The storehouses of Blackrock Foundry, laden with heaps and pallets of unprocessed Blackrock ore, represent a grand banquet feast for the ravenous rock-eating goren who have burrowed into the chamber. Oregorger is by far the largest of the invaders, gluttony swelling his frame far beyond the size of any goren previously seen in Draenor.


Map to Oregorger

List of Abilities

Satiated Slaughter
When sated, Oregorger draws upon his Ore reserve to unleash powerful attacks against his enemies.

6bf_retched_blackrockAcid Torrent (Important!) (Deadly) (Tank alert)
Sprays a cone of acid at a ranged target, inflicting 408,369 Physical damage to the closest target and increases the damage Acid Torrent deals by 408,369 for 20 sec. All other targets take 219,498 Nature damage reduced by the closest target’s total damage mitigation.

ability_vehicle_oiljetsRetched Blackrock
Regurgitates Blackrock Ore at a targets, leaving a pool of acid that inflicts Nature damage every 1.50 sec.

6bf_explosive_shardExplosive Shard
Launches an explosive shard, inflicting 76,569 Physical damage and knocking back enemies in the area. After 3 sec, the shard explodes, dealing 81,674 Fire damage and stunning nearby enemies.

6bf_blackrock_novaBlackrock Barrage (Interruptible)
Launches Blackrock Spines, inflicting 46,962 Physical damage to all enemies.

ability_creature_poison_01Acid Maw (Tank alert)
Covers the target in acid, inflicting 5,436 Nature damage every 2 sec for 8 sec.

Fetid Frenzy
When his Blackrock Ore reserve have depleted, Oregorger rampages through the room, trampling all in his path as he searches for ore to eat.

6bf_rolling_furyRolling Fury (Important!) (Deadly)
Becomes a rolling juggernaut, inflicting 132,720 Physical damage and knocking down anyone in the way.

inv_misc_volatileearthEarthshaking Collision
Shakes the earth, inflicting 25,574 Nature damage to all players.

spell_fire_burningspeedHunger Drive
The longer Oregorger remains in the Feeding Frenzy, the more furious he grows, increasing damage inflicted by Earthshaking Collision by 5% per application. Stacks 100 times.

Healing Strategy

Oregorger is one of the two first bosses in Slagworks. The fight against him requires some very bursty AoE healing and high environment awareness. There are two phases against Oregorger; one where you directly engage the boss and one where he rolls around the room and tries to eat everything in his way. Once he has eaten himself full, he returns to the first phase.

Oregorger tanking position
Example of raid positioning

In phase one, the melee and ranged must split. While tanks and melee fight the boss at one end of a corridor, the ranged must stand as far away as possible at the other end of the same corridor. Ranged players will be subject to two mechanics. One is ability_vehicle_oiljetsRetched Blackrock and the second is 6bf_retched_blackrockAcid Torrent, which the off tank is in charge of. Retched Blackrock is a simply a puddle of goo that will land on the ranged. Ranged players have to slowly move towards the boss, leaving behind puddles as close together as possible, while trying not to fill up the entire corridor (and of course not stand in them).

Acid Torrent is a special ability that has two components. It will always first hit Oregorger’s closest target, which will take very high physical damage and get a DoT that makes it vulnerable for any additional Acid Torrent. The torrent will then also hit ranged players and deal extremely high nature damage. The ranged players will take reduced damage if the player that stand closest to Oregorger mitigates it. The off-tank should “soak” this one by standing at the side of Oregorger. Before Acid Torrent hits, the tank should either pop personal cooldowns or be provided with external cooldowns to mitigate the hit. If the tank doesn’t have any damage reductions, the ranged players will likely die or take very high damage.

Melee also have two mechanics to deal with. One is 6bf_blackrock_novaBlackrock Barrage, which must be interrupted or it deals raid-wide damage. It comes three casts after each other and damage-dealers should have a preordained interrupting order to deal with it properly. They will also get 6bf_explosive_shardExplosive Shard cast in melee, which does some initial damage and a knockback. After 3 seconds, it explodes and stuns and damages any players nearby. Melee should avoid standing close to the shards. They should also make sure that they don’t stand closer to the boss than the tanks, otherwise they will soak Acid Torrent and most likely kill the raid.

Tanks should stand at a 90 degree angle from each other, so that Oregorger has his side to the ranged with the off-tank in between. One tank should stand and soak the Acid Torrent while popping damage reduction cooldowns. After each torrent, the tanks should switch places.

Oregorger roll paths
Oregorger’s paths

Once Oregorger depletes his mana by doing enough of his abilities, he will enter phase two. Now he will roll around the room in search for more Blackrock Ore. Crates will drop down from the roof, and players should kill the crates to reveal the ores. When Oregorger have eaten 10 ores, he will return to phase one.

During phase two, players must make sure to avoid standing in Oregorger’s way. If anyone gets hit by his roll, they will be stunned and take very high damage. Oregorger only travels a few paths and have 8 collision points where he does inv_misc_volatileearthEarthshaking Collision, an unadvoidable raid-wide damage ability. Earthshaking Collision will increase its damage each time, which means that you will want to enter phase one again as soon as possible. Once he has collided with the wall, he will either go right or left. He will never turn around and go the way he just came from. If Oregorger can, he will always choose the way that has available Blackrock Ore ready to be eaten.

Oregorger crates
Possible crate spawn points

The raid can choose to split itself to the entire room and kill the crates as fast as possible. The other options is that the raid travel as a group to facilitate healing. The melee takes the closest crates while the ranged kill from afar. The crates often spawn randomly, so it can be hard to predict exactly where they are going to be placed. You should assign general areas to damage-dealers to simplify the process.

While the raid kill crates, they must also keep a close eye on Oregorger and make sure not to stand in his way. The safest zones are corners close to a collision point. Go around the corner when Oregorger hits the wall, then quickly run behind him since he will never choose that path.

Once he has eaten 10 ores, he will return to phase one and the process begins again.

Mistweaver Specifics 2

Since Mistweavers are the only melee healers, they can make a choice between standing in melee and standing in the ranged group. If you choose to stand with the ranged, be ready for some very high damage that comes in big bursts from Acid Torrent. Rushing Jade Wind is an excellent choice to counter this. Chi Torpedo could work since Mistweavers shouldn’t be targeted by Retched Blackrock (and therefore never place them badly). Just make sure you never stand in the puddles since they do very high damage.

If you choose to stand in melee, be ready to move away from Explosive Shards and for the love of Yu’lon, don’t stand closer to Oregorger than the tanks. If you are a Crane healer, Chi Explosion is a good choice and you can help as backup interrupter on Blackrock Barrage.

As for the damage mitigation on Acid Torrent, it seems that Life Cocoon counts as a mitigation. Healers should rotate external cooldowns on the tanks once they have run out of their own personal cooldowns.

In the rolling phase, Renewing Mist and Uplift is your best friend. If you don’t move as a group, players will be all over the place and it can be quite difficult to heal them. If you cast Renewing Mist on all players that run past you, you can heal them with Uplift even if they are out of line of sight up to 100 yard range. Revival will work just as good if the raid drop too low by the Earthen Collisions.

Serpent Tactics 2

  • Don’t stand in ability_vehicle_oiljetsRetched Blackrock. The raid should continuously move out from these without cluttering the whole room.
  • Be ready for high raid damage when 6bf_retched_blackrockAcid Torrent hits.
  • Use Life CocoonLife Cocoon on the tank to mitigate the damage from Acid Torrent.
  • In rolling phase, avoid standing in Oregorger’s path.
  • When Oregorger is rolling, observe that both UpliftUplift and RevivalRevival ignores any line of sight problems.

Crane tactics 2

  • Don’t stand close to 6bf_explosive_shardExplosive Shard when it detonates.
  • Stand at max melee range from the boss to avoid soaking the 6bf_retched_blackrockAcid Torrent instead of the off-tank.
  • If possible, help interrupt 6bf_blackrock_novaBlackrock Barrage.
  • Help kill crates during the rolling phase!

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