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If you don’t want any spoilers whatsoever about what happens in the next patch, I’d suggest to stop reading here.

Oh, you’re continuing. Hello, then! My fingers were itching for some writing so I thought I’d update about what I do in the PTR at the moment. While I haven’t been able to try out Hellfire Citadel, I have been running around in Tanaan Jungle, which is the new level 100-zone-only in patch 6.2. To get to this new awesome zone, you have to build your own shipyard first. Let me walk you through it.

When you log into your Garrison, you’ll get a quest from Mr. King Varian Wrynn himself. He wants you to travel to Iron Docks and collect equipment and such to build your own shipyard. The quest is constructed like any Garrison Campaign quest and you’ll get through it quite quickly.

Once you’ve finished the quest your Garrison will get a small makeover. There’s a new exit down to the water where you build your shipyard (which doesn’t occupy any existing Garrison building plots – it’s a new plot entirely). I haven’t been able to figure out exactly how it works, but you seem to build and “recruit” ships just like followers. The ships have it’s own Fleet Command Table (located down at the shipyard) from where you send your ships on special Naval missions.


Naval ships

I haven’t been able to complete or even send ships out on a naval mission, because PTR being PTR; nothing works as it should yet.

Anyway. You get a quest to invade Tanaan Jungle from Yrel by the docks. So you take a ship and land close to the ruins of the Dark Portal, which we sabotaged in the intro to Draenor. I was a bit eager to get started with exploring, so I just ran ahead and got bombarded by cannons on the way to Hellfire Citadel. Laying stone cold dead on the ground, I learned that stuff hurts in Tanaan. There are creatures and orcs that want to kill you and they will most likely succeed if you are as careless as I was. Maybe a little precaution wouldn’t hurt.

Lesson learned, I took some safer paths. Here’s the map of Tanaan Jungle;

Tanaan Jungle MapYou take your ship and land by the docks south-west of the ruined Dark Portal (next to it on the map). The Hellfire Citadel is of course in the centre of the map and it’s absolutely huge. There’s mostly swampland around it and when you get close everything turns felgreen. I’ll get into Hellfire Citadel in more detail in another post.

Mostly though, Tanaan is quite beautiful, apart from a spot here and there were orcs have turned everything into a green and dark wasteland. You know, as opposed to a green and dark jungle. Here are some screenshots I took;





The last pic is from Throne of Kil’jaeden and it’s a huge plaza-like place full of felbeings and other evil creatures. Very cool. Blizzard has really gone for scale in this new zone.

I’m very excited for the new patch, Tanaan looks amazing, and I hope Hellfire Citadel brings some fun fights for us Mistweavers. I’ll talk a little about the new raid in the next post. Until then!

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