Iron Maidens

Iron Maidens

Iron Maidens

With little opportunity to exercise her tactical brilliance under the ancient social structure of the orc clans, Gar’an was thrilled to be one of the first warriors to volunteer for naval duty under the Iron Horde. Instantly successful in battle, she was named Admiral of the Iron Horde fleet and selected Marak and Sorka as her lieutenants. Together, they are called the Iron Maidens, and have crushed any who have dared face them in battle.


Path to Iron Maidens

List of Abilities

The Iron Maidens

ability_ironmaidens_ironwillIron Will
The Iron Maidens are bound together with Iron Will – whenever any of them is critically low on health, they will all arise to 100 Iron Fury. Every 20 seconds thereafter their damage dealt will increase by 5%.

Admiral Gar’an

inv_ammo_bullet_06Iron Shot
Admiral Gar’an fires a shot from her rifle at a random player, inflicting 37,886 Physical damage.

ability_ironmaidens_rapidfireRapid Fire
Admiral Gar’an readies her rifle and tracks a player, firing a barrage of high-explosive rounds. Each round inflicts 70,721 Fire damage to players within 5 yards of the impact location.

ability_ironmaidens_ironshotPenetrating Shot (Deadly)
Gar’an lines up a Penetrating Shot at the vitals of her target, inflicting 361,185 Physical damage to the target after 8 sec.
Players can move between her and her target, disrupting her aim and causing the damage inflicted to be split among all intercepting players and the target.
Gar’an gains this ability at 30 Iron Fury.

ability_ironmaidens_deployturretDeploy Turret
Gar’an deplys an automated Dominator Turret, which fires a series of blasts in a circular pattern.
Dominator Blasts inflict 25,258 Fire damage every 1 sec for 8 sec to any players they come in contact with. This effect stacks.
gar’an gains this ability at 100 Iron Fury.

Enforcer Sorka

Focus and HarmonyBlade Dash
Dashes through a player within 45 yards, chaining to targets within 5 yards, as well as Sorka’s primary target, inflicting 72,186 Physical damage to targeted players.

spell_shadow_devouringplagueConvulse Shadows (Magic Effect)
Inflicts 8,082 Shadow damage per stack every 2 sec. A stack is removed each time damage is dealt.
When dispelled, inflicts 40,000 Shadow damage per stack to the dispelled player.
Sorka gains this ability at 30 Iron Fury.

ability_ironmaidens_darkhuntDark Hunt
Fixes her gaze on a player for 8 sec, after which she teleports to the player, inflicting 181,855 Physical damage.
Sorka gains this ability at 100 Iron Fury.

Marak the Blooded

ability_ironmaidens_bloodritualBlood Ritual
Targets a player within 45 yards, inflicting 101,031 Shadow damage to all players in a cone in front of Marak.

inv_enchanting_wod_crystalshardCrystallized Blood
Inflicts 181,855 Physical damage to the players closest to Marak affected by Blood Ritual.

ability_ironmaidens_boomerangrushBloodsoaked Heartseeker
Bounces between 3 marked targets for up to 288,948 Physical damage. Damage decreases the farther the axe travels between each target.
Marak gains this ability at 30 Iron Fury.

ability_ironmaidens_sanguinestrikesSanguine Strikes (Tank Alert)
Marak the Blooded’s melee attacks become so powerful as to corrupt the life essence of her target, causing their blood to erupt, duplicating a portion of damage dealt to her primary target to all players as Shadow damage.
Marak gains this ability at 100 Iron Fury.

The Dreadnaught

When one of the Maidens mans the Dreadnaught’s main gun, a group of players must use the loading chains to travel to the Dreadnaught and defeat Maiden’s deckhand before the Maiden completes the warmup sequence of the main gun.
While the gun is warming up, the main cannon will barrage the docks with bombs, which players who remain on the docks must avoid.

ability_ironmaidens_deployturretWarming Up
The Maiden prepares the Dreadnaught’s main cannon for its Obliteration barrage. If the warmup sequence is allowed to complete, the Dreadnaught will fire Obliteration blasts directly at players, killing them.

Bombardment Pattern

One of the Maidens fires a barrage of bombs with the main cannon of the ship towards the dock.
After the initial barrage, the main cannon fires a much larger burst of bombs towards the dock.

ability_ironmaidens_bombardmentBomb Impact
When a bomb lands, it inflicts 70,721 Fire damage to nearby players, knocking them back.

ability_ironmaidens_incindiarydeviceDetonation Sequence
Explodes, inflicting 101,031 Fire damage to enemies within 7 yards.

Blackrock Deckhand: Uktar, Deckhand of Admiral Gar’an

Defeating Uktar will reveal the Dreadnaught Cannon’s ammunition reserves.

ability_vehicle_reloadammoGrapeshot Blast
Fires a blast of grapeshot at a player, inflicting 54,152 Fire damage to players within a cone.

Battle Medic Rogg

Tectus - Gift of EarthEarthen Barrier (Interruptible) (Important!)
Rogg envelops an ally with an Earthen Barrier, absorbing 245,000 damage.

Tectus - Gift of EarthProtective Earth (Interruptible) (Important!)
Rogg creates a pool of Protective Earth. Any of his allies who enter the pool gain Earthen Barrier.

spell_nature_chainlightningChain Lightning (Interruptible)
Inflicts 46,878 Nature damage to a player, jumping to any nearby players.

Shattered Hand Deckhand: Gorak, Deckhand of Enforcer Sorka

Defeating Gorak will reveal the Dreadnuaght Cannon’s ammunition reserves.

ability_rogue_deadlybrewDeadly Throw (Important!) (Tank Alert)
Throws a poisoned knife towards a target, inflicting 158,618 Physical damage and reducing movement speed by 80% for 5 sec to the closest player in their direction.

achievement_character_orc_male_brnCall for Reinforcements
Gorak calls for reinforcements, summoning an Iron Eviscerator from the hold of the Dreadnaught.

Iron Eviscerator

Iron Eviscerators fixate their attention on a random target, and will only attack their fixated target.

As long as they are left alive, Iron Eviscerators gain Swiftness, allowing them to move 10% faster and increases their haste by 10% per stack.

ability_rogue_bloodsplatterExpose Armor
The Eviscerator inflict a blow to a critical section of player’s armor, inflicting 46,878 Physical damage and increases Physical damage taken by 10% for 15 sec.

Bleeding Hollow Deckhand: Uk’urogg, Deckhand of Marak the Blooded

Defeating Uk’urogg will reveal the Dreadnaught Cannon’s ammunition reserve.

ability_animusdrawBlood Corruption Aura
Uk’urogg has been twisted by Marak’s dark blood magic, such that he radiates foul energy.
This energy causes all players on the Dreadnaught while he is alive to periodically create pools of Corrupted Blood underneath them.

ability_animusdrawCorrupted Blood
A pool of corrupted blood lingers on the ground, inflicting 86,583 Shadow damage every 2 sec to any players who stand in it.

Healing Strategy

This is a fight that sports a long list of abilities, but isn’t as complicated as it looks. You will fight the three Iron Maidens, each with their own set of abilities and specializations. They have independent health pools, but should be DPSed at the same rate since all three enrage once one of Maidens goes below 20% health. At several points in the fight, a dedicated group has to launch themselves to the ship and deal with a set of mini bosses there.

Tanks and melee should stand in one corner of the circular area, while the whole raid spread out as much as possible.

Blood Ritual
Blood Ritual

Marak the Blooded is one of the tankable bosses. She is a death knight-esque kind of fighter, with blood and corruption spewing in all directions. Her main ability is ability_ironmaidens_bloodritualBlood Ritual. A red squiggly line will connect her and a random ranged player. After a short moment, she will do a frontal cone attack in the direction of the red line in addition to inv_enchanting_wod_crystalshardCrystallized Blood, a physical damage attack she does to her closest target. Whenever a player gets Blood Ritual, everyone should move away from that player except a tank which should stand in the squiggly red line and soak Crystallized Blood.

At 30 Iron Fury, Marak will cast her ability_ironmaidens_boomerangrushBloodsoaked Heartseeker on three marked targets, which does less damage if it has to travel longer. The players who get marked must take extra care to stand as far away as possible from each other to minimize the damage.

Enforcer Sorka is a kind of shadow warrior. Her main ability is Focus and HarmonyBlade Dash. She will target a random player and dash towards it, dealing physical damage and keep chaining this ability to players within 5 yards. This is one of the reasons why the raid should make sure to spread properly!

At 30 Iron Fury, Enforcer Sorka will cast a debuff, spell_shadow_devouringplagueConvulsive Shadows, on a random player that does ticking damage. If dispelled, it will do even more damage on the affected player. This is why healers should not dispel it, instead just heal the player who gets it.

Admiral Gar’an is a engineer/hunter, which unlike Sorka and Marak cannot be tanked. She will shoot her rifle at random players. Once in a while she will also fixate on a player with ability_ironmaidens_rapidfireRapid Fire, and trace that player with high damaging shots. It is possible to avoid the damage by simply kiting the indicator marker that follows you. Make sure to kite Rapid Fire away from the raid to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Penetrating Shot
Penetrating Shot

At 30 Iron Fury, she will cast ability_ironmaidens_ironshotPenetrating Shot on a player. A red beam will link her and her target (not to be confused with the thinner, squiggly red line that is Blood Ritual) and deal very high damage to the target unless the raid intervenes and shares the damage. Stand in the red beam and help soak the damage every time you see it. Some classes can cancel Penetrating Shot or simply soak the whole damage themselves. Priests can cancel it with Spectral Guise, Mages and Hunters can soak with Ice Block and Deterrence, for example.

At specific points in the fight, the Maiden with the lowest health will board the ship. She will load the main gun while bombarding the dock with high-explosive bombs. To interrupt her from killing the whole raid by completing the ability_ironmaidens_deployturretWarming Up sequence, a party of six people (one healer and five or four DPS with a tank unless it’s Gar’an where no tank is needed) must jump up on the Loading Chains and board the ship. There you will have to kill the boarded Maiden’s Deckhand and then abort the warm-up by disabling the ammunition chain (click on the bombs at the end of the ship). The party has 1min30sec to complete their task!

If Marak the Blooded boards the cannon, you will face Uk’urogg, Deckhand of Marak. This mini-encounter is quite straight-forward. Uk’urogg will spawn ability_animusdrawCorrupted Blood pools beneath the players feet every other second. Simply move out of the blood the whole time and make sure you always have a place to move to. Kill Uk’urogg then click on the ammunition when the docks are safe to return to.

If Enforcer Sorka is up on the ship, you will face Deckhand Gorak with accompanied Iron Eviscerators. Gorak will do the frontal cone ability_rogue_deadlybrewDeadly Throw towards one player in the party, which the tank must intercept by standing between the miniboss and the player. The Iron Eviscerators must be kited by whoever gets fixated by them. They apply the debuff ability_rogue_bloodsplatterExpose Armor which can result in a decent amount of damage at too many stacks. Generally you want to focus Deckhand Gorak and cleave the Eviscerators (which become faster and faster due to spell_fire_burningspeedSwiftness).

The mini-encounter with Admiral Gar’an requires no tank. You will face Deckhand Uktar and Battle Medic Rogg. Uktar will do a frontal cone ability called ability_vehicle_reloadammoGrapeshot Blast, which should simply be faced away from the party. Rogg has three abilities that can all be interrupted. Tectus - Gift of EarthEarthen Barrier is an absorption shield and Tectus - Gift of EarthProtective Earth is a immunity zone for him and Uktar. These abilities have high priority and must be interrupted! Rogg will also do spell_nature_chainlightningChain Lightning, but it should only be interrupted if you have enough interrupters with you.


Meanwhile, the raid on the docks must handle the two other Maidens’ normal abilities in addition to the bombardment from the boarded Maiden. The bombs come in two patterns; Alpha and Omega. First will a few (Alpha) bombs land, ability_ironmaidens_bombardmentBomb Impact, and cause damage to anyone who remains in their red indicators. Then Omega bombs land and fill up the rest of what space is left on the docks. After that, the ability_ironmaidens_incindiarydeviceDetonations Sequence is activated; Alpha bombs will explode first and then the Omega bombs explode.

When you see the indicators for the Alpha bombs, move out from them but stand close by. Once they’ve landed, stand on the Alpha bombs until the Omega bombs have landed. Once they’ve landed, stand by the Omega bombs until the Alpha bombs have exploded and then stand on the place where the previous Alpha bombs were until Omega bombs have exploded. The rule of thumb is; the safest place to stand is where a bombs have just landed/exploded! To summarize;

  • Alpha bombs land (a few bombs) – Avoid!
  • Omega bombs land (many bombs that fill up the rest of the space) – Stand by the Alpha bombs!
  • Alpha bombs detonate – Stand by the Omega Bombs!
  • Omega bombs detonate – Stand where the Alpha bombs were previously!

Remember that during the Bombardment, you will still have to deal with the remaining Maiden’s abilities, such as Penetrating Shot or Rapid Fire. Coordinate and communicate with the raid to avoid any unnecessary deaths.

Once any of the Maidens hit 20% health remaining, they will get 100 Iron Fury and gain additional enrage abilities. They will no longer board the Iron Horde ship. This is the phase that is the most deadliest and it should be shortened with Time Warp / Heroism / Bloodlust.

Marak the Blooded will do ability_ironmaidens_sanguinestrikesSanguine Strikes and duplicate the damage she does on her current target to the whole raid. You can minimize the damage on the raid with defensive cooldowns on the tank that she is targetting.

Enforcer Sorka will be on a ability_ironmaidens_darkhuntDark Hunt, choosing a random target and strike it for a very high amount of damage. The marked player will get a debuff for 8 seconds before the attack and should use a personal cooldown to survive it!

Deploy TurretAdmiral Gar’an will deploy a Dominator Turret (ability_ironmaidens_deployturretDeploy Turret). This turret will spit out fireballs in a rotating circle. Players must avoid the fireballs and the damage-dealers should quickly destroy the Turret.

The last phase where the Iron Maidens have enraged have extremely high damage output on the raid. Healers must have raid cooldowns saved for this point in the encounter. Damage-dealers should stop cleaving and do only singe-target DPS on one of the maidens to quickly minimize the number of dangerous abilities active. Once all three go down, you have won the fight.

Mistweaver Specifics 2
Since you will be spread for most of the fight, Rushing Jade Wind and Chi Torpedo have limited efficiency, though still usable. But I would recommend using Xuen, which can cleave the three bosses and he can be very grateful to have during the Bombardment phase.

During this fight you will probably have to use a lot of single-target healing on the tanks and the players who get fixated by the bosses’ various abilities. Make sure you use Life Cocoon as efficiently as possible and cast Enveloping Mist on anyone who is in danger of dying. During the Bombardment there will be a lot of movement and you won’t get much chance to cast anything. Zen Sphere might be a better choice than Chi Burst since you can fill your GCDs with more instants while you move. Both talents will perform well, however.

Serpent Tactics 2

  • Spread out during the entire fight to minimize the damage from Focus and HarmonyBlade Dash and the ability_ironmaidens_boomerangrushBloodsoaked Heartseeker.
  • If fixated with ability_ironmaidens_bloodritualBlood Ritual (red squiggly line), make sure only the tank stands between you and the boss.
  • Don’t dispel spell_shadow_devouringplagueConvulsive Shadows, only heal through it (Heroic/Normal difficulty).
  • Kite ability_ironmaidens_rapidfireRapid Fire away from the raid.
  • Share the damage from ability_ironmaidens_ironshotPenetrating Shot by standing inside the red beam.
  • When any of the Maidens hit 20% health remaining, they will get 100 Iron Fury and gain the following abilities;
    • Marak The Blooded will do ability_ironmaidens_sanguinestrikesSanguine Strikes which causes the raid to take damage when the tank does. Put Life CocoonLife Cocoon on the tank on Marak to minimize the raid damage.
    • Enforcer Sorka will debuff a player with ability_ironmaidens_darkhuntDark Hunt. After 8 sec she will do very high damage on the affected player, which should use a personal cooldown to survive the assault.
    • Admiral Gar’an will ability_ironmaidens_deployturretDeploy Turret that spits out fireballs over the entire docks. Avoid, avoid, avoid! Damage-dealers should destroy the turret as quickly as possible.
  • The fight could potentially be long enough for you to be able to use RevivalRevival twice. Just make sure you have it off cooldown when you enter the enrage phase.

Tactics for Docks during Bombardment;

  • Alpha bombs land – Avoid!
  • Omega bombs land – Stand by the Alpha bombs!
  • Alpha bombs detonate – Stand by the Omega Bombs!
  • Omega bombs detonate – Stand where the Alpha bombs were previously!

Tactics for the ship;

  • Deckhand Uk’rogg (Marak the Blooded); move away from the ability_animusdrawCorrupted Blood pools.
  • Deckhand Gorak and Iron Eviscerators (Enforcer Sorka); make sure you are standing still when Gorak focuses ability_rogue_deadlybrewDeadly Throw on you, so the tank can easily intercept it. Kite the Iron Eviscerators if ability_fixated_state_redFixated.
  • Deckhand Uktar and Battle Medic Rogg (Admiral Gar’an); turn Uktar’s ability_vehicle_reloadammoGrapeshot Blast away from the rest of the party.

Crane tactics 2

  • Open up in Crane stance and aim for 6-10 stacks of Mana TeaMana Tea.
  • When in melee, be extra vigilant to not stand in the ability_ironmaidens_bloodritualBlood Ritual indicator.
  • You can cleave all three bosses with Spinning Crane KickSpinning Crane Kick, but it is probably more effective to DPS one boss at a time. Just make sure that the bosses go down equally until the enrage at 20%.
  • When they have enraged (see ability_ironmaidens_ironwillIron Will), focus only one designated boss. Do not cleave!
  • Use Touch of DeathTouch of Death once they are at appropriate health.

Tactics for the ship;

  • (Admiral Gar’an) Interrupt Rogg’s Tectus - Gift of EarthEarthen Barrier and Tectus - Gift of EarthProtective Earth.
  • (Enforcer Sorka) Generally, always focus more on Gorak than the surrounding Iron Eviscerators.

Blackrock Foundry Bosses

The Blast Furnace

The Black Forge
Hans’gar & Franzok
Flamebender Ka’graz

Iron Assembly
Beastlord Darmac
Operator Thogar
Iron Maidens

The Crucible

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