Hellfire Citadel – Maps & Typology

I could say that the Hellfire Citadel is a nice, straightforward walk in the park, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. While deceivingly linear, the new raid instance sports 5 wings and it’s a bit of a struggle to know where and how you should find your way through it.

To make you acquainted with the raid, I’m going to walk you through the geography. I will explain the path through the Citadel as if you would follow the LFR boss order (which is as always, completely linear). I expect though that some bosses can be taken in a different order on Normal/Heroic/Mythic, just like how Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry work.

Raid Finder Boss Order


  1. Hellfire Assault
  2. Iron Reaver
  3. Kormrok

Halls of Blood

  1. Hellfire High Council
  2. Kilrogg Deadeye
  3. Gorefiend

Bastion of Shadows

  1. Shadow-Lord Iskar
  2. Socrethar the Eternal
  3. Tyrant Velhari

Destructor’s Rise

  1. Fel Lord Zakuun
  2. Xhul’horac
  3. Mannoroth

The Black Gate

  1. Archimonde

Hellfire Citadel – Hellbreach


You start by entering the court to the Hellfire Citadel. There you’ll have to deal with the add encounter Hellfire Assault and the Iron Reaver to be able to enter the Citadel. These are the first two boss encounters in the first LFR wing.


Once you’ve entered, you have three paths to choose from. To get to the third and final boss of the Hellbreach LFR wing, we have to go north (B)!


To the north you find the Pits of Mannoroth, where you fight Kormrok the wing end boss of Hellbreach. Once you’ve finished Hellbreach, it’s time for the second wing Halls of Blood.

Hellfire Citadel – Halls of Blood


This time, go south from the Hellfire Antechamber. In the southern parts of the first floor you’ll find Hellfire High Council and Kilrogg Deadeye. One could assume Kilrogg would be one of the endbosses, but no, he’s been demoted to second boss on the second wing. Poor little Bleeding Hollow clan lord.

Once you’ve dealt with those two bosses, go back to the antechamber and you can finally proceed to the west and encounter Gorefiend. Lovely fellow. Looks like he needs to loose a pound or two though.

I have yet to find out where the portal to Hellfire Citadel’s second floor is located. But when you do the LFR on PTR, you are magically appearing where you should be. I will update the maps once I know!

Hellfire Citadel – Bastion of Shadows


Here is where the geography begins to unravel. You plop up at the (E). In raid finder, you begin with with Shadow-Lord Iskar and then to Socrethar and Tyrant Velhari to the south. Some claim a different boss order, but this is how it’s done on LFR, so for simplicity’s sake I’ll follow that path. When Iskar is dead, take the path to the south (F).


Here you find Socrethar and Velhari. Most likely you can find your way back to Iskar’s encounter zone by walking north of Velhari, but I haven’t confirmed that yet. Velhari should be the endboss of Bastion of Shadows raid wing though.

Hellfire Citadel – Destructor’s Rise


Back one map. Fel Lord Zakuun is the first boss of this LFR wing. When he’s down, go east (G) to find Xhul’horac.


Xhul’horac is the big void elemental boss that looks exactly like the one in Shadowmoon Burial Ground, except he can change color to a fel green as well. When he’s down, a large portal will pop up (H) that can shoot you up to the third level where Mannoroth is waiting.


Mannoroth is the last boss of the Destructor’s Rise LFR wing. He’s also kind of pissed after Grommash split his head in two. But still alive! Well… kind of…

Hellfire Citadel – The Black Gate


Archimonde is the final raid end boss. His encounter zone is located in front of the destroyed Black Gate. I don’t know exactly how you end up there since there are no cutscenes and such that can explain the transition. But one possibility is the portal I marked with (?) in the Grommash’s Torment map section. But I can’t say for certain. LFR doesn’t really show the correct path between the raid wings, so I’ve only done some educated guesses. If there’s any incorrect information of portals and such, I’ll update it when Hellfire Citadel goes live!

But that’s all for today. I hope it shed some light of how you to get your bearings in the Hellfire Citadel. The LFR version of it is linear, but let’s hope you have some choice of boss order when it comes to the other difficulties. We shall see!

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