Legion Mistweaver Changes

To keep track of all the changes to the Monk Mistweaver spec, I have made a summary of all the relevant news and tweets. Developer comments and tweets will be shown in blue.

This guide will be updated regularly. Keep it bookmarked!
[Last updated July 16, 2016]


“Mistweavers will now use Mana, not Chi, as a resource, since it reduced choices and restricted gameplay in many situations.”

Mastery (REMOVED): Gift of the Serpent (Changed to Talent)
“There will be no more Healing Spheres as a baseline. We may add them as a PvP talent, however.”

Crane Stance & Eminence REMOVED
“We’re also focusing Mistweavers solely on healing, rather than supporting a type of mixed attack-healing gameplay that felt awkward and ultimately didn’t live up to our goals for the spec—it was unintuitive, and chiefly useful as a mana management tool.”
Comment by Developers

Mastery (NEW): Gust of Mists
Your Effuse, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, and Vivify also cause a gust of healing mists, instantly healing the primary target for (0.01% of Spell power).
“It’s fairly different from other healer masteries: it’s a flat amount, not a percentage.”

Staff Sheathing (Right side up)
“Staves no longer sheath differently for Monks. There were issues with many staves, so we decided it was time for a universal fix.”

Mistweavers: Ranged healers, Melee DPS
For the sake of boss mechanics, Mistweavers are considered ranged and will have to deal with the same mechanics as other healers. They are however exempt from the ones that could instantly wipe a raid if standing in melee, in order to make it safe for Mistweavers to naturally do their melee damage rotation.
You can read the official statement on this here.

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New Abilities

ability_monk_effuseEffuse (Single Heal)
2% Mana, 40 yd range, 1 sec cast
A fast and efficient spell, healing the target for [200% of Spell Power].
“Effuse is a fast and cheap way to start Soothing on a target. It’s the Monk’s answer to spells like the Priest’s “Heal.”

ability_monk_essencefontEssence Font (AoE Heal)
8.0% Mana, 25 yd range, 3 sec channel
Unleashes a rapid twirl of healing bolts at up to 6 allies within 25 yds, every 1 sec for 3 sec. Each bolt heals a target for [110% of Spell power], plus an additional [36% of Spell power] over 6 sec.
Gusts of Mists will heal affected targets twice.

Buff – Essence Font (6 sec duration)
Restoring [12% of Spell power] health every 2 seconds.

“The channel on Essence Font is there to help balance its large amount of total healing. At 3 seconds, it’s still quite flexible.”

ability_monk_vivifyVivify (Cleave Heal)
4.5% Mana, 40 yd range, 1.5 sec cast
Causes a surge of invigorating mists around the target, healing them and their 2 nearest injured allies for [275% of Spell power].

passive_monk_teachingsofmonasteryTeachings of the Monastery
Tiger Palm causes your next Blackout Kick to strike an additional time, stacking up to 3.
Blackout Kick has a 15% chance to reset the remaining cooldown on Rising Sun Kick.

0.8% Mana, 40yd range, 10 sec cast
Returns all dead party members to life with 35% of maximum health and mana.  Cannot be cast when in combat.

ability_monk_souldanceMastery: Gusts of Mist
Effuse, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, and Vivify also cause a gust of healing mists, instantly healing the primary target for [0.01% of Spell power].

Changed Abilities

ability_monk_soothingmistsSoothing Mist
Passive, 40 yd range
Effuse, Enveloping Mist, Vivify, and Life Cocoon also trigger Soothing Mist.
After casting these spells, you continue to channel healing mists into the target, healing them for [55% of Spell power] every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action.

Buff – Soothing Mist
Healing for [50% of Spell Power] every 0.5 sec.

Developer Comments:

  • Need efficient healing? Cast any heal and let Soothing Mist continue to provide free healing as long as you feel comfortable!
  • Need high-throughput healing? Cast any heal and move onto the next target in need of healing, without spending time on Soothing Mist.
  • For Mistweavers, it’s OK to have open global cooldowns between heals—Soothing Mist fills these gaps.

“Soothing Mist has a channel bar, but no duration. We’re considering multiple options for how interrupts affect it.”
“Currently, we’re trying it beeing uninterruptible. We may also try having it interruptible, but on the Physical school.”

ability_monk_renewingmistsRenewing Mist
2.8% Mana, Instant, 40 yd range, 8 sec cooldown
Surrounds the target with healing mists, restoring [700% of Spell power] health over 20 sec.
If Renewing Mist heals a target past maximum health, it will travel to another injured ally within 20 yds.
Each time Renewing Mist heals, it has a 4% chance to increase the healing of your next Vivify by 40%.

Buff – Renewing Mist (20 sec duration)
Restores [70% of Spell Power] health every 2 sec.

Proc – Uplifting Trance (20 sec duration)
Your next Vivify causes 40% increased healing.

spell_monk_envelopingmistEnveloping Mist
6.0% Mana, 40 yd range, 2 sec cast
Wraps the target in healing mists, healing for [990% of Spell power] over 6 sec, and increasing healing received from your other spells by 30%.

Buff – Enveloping Mist (6 sec duration)
Heals [165% of Spell power] every 1 sec.
Healing received from the Monk increased by 30%.

ability_monk_thunderfocusteaThunder Focus Tea
Instant, 30 sec cooldown
Receive a jolt of energy, empowering your next spell cast:
Renewing Mist: Does not trigger cooldown.
Effuse: Healing increased by 150%.
Enveloping Mist: Instant cast.
Essence Font: Castable while moving.
Vivify: No mana cost.

Buff – Thunder Focus Tea (30 sec duration)
Your next spell cast is empowered:
-Renewing Mist doesn’t trigger its cooldown.
-Effuse’s healing is increased by 150%.
-Enveloping Mist is instant.
-Essence Font may be channelled while moving.
-Vivify costs no mana.

ability_monk_chicocoonLife Cocoon
2,4% of base mana, Instant, 40 yd range, 3 min cooldown
Encases the target in a cocoon of Chi energy for 12 sec, absorbing [3116% of Spell Power] damage and increasing all healing over time received by 50%.

Buff – Life Cocoon (12 sec duration)
Absorbing [3116% of Spell Power] damage, and periodic healing received increased by 50%.

0.8% of Base Mana, 40 yd range, 10 sec cast
Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life with 35% of maximum health and mana.  Cannot be cast when in combat.

ability_monk_tigerpalmTiger Palm
Attack with the palm of your hand, dealing [105% of Attack Power] damage.

Buff – Teachings of the Monastery (8 sec duration)
Your next Blackout Kick or Rising Sun Kick deals 30% additional damage.

ability_monk_roundhousekickBlackout Kick
Instant, 3 sec cooldown
Kick with a blast of Chi energy, dealing [385% of Attack Power] Physical damage.

ability_monk_risingsunkickRising Sun Kick
2.3% of Base Mana, Instant, 10 sec recharge time
Kick upwards, dealing [910% of Attack power] damage.

ability_monk_cranekick_newSpinning Crane Kick
1% of Base Mana, Instant, 8 yd range
Spin while kicking in the air, dealing [400% of Attack power] damage over 1.5 sec to enemies within 8 yds.

ability_monk_cracklingjadelightningCrackling Jade Lightning
4 sec channel, 40 yd range
Channel Jade lightning, causing [700% of Attack Power] Nature damage over 4 sec to the target and sometimes knocking back melee attackers.

4,4% of base mana, Instant, 3 min cooldown
Heals all party and raid members within 100 yards for [720% of Spell Power] and clears them of all harmful Magical, Poison and Disease effects.

spell_monk_zenpilgrimageZen Pilgrimage
10 sec channel, 1 min cooldown
Your spirit travels to the Peak of Serenity in Pandaria, leaving your body behind.
Use Zen Pilgrimage again to return back to near your departure point.

Unchanged Abilities

Instant, 10 sec cooldown
Split your body and spirit, leaving your spirit behind for 15 min. Use Transcendence: Transfer to swap locations with your spirit.

spell_shaman_spectraltransformationTranscendence: Transfer
Instant, 40 yd range, 25 sec cooldown
Your body and spirit swap locations.

Instant, 30 yd range, 8 sec cooldown
Taunts the target and causes them to move toward you at 50% increased speed.

Removed Abilities

Replaced with the two new spells Vivify and Essence Font.

ability_monk_expelharmExpel Harm

ability_monk_healthsphereDetonate Chi

ability_monk_legacyoftheemperorLegacy of the Emperor

ability_rogue_quickrecoveryFocus and Harmony

inv_pet_jadeserpentpetJade Mists

ability_ghoulfrenzyTiger Strikes

monk_ability_cherrymanateaMana Tea (Changed to Talent)
“Mana Tea is no longer present in its current form, but there is a new variant of it in talents.”

ability_monk_summonserpentstatueJade Serpent Statue (Changed to Talent)
“There is a talent that brings back the Statue for players who miss it.”

ability_monk_surgingmistSurging Mist
Replaced with Effuse.

ability_monk_touchofdeathTouch of Death
Removed for Mistweavers.
“Touch of Death is remaining, but it works rather differently. It’s more of a cooldown than an execute.”

spell_monk_nimblebrewNimble Brew

ability_monk_spearhandSpear Hand Strike
Removed for Mistweavers.

ability_monk_fortifyingale_newFortifying Brew
Removed for Mistweavers.

ability_monk_dpsstanceWay of the Monk

monk_stance_wiseserpentStance of the Wise Serpent

monk_stance_redcraneStance of the Spirited Crane

Draenor Perks have either been removed or baked in as baseline.

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New Talents

ability_monk_forcesphereZen Pulse
Instant, 40 yd range, 15 sec cooldown
Trigger a Zen Pulse around an ally. Deals [200% of Spell power] damage to all enemies within 8 yards of them. The ally is healed for the amount of damage done.

40 yd range, Instant, 20 sec recharge, 2 charges
Instantly dash to an ally and heal them for [350% of Attack Power].

Enveloping Mist reduces the mana cost of your next Vivify by 15%, and Vivify reduces the mana cost of your next Enveloping Mist by 20%.

Buff – Lifecycles (Enveloping Mist) (15 sec duration)
Reduces the cost of your next Enveloping Mist by 20%.

Buff – Lifecycles (Vivify) (15 sec duration)
Reduces the cost of your next Vivify by 20%.

monk_stance_redcraneSpirit of the Crane
Teachings of the Monastery causes each additional Blackout Kick to restore 0.65% mana.

ability_monk_pathofmistsMist Wrap (New)
Increases Enveloping Mist’s duration by 1 sec and its healing bonus by 10%.
You may now channel Soothing Mist while moving.

inv_chaos_orbSong of Chi-Ji
1.8 sec cast, 40 yd range, 30 sec cooldown
Conjures a cloud of hypnotic mist that slowly travels forward. Enemies touched by the mist fall asleep, Disoriented for 20 sec.

inv_pet_cranegodInvoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane
40 yd range, 3 min cooldown
Summons an effigy of Chi-Ji, the Red Crane for 45 sec. Chi-Ji heals nearby allies with Crane Heal for [180% of Attack power].

ability_monk_summonserpentstatueSummon Jade Serpent Statue
40 yd range, Instant, 10 sec cooldown.
Summons a Jade Serpent Statue at the target location. When you channel Soothing Mist, the statue will also channel Soothing Mist on your target, healing for 50% as much.

monk_ability_cherrymanateaMana Tea
Instant, 1.5 min cooldown.
Reduces the mana cost of your spells by 50% for 10 sec.

Buff – Mana Tea (10 sec duration)
Mana cost of spells reduced by 50%.

spell_monk_nimblebrewFocused Thunder
Thunder Focus Tea now empowers your next 2 spells.

ability_thunderking_lightningwhipRising Thunder
Rising Sun Kick resets the remaining cooldown on Thunder Focus Tea.

Changed Talents

spell_arcane_arcanetorrentChi Burst
1 sec cast, 40 yd range, 30 sec cooldown
Hurls a torrent of Chi energy up to 40 yds forward, dealing [275% of Attack power] Nature damage to all enemies, and [412.5% of Attack Power] healing to the Monk and all allies in its path.

ability_monk_rushingjadewindRefreshing Jade Wind
5% of base mana, Instant, 6 sec cooldown.
Summon a whirling tornado around you, causing [225% of Spell power] healing over 6 sec up to 6 allies within 8 yards, and increasing the healing of Essence Font by 20% while active.

spell_monk_ringofpeaceRing of Peace
Instant, 40 yd range, 45 sec cooldown.
Form a Ring of Peace around the friendly target for 8 sec.  Enemies in the ring that cast a harmful spell or ability will be knocked out of the ring.

ability_monk_quitornadoChi Torpedo
Instant, 20 sec cooldown, 2 charges
Torpedo a long distance. Also increases movement speed by 30% for 10 sec, stacking up to 2 times. Replaces Roll.

spell_monk_diffusemagicDiffuse Magic
Instant, 2 min cooldown
Reduces magic damage taken by 60% for 6 sec and transfers all harmful magical effects back to the original caster if possible.

ability_monk_dampenharmDampen Harm
Instant, 2 min cooldown
Reduces damage by 30% from the next 3 attacks that damage you for 15% or more of your maximum health. Castable while stunned.

ability_monk_jasmineforceteaHealing Elixirs
Instant, 2 Charges, 30 sec Recharge
Drink a healing elixir, healing you for 15% of your maximum health.
Healing Elixir will automatically trigger if you drop below 35% health, and a charge is available.

Unchanged Talents

ability_monk_legsweepLeg Sweep
Instant, 5 yd range, 45 sec cooldown
You knock down all enemies within 5 yards, effectively stunning them for 5 sec.

ability_monk_tigerslustTiger’s Lust
Instant, 20 yd range, 30 sec cooldown
Increases movement speed by 70% for 6 sec and removes all roots and snares.

Reduces the cooldown of Roll by 5 sec and increases its maximum number of charges by 1.

Removed Talents

ability_monk_zenflightMist Wrap (Old version)
Enveloping Mist duration increased by 1 sec and healing bonus increased by 20%.

ability_monk_renewingmistsCrane’s Grace
If a target affected by your Renewing Mist drops below 30%, the Renewing Mist is consumed and the target is healed for [750% of SP].

Roll and Chi Torpedo also increase movement speed by 25% for 10 sec, stacking up to 2 times.

ability_monk_chiwaveChi Wave
Instant, 40 yd range, 15 sec cooldown
A wave of Chi energy flows through friends and foes, dealing [50% of Attack Power] Nature damage or [50% of Spell Power] healing. Bounces up to 7 times to targets within 25 yards.

ability_monk_staffstrikePower Strikes
Every 15 sec, your next Jab, Spinning Crane Kick, Expel Harm or Surging Mist generates 1 additional Chi, or a Chi Sphere if already at maximum Chi.

Increases your maximum Chi by 1, your energy regeneration by 15%, and your spirit by 10%.

ability_monk_chibrewChi Brew
Instant, 1 min cooldown
Instantly restores 2 Chi, and generates 1 stacks of Mana Tea. Maximum 2 charges.

ability_monk_chargingoxwaveCharging Ox Wave
Instant, 30 yd range, 30 sec cooldown
A mighty Ox effigy rushes forward 30 yards in front of you, stunning all enemies within its path for 3 sec.

ability_monk_summontigerstatueInvoke Xuen, the White Tiger
Instant, 40 yd range, 3 min cooldown
Summon an effigy of Xuen, the White Tiger for 45 sec under your command. Xuen attacks your primary target and strikes 3 enemies within 10 yards every 1 sec with Tiger Lightning for [40,2% of Attack Power] damage.

ability_monk_jadeserpentbreathBreath of the Serpent
Instant, 1.5 min cooldown
Your Jade Serpent Statue breathes healing mists towards you, healing allies in a cone within 20 yards for [45% of Spell Power] every 1 sec, for 10 sec.

ability_monk_chiswirlPool of Mists
Your Renewing Mist spell now has 3 charges and its healing is increased by 15%.
Your Rising Sun Kick spell now has 3 charges and its damage is increased by 50%.

ability_monk_chiexplosion_newChi Explosion
1+ Chi, 1.5 sec cast, 40 yd range
Consumes up to 4 Chi to cause the target to explode with Chi energy, causing additional effects based on Chi consumed;
1+ Chi: Heal an ally for [170% of Spell power] plus [170% of Spell power] per Chi consumed.
2 + Chi: Causes an additional 50% healing over 6 sec.
3+ Chi: This healing is evenly divided among all allies within 8 yards of the target.
4 Chi: Also summons 8 Healing Spheres in an 8 yard radius ring around the target that lasts 15 sec.
Replaces Blackout Kick. Chi Explosion is instant and provides different effects while in Stance of the Spirited Crane.
“Chi Explosion disagreed with the fantasy quite a bit, and was extremely complex. Instead, we’re adding other alternatives.”

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Initial Trait

Sheilun’s GiftSheilun's Gift 2
Draws in all nearby clouds of mist generated by Sheilun, healing the target for [200% of Spell power] per cloud absorbed.
Note: Clouds spawn in combat every 10 sec, for a maximum of 12 clouds. You can view stack count on the ability icon.

Major Traits

Blessing of Yu'lonBlessings of Yu’lon

When you use Revival, the spirit of Yu’lon appears and grants all allies healed by Revival an additional 30% of the amount Revival healer for over 6 sec.

Celestial BreathCelestial Breath
When you activate Thunder Focus Tea, you exhale the breath of Yu’lon, healing up to 6 allies within 12 yards for [270% of Spell power] over 3 sec.
Rising Thunder: This can only occur once every 30 sec.

The Mists of SheilunThe Mists of Sheilun
Approximately 1 proc per minute.
Your healing spells have a chance to awaken Sheilun, increasing healing over time by 20% for 10 sec.
When this effect ends, Sheilun releases a wave of mist that heals all allies within 15yds for [200% of Spell power]

Buff – The Mists of Sheilun (10 sec duration)
Healing over time spells heal for 20% more.

Minor Traits

ability_monk_upliftMists of Wisdom
Increases all healing by 3%.

ability_monk_expelharmShroud of Mist
Reduces all damage you take by 3/6/10/13/16/20%, while you are channeling Soothing Mist.

Coalescing Mistsability_monk_effuse
Increases healing done by Effuse by 3/6/10/13/16/20%.

monk_ability_transcendenceSpirit Tether
Your Transcendence Spirit reduces the movement speed of nearby enemies by 20/30/40/50/60%.

ability_monk_renewingmistsExtended Healing
Increase the duration of Renewing Mist by 1/2/3/4/5/6 seconds.

ability_monk_chiexplosion_newLight on Your Feet
Channeling Essence Font for its full duration increases your movement speed by 30% for 3 sec.

ability_monk_souldanceDancing Mists
Renewing Mist has a 10% chance to immediately spread to an additional target when initially cast or when travelling to a new target.

ability_monk_soothingmistsSoothing Remedies
Increase healing done by Soothing Mist by 3/6/10/13/16/20%.

spell_monk_envelopingmistWay of the Mistweaver
Increases the healing from Enveloping Mist by 3/6/10/13/16/20%.

Infusion of Lifeability_monk_vivify
Increase the healing of Vivify by 5/10/15/20/25/30%.

ability_monk_chicocoonMists of Life
Life Cocoon now applies Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist to the target.

ability_monk_essencefontEssence of Mists (Rank 3)
Increases healing done by Essence Font by 5/10/15/20/25/30%.

ability_monk_chicocoonProtection of Shaohao (Rank 3)
Increase damage absorbed by Life Cocoon by 5/10/15/20/25/30%.

inv_staff_2h_artifactshaohao_d_02Mistweaving (Rank 20) – Available when all other traits have been filled.
Sheilun’s power over the mists, almost overwhelming at first, has become second-nature over time, allowing you even greater mastery of your powers. Increases healing done by 15%.

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PvP Talents

Tier One

Gladiator’s Medallion (Honor Level 1)ability_pvp_gladiatormedallion
Instant, 2 min cooldown
Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character while in PvP combat.
Replaces Honorable Medallion.

sha_ability_rogue_sturdyrecuperateAdaptation (Honor Level 13)
All full loss of control effects with a duration of 5 seconds or more will activate your Honorable Medallion spell, but only causes it to incur a 60 sec cooldown.

ability_bossdarkvindicator_auraofcontemptRelentless (Honor Level 31)
Duration of incoming crowd control effects reduced by 25%.
Replaces Honorable Medallion.

Tier Two

ability_priest_savinggraceDefender of the Weak (Honor Level 2)
After healing a target below 50% health, you gain 20% haste for 5 sec.

spell_holy_pureofheartVim and Vigor (Honor Level 16)
While you are at or above 80% health, your healing is increased by 20%.

Zen Focus (Honor Level 34)ability_monk_thunderfocustea
When you use Thunder Focus Tea, you gain Zen Focus causing you to be immune to all silence and interrupt effects for 5 sec.

Tier Three

ability_monk_yulonsgiftYu’lon Gift (Honor Level 4)
Using Roll or Chi Torpedo will dispel all snares affecting you when used.

Eminence (Honor Level 19)monk_ability_transcendence
Reduces the cooldown of your Transcendence: Transfer by 5 sec.

Fast Feet (Honor Level 37)ability_rogue_fleetfooted
You move 15% faster for 3 sec after being attacked.

Tier Four

spell_monk_envelopingmistSurge of Mist (Honor Level 6)
Enveloping Mist is now instant cast, but has a 6 sec cooldown.

monk_stance_redcraneWay of the Crane (Honor Level 22)
Increases your damage by 50%, you become immune to all snare and root effects and you heal up to 3 nearest allies for 200% of all damage done. Lasts 15 sec.

Buff – Way of the Crane (15 sec duration)
Damage done by increased by 50%.
Immune to all snare and root effects.
When you deal damage you heal the 3 nearest allies for 200% of all damage done.

Ancient Mistweaver Arts (Honor Level 40)passive_monk_teachingsofmonastery
Soothing Mist is now an active spell, and no longer is triggered through casting Effuse, Enveloping Mist or Vivify.

ability_monk_soothingmistsAbility – Soothing Mist
0% of base mana, plus 0.7% per sec, channeled, 40 yd range
Heals the target for [800% of Spell power] over 10 sec.
While channeling, Effuse and Enveloping Mist are instant cast, and will heal the soothed target without breaking the Soothing Mist channel.

Tier Five

ability_monk_chicocoonChrysalis (Honor Level 8)
Reduces the cooldown of Life Cocoon by 90 sec.

ability_monk_counteractmagicCounteract Magic (Honor Level 25)
Renewing Mist heals for 100% more when the target is affected by a damaging periodic magic effect.

ability_monk_domeofmistDome of Mist (Honor Level 43)
Enveloping Mist transforms 100% of its remaining periodic healing into a Dome of Mist when dispelled.

Buff – Dome of Mist
Absorbs damage. All healing received by the Monk increased by 30%. Lasts 6 sec.

Tier Six

ability_monk_fortuneturnedFortune Turned (Honor Level 10)
Your Effuse applies Fortune Turned to the target, increasing the healing received by your next Effuse by 15% for 6 sec. Stacks up to 3 times.

ability_monk_upliftRefreshing Breeze (Honor Level 28)
Increases the healing of Vivify by 25%, and Vivify refreshes the duration of Renewing Mists on targets it heals.

ability_monk_healthsphereHealing Sphere (Honor Level 46)
Coalesces a Healing Sphere out of the mists at the target location after 1.5 sec.  If allies walk through it, they consume the sphere, healing themselves for [400% of Spell power] and dispelled of all harmful periodic magic effects.
Maximum of 3 Healing Spheres can be active by the Monk at any given time.

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