Beastlord Darmac

Beastlord Darmac

Beastlord Darmac

As a young orc, Darmac quickly rose through the ranks of the Thunderlord as a gifted trainer of beasts. Where others only saw animal instincts, he recognized intellect and drew forth untapped potential from brain and muscle and bone. When the Iron Horde demanded his service, Darmac saw no greater honor than to outfit and train the most savage beasts Draenor had to offer.


Path to Beastlord Darmac

List of Abilities

Stage One: Ferocious Feet

Darmac begins the fight on foot.

inv_spear_06Pin Down (DPS Alert)
Hurls a spear at an enemy, inflicting 35,521 Physical damage to enemies within 25 yards. Enemies within 3 yards of the impact suffer much more damage and are pinned down by the spear.
Spears can become flame touched with Spirit of the Rylak, causing them to fling hot embers at enemies.

Slave Watcher Crushto - Ferocious YellCall the Pack (Tank Alert)
Call forth lesser beasts to assist in combat.
Pack Beasts can become flame touched with Spirit of the Rylak, causing their corpses to smolder with intense flames.
Pack Beast (Tank Alert) (DPS Alert)

Stage Two: Back of the Beast

Darmac leaps onto the back of the nearest Prime Beast.


Tiger Strikes (Passive)Rend and Tear (Tank Alert)
Leaps to a target, causing enemies within 7 yards to bleed for 15,640 Physical damage every 3 sec, and increases damage taken from Rend and Tear by 10% for 30 sec. Cruelfang then leaps back, inflicting the same bleed when landing.

ability_warlock_howlofterrorSavage Howl (Enrage)
Inflicts 33,453 Physical damage to nearby enemies.
Also increases attack speed of nearby allies by 75%.

spell_beastmaster_wolfCruelfang’s Swiftness (Important!)
Death grants Beastlord Darmac deadly agility, allowing him to cast Rend and Tear.


inv_summerfest_firespiritInferno Breath (Magic Effect)
Inflicts 42,391 Fire damage instantly and another 8,756 Fire damage every 3 sec to enemies caught in the blast.

Magmolatus - Firestorm (Gog'duh)Conflagration (Magic Effect)
Sets an enemy aflame, inflciting 23,303 Fire damage every 2 sec over 6 sec and sending into a state of panic. While the target is affected, the flames periodacally scorch allies within 8 yards for 18,906 Fire damage as well.

inv_misc_monsterfang_02Searing Fangs (Tank Alert)
Melee attacks inflict an additional 7,640 Fire damage and increases Fire damage taken by 20%.

spell_burningsoulSeared Flesh (Tank Alert)
Fire damage taken increased by 20%.

spell_beastmaster_rylakDreadwing’s Flame (Important!)
Death grants Beastlord Darmac mastery over fire, allowing him to cast Superheated Shrapnel.


Azzakel - Fel Stomp (Felguard)Tantrum
Inflicts 16,452 Nature damage every 1 sec for 5 sec.

Azzakel - Malovelent CrashStampede
Stomps the ground, charges to a distant enemy, and stomps again. Each stomp inflicts 50,744 Physical damage to nearby enemies and knock them backwards.

Imperator Mar'gok - Crush ArmorCrush Armor (Tank Alert)
Crushes an enemy, reducing their armor by 10% for 15 sec. This effect stacks.

spell_beastmaster_elekkIroncrusher’s Rage (Important!)
Death grants Beatslord Darmac furious anger, allowing him to cast Tantrum.

Stage Three: Spiritual Successor

Darmac is empowered by slain Prime Beasts.

spell_beastmaster_wolfCunning of the Wolf
Increases attack speed by 35% for all other allies within 30 yards.
Grants usage of Rend and Tear.

Tiger Strikes (Passive)Rend and Tear
Leaps to a target, causing enemies within 7 yards to bleed for 18,768 Physical damage every 3 sec and increases damage taken from Rend and Tear by 10% for 30 sec.
Darmac then leaps back, inflicting the same bleed when landing.

spell_beastmaster_rylakSpirit of the Rylak
Imbues Pin Down and Call of the Pack with elemental fire.
Grants usage of Superheated Shrapnel.

inv_summerfest_firespiritSuperheated Shrapnel (Magic Effect)
Inflicts 50,869 Fire damage instantly and another 8,756 Fire damage every 3 sec to enemies caught in the blast.

Rukhran - Summon Solar FlareFlame Infusion
Pack Beasts corpses smolder with intense heat, inflicting 14,845 Fire damage every 1 sec to enemies in the fire.

Magmolatus - Firestorm (Gog'duh)Seeking Embers
Heavy Spears catch flame, flinging burning embers at a random enemy, inflicting 11,606 Fire damage.

spell_beastmaster_elekkFury of Elekk
Increases Physical damage done by 25%.
Grants usage of Tantrum while dismounted.

Azzakel - Fel Stomp (Felguard)Tantrum
Inflicts 17,768 Nature damage every 1 sec for 5 sec.

Healing Strategy

Beastlord Darmac is a three-phase fight where you start fighting Darmac himself, until he enters phase two where he will mount one of his three beasts. When the raid has killed the mount he will continue to the next mount after a short pause. Once you’ve slain all three mounts, you will face Darmac and this time he will be empowered by the slain mounts.

Pinned Down indicator
Pin Down indicator

In the first phase you will only have to deal with two abilities Darmac do; inv_spear_06Pin Down and Slave Watcher Crushto - Ferocious YellCall the Pack. Pin Down is an ability where Darmac throws Heavy Spears at random players (indicated by a white marker), that causes raid damage to all within 25 yds and higher damage to players within 3yds of the landing. Players should sidestep these to avoid getting a direct hit or they will get pinned down by the spears into an incapacitated state. The only way to release players who are pinned down is to damage the spear until it “dies”, or perish I should say. There will be many spears during the entire encounter and the damage-dealers should try to kill the majority, even if they’re not pinning down a player. In later parts of the fight, the spears will gain an additional ability and become really dangerous if too many are allowed to remain.

Call the Pack is exactly what it sounds like; Darmac will call out a lot of bloodthirsty beasts from his pen. These beasts should be cleaved down as quickly as possible. They will come at several points during the fight and damage-dealers should switch to cleaving abilities immediately.

In the second phase, which starts as soon as Darmac hits 85% health remaining, he will choose the closest mount to his position and jump up on it. Depending on which mount he chooses, he will gain different abilities. The chosen mounts can either be;
the wolf  spell_beastmaster_wolfCruelfang
the elekk spell_beastmaster_elekkIroncrusher
the rylak spell_beastmaster_rylakDreadwing
By kiting Darmac to one of the mounts (located in the stables around the arena), you can direct which mount Darmac should choose.

Rend and Tear
Rend and Tear – Spread out!

If you let him choose Cruelfang, he will gain the ability Tiger Strikes (Passive)Rend and Tear which is also the reason why the raid should stay spread. Cruelfang will jump to a random players and cause a bleed on everyone within 7 yards. The bleed occurs within the 7 yards from where he jumps and where he lands. One stack of this bleed will not do too much damage, but players who get two stacks might need an Enveloping Mist to counter the high damage ticks. It has a 30 sec duration, so players should be really careful and avoid stacking this bleed.

Cruelfang will occasionally apply an enrage buff to him and his nearby allies which should be dispelled with appropriate spells immediately.

Upon Cruelfang’s death, Darmac will also gain the Rend and Tear ability. Yes, he will jump around and cause bleeds on raid members. That is what you do when your wolf mount has died.

Once Darmac is grounded, he will not choose a mount until he is at 65% health remaining. If you let him choose the elekk Ironcrusher, he will gain the ability Azzakel - Fel Stomp (Felguard)Tantrum. Ironcrusher will stomp the ground repeatedly and cause very high damage on the whole raid. Healers should rotate raid cooldowns to counter it.

Ironcrusher’s other ability is Azzakel - Malovelent CrashStampede. This is a charge towards a random player, and works exactly like Rend and Tear except it has a knockback instead of a bleed. The raid should continue to spread out during this encounter.

Once Ironcrusher is dead, Darmac will also be able to use Tantrum. When mount number two is slain, Darmac will choose his third mount at 45% health remaining. If he chooses Dreadwing you will have to deal with some really nasty abilities, which is why the Dreadwing is usually saved for the third spot in the order which you take the mounts.

Inferno BreathDreadwing will do inv_summerfest_firespiritInferno Breath; he faces a random direction and breathes fire in a very large frontal cone. The breath comes in three rapid pulses and each time it deals damage and leaves a burn effect on the victims. Healers should dispel this magical burn effect, but wait until all three breaths have been cast. It is possible to dispel the debuff on an ally, only to have that person take another debuff in the second or third wave of the breath.

The rylak will also cast Magmolatus - Firestorm (Gog'duh)Conflagration on two random players, causing them to take damage and to allies near them while they run around in a state of panic. This debuff has very high dispel priority and the affected raid members should call out their names to get a quick dispel (unless your UI can differentiate between the Inferno Breath debuff and the Conflagration debuff).

When Dreadwing die, Darmac will gain an ability called inv_summerfest_firespiritSuperheated Shrapnel. It is essentially the same as Inferno Breath, but apparently it is unthinkable that orcs can breathe fire. That’s why it doesn’t have the same name. He will also gain Rukhran - Summon Solar FlareFlame Infusion and Magmolatus - Firestorm (Gog'duh)Seeking Embers, which causes the corpses of the pack beasts to smoulder and the Heavy Spears to send out flames to random players. The damage-dealers in the raid should kill the majority of the spears to keep the raid damage manageable.

Once all three mounts are dead, you will have to deal with Darmac who now does Rend and Tear, Tantrum and Superheated Shrapnel. The healer’s cooldown should still be saved for Tantrum.

Mistweaver Specifics 2

Since the raid will be spread during the entire encounter, Rushing Jade Wind will not be very effective. Chi Torpedo or Xuen is better, even though they have minimum impact as well. If you use Xuen you should cast him to adds so he doesn’t jump around too much when the boss charges random players, which also give him the opportunity to cleave. If you use Chi Torpedo, try to hit as many allies as you can without torpedoing into a Heavy Spear indicator or a person affected by Conflagration.

Since there will be a lot to dispel once the rylak is active, you should have Diffuse Magic to dispel yourself and the Detoxing glyph to give you two charges of Detox.

Cast Enveloping Mist on the targets that get too many stacks of Rend and Tear and then actively single-target heal any players who get pinned down. The raid will take moderate AoE damage when the Heavy Spears hit the ground, and heavy damage when Ironcrusher/Darmac does Tantrum. Communicate with the other healers so you don’t stack raid cooldowns.

Serpent Tactics 2

  • Move out of the white inv_spear_06Pin Down indicators.
  • Spread out to avoid Tiger Strikes (Passive)Rend and Tear/Magmolatus - Firestorm (Gog'duh)Conflagration/Azzakel - Malovelent CrashStampede affecting too many players.
  • Move out of inv_summerfest_firespiritInferno Breath/inv_summerfest_firespiritShrapnel Blast (warning; it has larger hit box than indicated by the animation).
  • Spot heal players affected by Rend and Tear or pinned down by a Heavy Spear.
  • Dispel Magmolatus - Firestorm (Gog'duh)Conflagration and the inv_summerfest_firespiritInferno Breath debuff.
  • If you Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger (Talent)Xuen, cast him on the pack animals.
  • Use RevivalRevival or heavy AoE healing on Azzakel - Fel Stomp (Felguard)Tantrum.

Crane tactics 2

  • When Darmac or his mounts do Rend and Tear or Stampede, melee should back off a little to avoid also getting hit by it.
  • Open up in Crane stance to get a few more Mana TeaMana Tea stacks at the start.

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