Happy Holidays!

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Happy holidays; Winter’s Veil, Christmas, Hanukkah, EVERYTHING!! I hope you will have a wonderful and tranquil holiday without any mishaps or gift catastrophes (you never know!). I for one will celebrate with my family, and in Sweden we do this weird thing and celebrate on the late evening of the 24th. It is usually very dark and cosy with an open fireplace. No snow this year, though!? What is this global warming? I don’t even.

I will have holiday over Christmas and past New Year, and since Legion alpha is down at that time period, there will not be many Legion-related posts. I do however have the ambition to update the blog a little; but since it’s all a bit tentative on how successful I’ll be, I’ll keep it under wraps for now. Fingers crossed, guys.

Oh, and I have seen Star Wars (no spoilers, promise!), and it was wonderful. You must see it, so that one day we can talk about it without spoiling it. *whispers* doo iiiit….

But for now, I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend and remember to give extra love to all you see! Bye bye~

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