Youtube Recap – Halls of Blood

A small update on what I’ve been uploading on youtube. I want to work a bit more for the blog, but so busy with other stuff at the moment, can’t catch a break. But hey, look at my new Intro and Outro on the videos! First try in After Effect (only about 50 edits), was hoping getting that watery misty feeling. Quite a break from the old ones, even though I liked those too. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Youtube Recap – Halls of Blood”

  1. Love the UI. I’ve tried to incorporate some of your WAs into my UI but I notice some differences in these videos.
    What are the Chinese symbols that show up in an arc over your character?
    Also, you have updated some of the WAs you posted i.e. the Chi markers and they look nice. Are you planning to upload these updates versions of your WAs at some point?

    1. Most of the differences are attributed to my custom WA. I’m currently not planning incorporating custom auras, but I might update the Chi indicators.
      Thank you for commenting!

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