategy

Blast furnace

Heat regulatorThis is an add fight of epic proportions. The encounter is split into three phases. In the first phase your goal is to handle adds and carry bombs to the Heat Regulators. Once the Heat Regulators have broken down, you enter phase two where you have to kill four Primal Elementalists that try to control the Heart of the Mountain. Once the Elementalists are dead, you enter phase three where you directly engage Heart of the Mountain and all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile you have to manage the miniboss Foreman Feldspar, adds, bombs and debuffs during the entire fight.

Objective; Destroy the Heat Regulators

Drop Lit BombsYou start the fight by engaging Foreman Feldspar and the accompanied adds. The raid should split into two group and position themselves on each side of Heart of the Mountain’s prison. On each side of the prison there is a Heat Regulator with a health pool, which should be destroyed with bombs. You acquire the bombs in two ways; either having a Furnace Engineer cast a inv_misc_enggizmos_35Bomb at you or pick up the inv_misc_bomb_05Drop Lit Bombs which the engineers drop once they die. Either way, when a Bomb has been thrown or dropped by the Engineer, it gets a timer. Once the timer goes off it explodes. Players should either carry or pick up bombs to the Heat Regulators before they explode. You drop/explode the bombs with the Extra Action button.

Furnace Engineers will also try to inv_misc_wrench_01Repair the Heat Regulators, and they must be stopped quickly with a stun or an interrupt. Engineers are high priority targets when they try to repair the regulators, otherwise damage-dealers should always prioritize Bellows Operators.

Bellows Operators are the big ogrons that will constantly try to increase the Heat level of the Furnace. If the Operators are allowed to increase the heat level, the Heart of the Mountain’s energy regen will increase and you will get ability_foundryraid_blastwaveBlast from the imprisoned fire elemental more often. Blast is an unavoidable raid-wide damage that the Heart does at 100 energy, which will put the healer’s mana to the test. To avoid completely draining healer’s mana, the Bellow Operators must die quickly. They will continually spawn in the first phase.

DefenseBeside from Furnace Engineers and Bellow Operators, you will also have to deal with Security Guards. These will ramp up the damage on your tanks and also occasionally drop their shields to do inv_shield_32Defense, which creates a safe-zone for any of the add’s allies. Tanks must kite the adds away from the Defense shields to avoid the immunity buff on the adds.

One of the two raid groups will also have to deal with the miniboss Foreman Feldspar. Feldspar has an aura called ability_racial_bloodrageHot Blooded which causes fire damage to neary players. He will also put a debuff called ability_rhyolith_magmaflow_wholeRupture on random players. Once the debuff has reached the end of its duration, it will leave a puddle of magma below the affected player. Players who are affected by Rupture must place these magma pools at the walls of the room to avoid cluttering the entire room.

Feldspar’s third ability is spell_shaman_lavaburstPyroclasm, which does high damage to random players unless it is interrupted!

Once the Heat Regulators have reached 0 health, you will transition to the second phase. Make sure you have as few adds as possible when entering phase two. The Bellows Operators are particularly dangerous. Their frontal cone attack ability_fomor_boss_shoutDeafening Roar, which they only do if they are carried to phase two, could potentially kill players. Make sure the Bellows Operators are killed just before the Heat Regulators are destroyed.

Objective; Kill the four Primal Elementalists

Phase twoOnce you enter phase two, the Heart of the Mountain has escaped its prison but is controlled by four Primal Elementalists (if you haven’t killed Foreman Feldspar yet you must do it quickly in this phase).

Your job is to kill the Elementalists to be able to engage the Heart of the Mountain directly, but it is not as easy as it sounds. The Elementalists have the ability inv_misc_enggizmos_15Damage Shield that makes them immune to all damage. The only way to disable the shields is to kill one of the spawning Slag Elementals within 8 yards of the Elementalist. Once the Slag Elemental dies close to the Elementalist, its shields go down and it is vulnerable to damage. Damage-dealers have a small window to kill the Elementalist before the shields are up again, and you have to repeat the process.

Slag Elemental
Slag Elemental

Slag Elementals will spawn at a steady rate and fixate on a random player. The fixated player must kite the Slag to the Elementalist and stand within the 8 yard range without standing in the fire. When they die, or go dormant, they will also explode, 6bf_explosive_shardSlag Bomb, which causes very high damage to all players within 8 yards. Players who can should avoid the explosion.

The Primal Elementalists will also cast item_earthenmightReactive Earth Shield on themselves that will heal them if it isn’t offensively dispelled within 8 seconds. Purge, Dispel Magic and Tranquilizing Shots are examples of abilities that work.

Security Guards will also continue to spawn in this phase and drop their Defense zones. Slag Elementals gain immunity from Defense (but Primal Elemenatlists don’t), so the whole raid should be attentive to kite out any Slag Elementals from the zones.

Volatile Fire
Player debuffed with Volatile Fire

A new add will also join the fight in this phase; Firecallers. These buggers will cast the debuff spell_fire_lavaspawnVolatile Fire on random players, which will then explode after 12 seconds. Affected players should run out of the raid to avoid spreading damage. They will also try to heal an ally with spell_fire_burnoutCauterize Wound, occasionally on a Primal Elementalist you are trying to kill, which should be interrupted. spell_shaman_lavaburstLava Burst is another spell they cast which hits a random player. This can also be interrupted!

In this phase you can choose to still have the raid split and work on two Primal Elementalists at the same time. The other option is to gather the whole raid to one group and work collectively at one Primal Elementalist at a time. The goal is to be fast enough so that you only need to use one Slag Elemental per Primal Elementalist. This means that damage-dealers must burst when the shields are down, interrupt Firecaller’s Cauterize Wounds and dispel Reactive Earth Shield to avoid having them healed.

Meanwhile, the Heart of the Mountain will continue to do Blast. It will also be chained to a pool in the middle of the room called inv_misc_ring_firelands_3Slag Pool, which increases the Heart’s heat level while it stands in it. The Heart will stand in the Slag Pool the entire second phase, continuously increasing its Heat level which in turn increases the rate which Blast comes out. If you spend too much time in the second phase, the Heat level and the subsequent Blasts will be too much for healers to handle. The second phase must be as short as possible!

Once the four Primal Elementalists are dead, the Heart of the Mountain breaks free and you can engage it directly.

Phase Three; FREEDOM!
Objective; Kill the Heart of the Mountain

Before you focus the Heart of the Mountain, all remaining adds should be killed as quickly as possible. Once they are dead you only have to deal with a few abilities from the Heart of the Mountain.

MeltIt will periodically cast ability_foundryraid_meltMelt on random players, which leaves a pool of magma. These can quickly become a bother for manoeuvring, so players should position themselves so that the magma pools will be placed out of the way for future movement (a.k.a. don’t lock yourself in by a wall of Melt). The raid has to move at a slow rate to avoid the magma pools.

Tanks will have a tank debuff to deal with; inv_ammo_firetarHeat. They should swap at 3 stacks and healers should be really attentive to the tanks, since Heart of the Mountain will still do Blast and it does more damage to players affected by Heat.

In this phase you are racing against the rate of which healers’ mana pools are depleted. Blast will come often and require much healing to counter. If the previous phases were dragged out, healers might not have enough mana for this phase.

Cast Bloodlust, Heroism or Time Warp at the beginning of this phase and kill the Heart of the Mountain before the healers run out of mana.

Mistweaver Specifics 2
Since this is such a long and mana draining fight, you should probably go with Chi Torpedo instead of Rushing Jade Wind. Xuen can be used on the adds, but you will have a more steady healing output from Chi Torpedo, which is good since the damage output from Blast and other abilities will be quite consistent. Also make sure you use your free spells as often as possible. Chi Burst and Zen Sphere could both work and grant additional healing without taxing your mana.

If your raid is struggling with killing adds, especially the Primal Elementalists, Mistweavers should help out in Crane stance. Pool of Mist is the best talent for Stance dancing (but Chi Explosion is better if you want to spend more time in Crane). Rising Sun Kick can do quite a lot of damage, and with Pool of Mist you can burst with the three available stacks of the ability. Your free talent spells can also pack quite a punch.

The best spell for this encounter is however Touch of Death. If you are progressing Blast Furnace, often the main reason for wipes is that the phases are dragged out. Help your raid by quickly finishing off adds such as Bellows Operators and Primal Elementalists with a quick execute.

As for defense, pretty much everything is Fire damage. Use Diffuse Magic to protect yourself from Bombs, Blast and Volatile Fire. Fortifying Brew should also be used whenever you feel that you are in danger.

Serpent Tactics 2

Phase One

  • Heart of the Mountain will do ability_foundryraid_blastwaveBlast each time it reaches 100 energy, which does raid wide damage. The energy rate will increase if the Heat level is increased. Blast will occur during the entire fight and can potentially become really difficult for healers to heal through if the fight is prolonged.
  • If inv_misc_enggizmos_35Bomb is cast on you by the Furnace Engineers, drop it by the Heat Regulators.
  • Pick up any inv_misc_bomb_05Drop Lit Bombs and bring them to the Heat Regulators.
  • If debuffed with ability_rhyolith_magmaflow_wholeRupture, run out to the sides of the room and place the spawning magma pool close to the walls, out of the way.
  • Don’t stand in pools created by Rupture.
  • The tank that also tanks Foreman Feldspar will take extra damage, both from melee attacks and the ability_racial_bloodrageHot Blooded aura.

Phase Two

  • If fixated by Slag Elemental, run to the focused Primal Elementalist and place the Slag close to it without standing in any inv_shield_32Defense zones.
  • If you get the debuff spell_fire_lavaspawnVolatile Fire, run out of the raid before it explodes (12 sec duration).

Phase Three

  • Tanks will take high damage during Blast because of the tank debuff inv_ammo_firetarHeat.
  • Don’t stand in ability_foundryraid_meltMelt pools!
  • Use Diffuse Magic (Talent)Diffuse Magic and Fortifying BrewFortifying Brew to save yourself when the damage from Blast starts to reach dangerous levels.

Crane tactics 2

  • It is really beneficial to start the fight in Crane stance and swap to it at several points in the fight to have a mana regen that can cope with the long and intensive fight.
  • If you are able, help damage-dealers burst down the Primal Elementalist in phase two, once their shields are down.
  • There are many spells a Crane healer could help interrupt;
    • Furnace Engineer’s inv_misc_wrench_01Repair
    • Foreman Feldspar’s spell_shaman_lavaburstPyroclasm
    • Firecaller’s spell_fire_burnoutCauterize Wounds and spell_shaman_lavaburstLava Burst
  • Execute important adds such as Bellows Operators, Engineers and Primal Elementalists with Touch of DeathTouch of Death.

Blackrock Foundry Bosses

The Blast Furnace

The Black Forge
Hans’gar & Franzok
Flamebender Ka’graz

Iron Assembly
Beastlord Darmac
Operator Thogar
Iron Maidens

The Crucible

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