Youtube Recap – Destructor’s Rise & Archimonde

I’ve finally managed to fix my recording program (and by “fix” I mean delete the old one and get a new) and hence I can share the last of my heroic kills. My guild is currently progressing mythic (3/13 as we speak) so you’ll likely see some mythic kill videos in the future. Meantime, enjoy~

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  1. Wohoo :3 more videos! I love watching these. Not only do I get to see your beautiful new ui in action, but also see what the hell I’m doing in the background. Jumping around a lot it seems lol :D

  2. Everytime when I see your UI i need to log on my mistweaver and I must change something with my UI and drink Tea during the progress. It’s like my drug know…^^
    Anyways short question are These “round Buttons” from your spells weak auras? Or Do i need another addon? Thanks for your Blog and keep up the good work. Because of your good work. I’m know in a guild with 4/13 mythic! Thanks for everything ;)

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