Flamebender Ka’graz

Flamebender Ka’graz

Flamebender Ka'graz

Under the banner of the Iron Horde, Blackhand has enlisted Flamebender Ka’graz of the Burning Blade to imbue Blackrock-forged armaments with the essence of flame. Along with her assistant Aknor Steelbringer, Ka’graz toils before and everburning forge in the support of the Iron Horde’s conquest of Draenor.


Path to Flamebender Ka'graz

List of Abilities

Molten Energy (Important!)
Flamebender Ka’graz gains energy over time allowing her to access even more powerful abilities.
She gains abilities at 25, 50, 75 and 100 Molten energy.

spell_burningbladeshaman_molten_torrentMolten Torrent (Deadly)
Flamebender Ka’graz creates a meteor of molten lava that impacts after 6 sec inflicting 663,600 Fire damage split evenly among all players within 8 yards.
Granted at 25 Molten Energy.

item_summon_cinderwolfSummon Cinder Wolves
Summons forth Cinder Wolves to do Flamebender Ka’graz’s bidding.
Granted at 50 Molten Energy.

A Cinder Wold has set his attention on an enemy. Lasts 10 sec.

Kargath Bladefist - Flame JetFiery Link
A fiery beam connects the Cinder Wolves. Contact with the beam inflicts Singe.

Inflicts 9,290 Fire damage every 1 sec for 8 sec. This effect stacks.

inv_misc_volatilefireRekindle (Important!)
When the Cinder Wolves life is depleted it begins to Rekindle, healing 100% of the Cinder Wolf’s life if there are any living Cinder Wolves.

inv_elemental_mote_fire01Overheated (Tank Alert)
The Cinder Wolf has absorbed enough heat energy to become Overheated increasing movement speed by 150% and Physical damage dealt by 50% for 20.5 sec. Also allows the use of Charring Breath.

Warlord Zaela - Burning BreathCharring Breath (Tank Alert)
Inflicts 40,837 Fire damage to all targets in a cone in front of the caster.
Increases damage of the next Charring Breath by 200%. This ability stacks.

spell_burningbladeshaman_blazing_radianceBlazing Radiance
Inflicts 29,169 Fire damage to all allies within 10 yards every 2 sec.
Granted at 75 Molten energy.

spell_shaman_stormearthfireFirestorm (Deadly)
Inflicts 14,293 Fire damage to all enemies every 0.50 sec for 12 sec.
Each Cinder Wolf alive when the channel begins also inflicts 14,293 Fire damage to all enemies every 0.50 sec.
Granted at 100 Molten Energy.

spell_fire_meteorstormMagma Monsoon
Firestorm creates motes of lava that coalesce into molten orbs that rain down every 2 sec for 30 sec, inflicting 92,394 Fire damage to all enemies within 3 yards of the impact.

ability_garrosh_whirling_corruptionFlamefury (Tank Alert)
Consuming all Flamebender’s Ka’graz’s Molten Energy she empowers her blade to inflict Rising Flames for 50 sec.

spell_fire_flamebladesRising Flames (Tank Alert)
Inflicts 8,021 Fire damage every 1 sec for 8 sec. This ability stacks.

spell_burningbladeshaman_lavaslashLava Lash (Important!)
Inflicts 58,703 Fire damage to all targets within 7 yards of the impact and leaves behind an area of flame that inflicts 15,824 Fire damage to any enemy standing in the flames.
In addition, any players within 6 yards of the eruption is also targeted with a Lava Lash.

inv_sword_1h_firelandsraid_d_04Summon Enchanted Armaments
Summons forth a blazing sword wreathed in flames that casts Unquenchable Flame every 3 sec.

Ragewing the Untamed - Magma SpitUnquenchable Flame
Inflicts 86,778 Fire damage every 3 sec to enemies within 6 yards.

Aknor Steelbringer

trade_archaeology_ogre2handedhammerDevastating Slam
Inflicts 91,628 Physical damage to all enemies in a frontal cone 15 yards in front of the caster.

inv_hammer_17Drop the Hammer
Aknor leaps towards a random player and slams his hammer down inflicting 72,894 Physical damage to anyone within 10 yards of the impact and knocking them back.

Healing StrategyFlamebender Ka’graz is the orc responsible for imbuing the Iron Horde’s weapons with deadly fire. When engaging her, she will respond with fire and molten earth. She will gain her deadliest abilities as her Molten Energy rises, cycling through them until you finally defeat her.

At the beginning of the fight you will also engage the mini boss Aknor Steelbringer. If he is left alive the entire fight, you can recruit him as a follower. Otherwise, he should quickly be deposed of at the beginning. Since he is untankable, the tanks can safely ignore him.

Flamebender Ka’graz will have a secondary resource called Molten Energy, which she accumulates at a steady rate through the entire encounter. At every 25 energy she gains a new ability, until 100 Molten Energy where she repeats the cycle.

25 Molten Energy; spell_burningbladeshaman_molten_torrentMolten Torrent
50 Molten Energy; item_summon_cinderwolfSummon Cinder Wolves
75 Molten Energy; spell_burningbladeshaman_blazing_radianceBlazing Radiance
100 Molten Energy; spell_shaman_stormearthfireFirestorm 

Molten Torrent
Molten Torrent indicator

Molten Torrent is a flaming comet that will crash into a single ranged player. It does high amount of damage and it should be split with a certain amount of allies to avoid one-shotting the original target. Once a ranged players get the orange ring around herself (that indicates Molten Torrent), that person should run into a clump of people to share the damage. The most commonly dedicated group for this is the melee and the tank. If you lack melees, you can either have the ranged run into melee and help split the damage or create a spot where ranged can meet up. There are some player abilities that can let a person solo soak the Molten Torrent, such as Hunter’s Deterrence or Mage’s Ice Block.

At 50 Molten Energy, Flambender Ka’graz will summon two Cinder Wolves. These two wolves are bound by flames and anyone who walks in between them will get inv_summerfest_firespiritSinged (in other words, do not touch the Kargath Bladefist - Flame JetFiery Link between them). One of the wolves will becomeinv_elemental_mote_fire01Overheated (empowered) and must be picked up by one of the tanks. The wolf that is not empowered will ability_fixated_state_redFixate on random ranged targets and must be kited out of the way from the raid.

Cinder Wolves
Overheated Cinder Wolf (right) with a Fiery Link to the little Cinder Wolf (left)

The empowered wolf should stand close to the boss so that melee can cleave it down. It shouldn’t however be faced towards other players, since it does Warlord Zaela - Burning BreathCharring Breath, a very destructive frontal cone. The breath leaves a debuff which makes affected players vulnerable to any subsequent breathes, meaning the tanks must do a tank swap. Players, other than tanks, should never stand in front of an empowered Cinder Wolf.

The two wolves will also alternate between being empowered. Tanks should be alert to this and swap target accordingly. Damage-dealers should cleave these two down equally, since if they don’t die within 8 seconds of each other, the dead wolf will be inv_misc_volatilefireRekindled.

At 75 Molten Energy, Ka’graz will cast the debuff Blazing Radiance on a random player. This player must not stand close to anyone else since the debuff causes it to pulse fire damage to anyone within 10 yards. Never stand close to a player affected by Blazing Radiance.

At 100 Molten Energy, Ka’graz gains her most deadly ability Firestorm. The entire raid will take high ticking fire damage for 12 seconds. If the wolves are still alive, they will also do Firestorm and most likely wipe the raid. The wolves should be killed before Ka’graz reaches 100 Molten Energy.

During Firestorm, it can be beneficial for the to stack near the boss to facilitate healing such as Rushing Jade Wind, Healing Rain or any other short-ranged AoE healing spells. Healers should also have a designated raid cooldown for this ability.

Magma Monsoon 2
Magma Monsoon

When Ka’graz has done her Firestorm, she will be back at 0 Molten Energy and the cycle repeats. But the Firestorm will also cause spell_fire_meteorstormMagma Monsoon, molten orbs that crash down onto random players. She will also apply a tank debuff which forces the tanks to do a tank swap at about 4-5 stacks of Rising Flames. Avoid the Magma Monsoon indicators on the ground and the tanks should swap at appropriate stacks.

But Flamebender Ka’graz also has other abilities independent of her Molten Energy; spell_burningbladeshaman_lavaslashLava Lash and inv_sword_1h_firelandsraid_d_04Summon Enchanted Armaments. Both of these abilities are reason why the ranged must stay as spread as possible. Lava Lash is a trail of fire that will dart out to a random ranged player and then erupt. If any other player is standing within 7 yards of the original target, a new Lava Lash will dart out from the target to the nearby player. Ranged players must stay at least 7 yards apart to avoid spreading Lava Lash.

Lava Lash
Lava Lash can extend unless players spread

When Ka’graz summons and Enchanted Armament, a weapon will appear near a ranged player and occasionally slash at the air and cause damage to any player in the vicinity. Ranged shouldn’t stand too close to the melee, since that would impair their already diminishing area to move with Lava Lashes on the ground already. They don’t need weapons close by as well, especially since these weapons will hang around the rest of the encounter.

If the Cinder Wolves are handled properly, and the raid avoids unnecessary damage, this fight is quite straightforward for a healer. Mistweavers can also choose to stand in melee the entire fight to help out with sharing the damage from Molten Torrent.

Mistweaver Specifics 2If you have the mana regen, Rushing Jade Wind is definitely the best choice for this fight. Tanks and melee will take quite high damage on occasion and you can stand close-by and heal them without any danger of placing Enchanted Armaments with them (since they only target ranged).

Mistweavers can also choose to stand at ranged, which would probably make Chi Torpedo a better choice. As long as you avoid the Lava Lashes or players targeted by Lava Lash, Enchanted Armaments, Magma Monsoons and Fiery Link between the wolves.

During Firestorm, use Spinning Crane Kick/Rushing Jade Wind or Revival to counter the high damage. If you have the talent, use Breath of the Serpent during this ability. Chi Explosion is another good choice if you choose to stack during Firestorm. It also allows you better healing when you are Crane healing.

Serpent Tactics 2

  • Avoid standing within 7 yards of anyone targeted by spell_burningbladeshaman_lavaslashLava Lash and don’t step in it.
  • Avoid Ragewing the Untamed - Magma SpitUnquenchable Flame from the Enchanted Armaments.
  • Help share the damage by spell_burningbladeshaman_molten_torrentMolten Torrent if you can.
  • Avoid standing near anyone affected by spell_burningbladeshaman_blazing_radianceBlazing Radiance.
  • Avoid the Kargath Bladefist - Flame JetFiery Link between the item_summon_cinderwolfCinder Wolves.
  • Tanks will take extremely high damage by the inv_elemental_mote_fire01Overheated (empowered) Cinder Wolf’s Warlord Zaela - Burning BreathCharred Breath (which you also should avoid).
  • At 100 Molten Energy, Flamebender Ka’graz will do spell_shaman_stormearthfireFirstorm which does high ticking damage on the entire raid. Healers should use strong raid cooldowns here. Mistweavers should rotate RevivalRevival, Spinning Crane KickSpinning Crane Kick/Rushing Jade Wind (Talent)Rushing Jade WindChi Explosion 2Chi Explosion or Breath of the SerpentBreath of the Serpent depending on talent choice.
  • After Firestorm, spell_fire_meteorstormMagma Monsoon will cause bolts of magma will fall at random players. Avoid!

Crane tactics 2

  • Start the fight in Crane stance and aim at 6-10 stacks of Mana TeaMana Tea.
  • If you spend a lot of time Crane healing, Chi Explosion 2Chi Explosion is an excellent choice for this fight.
  • If you have designated melee to help soak the Molten Torrent, make sure that you always stand within the orange circle indicator so that you properly split the damage.

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