The magnaron are mysterious in their ways, ancient and inscrutable. Miners excavating an expansion to the Foundry, in support of the Iron Horde’s massive production needs, were horrified to unearth a chamber containing a living magnaron. To their astonishment, Kromog began to assist in their endeavors, and now uses his massive stone fists to hammer out the gigantic plates needed for the Iron Horde’s dreadnaughts and siege machinery.


Path to Kromog

List of Abilities

Imperator Mar'gok - Crush ArmorWarped Armor (Tank Alert)
Reduces the movement speed of the target by 15%. Also increases physical damage taken by 20%. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

warrior_talent_icon_singlemindedfuryFists of Stone (Tank Alert)
Kromog’s melee attacks trigger this effect, which inflicts 300,061 Physical damage split evenly between enemies, up to 2 targets within 15 yards.

inv_elemental_primal_earthStone Breath
Deals 29,646 Nature damage to all enemies every second.
If there are no valid targets in melee range, Kromog will continue to breath until he fins one.

Azzakel - Fel Stomp (Felguard)Slam (Tank Alert)
Kromog strikes the ground beneath his primary target, dealing up to 562,661 Physical damage to all players, reduced based on their distance from the impact point.

ability_fomor_boss_pillar02Rippling Smash
Kromog smashes the ground violently, causing a cascading eruption that inflicts 143,968 Nature damage to those within its wake.

ability_fomor_boss_rune_yellowRune of Grasping Earth
Kromog places a mighty palm on the ground, summoning the very stone from the earth. Fists of stone grasp at players, inflicting 7,880 Nature damage per second, but shielding them from Physical damage and holding them to the ground. The damage increases over time.

ability_smashThundering Blows (Important!) (Deadly)
Kromog smashes his fists repeatedly, inflicting 65,670 Physical damage to all players every second, knocking them into the air.

creatureportrait_fomorhandRune of Crushing Earth
Kromog bends the earth to form two outstretched hands. These hands will slam together, inflicting 151,546 Nature damage to enemies on contact, stunning them for 5 sec.

The clamorous impact of Kromog’s fists causes sound reverberations to amass, inflicting 101,030 Sonic damage to enemies with which they come in contact and dissipate.

inv_ore_blackrock_nuggetShattered Earth
Deals 34,674 Nature damage to 4 random targets.

Tectus - Raving AssaultFrenzy
Damage increased by 20%.
Attack speed increased by 20%.
Abilities are cast more frequently.
Kromog will gain the effects of Frenzy at 30% remaining life.

Healing Strategy


This fight is an extremely healing heavy fight, and you will really need to have your mana regen and healing throughput in check to overcome this encounter. You will fight against the breaker Kromog, which will constantly do raid wide damage with high damage spikes on players who don’t mind their surroundings. Tanks will be particularly vulnerable to the tank specific mechanics that can be very punishing if not handled correctly.

The magnoron Kromog is situated in a chasm with a nearby plateau on which the raid is standing upon. You will have a lot of room to move freely, which you should use when needed but stand close to your team for extra healing whenever you can. Tanks should stand at either side of Kromog while the melee clumps up a bit far away to avoid tank specific mechanics. Ranged should stand in a group as far away as possible while still being in range of the tanks.

The tanks will have several abilities to deal with. The first is the tank debuff, Imperator Mar'gok - Crush ArmorWarped Armor, which should be kept low as possible to minimize the risk of tank deaths. warrior_talent_icon_singlemindedfuryFists of Stone is another tank-oriented ability that extremely high damage unless two target share it. Tanks should always stand close to each other when Fists of Stone is imminent.

Stone Breath
Stone Breath

Azzakel - Fel Stomp (Felguard)Slam and inv_elemental_primal_earthStone Breath are two abilities that simply do damage to the whole raid. Slam will do more damage the closer players are to the giant, which means that those who can, ranged players, should stand as far away as possible. Stone Breat is a damaging ability that Kromog will continuously channel until he finds a valid melee target. Whenever the raid is forced to move away from Kromog to deal with other mechanics, tanks should prioritize getting back to Kromog as quickly as possible to prevent any longer duration of Stone Breath.

Another ability that can affect the whole raid is ability_fomor_boss_pillar02Rippling Smash. Kromog will turn to a random direction and do a frontal cone that will do substantial damage to anyone who doesn’t move away. Players should be alert to which way Kromog is facing and quickly move away to avoid the damage. Healers should also be aware of inv_ore_blackrock_nuggetShattered Earth; it causes unavoidable and random damage on four targets.

ReverberationsAfter every Slam and Rippling Smash, the ground will vibrate and sound waves, called spell_holy_persecutionReverberations, will spawn at Kromog and travel outwards towards players and burst on impact and deal high amount of damage. They are easy for ranged players to dodge while melee have to observant after every Slam and Smash to spot the small yellow tornados. Kromog’s arms can sometimes conceal the exact spot where the Reverberations spawn. Melees might have to take a few steps back to spot them if their line of sight is blocked.

Crushing HandsAt a steady interval, you will see two red runes spawn, sometimes with an additional set of runes nearby. From these red runes, creatureportrait_fomorhandRune of Crushing Earth, two hands will spawn and they will slam together after a brief moment. If any player stand between the red runes, they will get caught by the hands and become stunned and take a considerable amount of damage. Sometimes the hands will spawn after a delay, but players should move from them immediately anyway.

Kromog’s key ability is ability_smashThundering Blows. He will slam the ground repeatedly and launch players into the air. This ability will do massive damage to all players, even those in the air, and most likely kill launched players. If they don’t die, they’ll most likely not survive the fall damage anyway.

Grasping HandsThe only way to survive Thundering Blows is to get grabbed by ability_fomor_boss_rune_yellowRunes of Grasping Earth. Just before Thundering Blows goes off, you will see 30 orange runes spawn across the ground. If you stand in one of these, a hand will erupt from the ground and grasp you. If you are secured by a Rune of Grasping Earth, you will be immune to Thundering Blows though the hand will instead deal nature damage that ramps up the longer time you spend in it.

While you are grasped by a rune hand, you can still heal like normal. The damage-dealers should cleave kill all the hands while healers still focus on healing the raid. If the raid has survived pretty well, it is possible to do some damage yourself to free you from the hand. But never let any players die even if you have not been freed by the hand yet. Damage-dealers should focus on killing ALL the hands before even looking at the boss.

You will most likely see a fair few Thundering Blows during the course of the fight. You should save Time Wartp/Heroism/Bloodlust for the Tectus - Raving AssaultFrenzy which Kromog enters at 20% health remaining. Healers should have their raid cooldowns sorted for every Thundering Blows, especially if you get one during the Frenzy.

Mistweaver Specifics 2
If you have many melees in this fight, it is possible for Mistweavers to go melee and heal them exclusively. If so, the ranged group can stand even further than 40yds away from them, since the healers only need to be in range of the tanks. If you don’t have many melees however, Mistweavers should stay with the ranged group to make good use of their healing. Rushing Jade Wind is golden in this fight, but Chi Torpedo can be a good substitute if you lack the mana.

Before every Thundering Blows/Runes of Grasping Earth, spread a few Renewing Mists on the raid. Once it goes off, you will need to spam heal with Uplift. Try also to do some damage on the hand in Crane stance, without risk losing any players to the Thundering Blows/Grasping Earth damage (and don’t kill the hand before Thundering Blows is over). If you are taking a lot of damage from the hands, you can mitigate it with Diffuse Magic or Fortifying Brew.

Tanks will take particularly heavy damage in this fight. At least one healer should be in ranged of the tanks after the Thundering Blows, since they will have to return to the boss as fast as possible to prevent any long casts of Stone Breath. Cast a Life Cocoon on any of them if they are in ranged. They will need external cooldowns, especially when Kromog does Slam.

Serpent Tactics 2

  • Avoid getting hit by;
    • spell_holy_persecutionReverberations
    • ability_fomor_boss_pillar02Rippling Smash
    • creatureportrait_fomorhandRunes of Crushing Earth (red runes)
  • Stand in ability_fomor_boss_rune_yellowRunes of Grasping Earth (orange runes) before ability_smashThundering Blows to avoid getting launched.
  • Mitigate the nature damage from Runes of Grasping Earth with Diffuse Magic (Talent)Diffuse Magic or  Fortifying BrewFortifying Brew if you are left in the hand for too long.
  • Tanks will take very heavy damage from Azzakel - Fel Stomp (Felguard)Slam and may need external cooldowns, such as Life CocoonLife Cocoon.
  • The raid will take heavy damage after Thundering Blows (since people are low on health after the damage from Runes of Grasping Earth which will be followed by a Stone Breath) and healers should designate raid cooldowns to counter the high damage. Use RevivalRevival on your designated turn.
  • Players who stand close to Kromog when he does inv_elemental_primal_earthStone Breath will take higher damage than those who stand further away.

Crane tactics 2

  • Start in Crane stance and aim for as many Mana TeaMana Tea stacks before the first Azzakel - Fel Stomp (Felguard)Slam/inv_elemental_primal_earthStone Breath hit the raid.
  • If you only want to open up in Crane stance, you can put a TranscendenceTranscendence with the ranged group and quickly get back to them with Transcendence; TransferTransfer.
  • Be very careful when standing in melee and watch out for ability_fomor_boss_pillar02Rippling Smash and the spell_holy_persecutionReverberations that comes after Slam and Rippling Smash.
  • Help kill any remaining ability_fomor_boss_rune_yellowRune of Grasping Earth after ability_smashThundering Blows.

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